MANSFIELD – The May property transfers included 2220 South Main St, currently serving as the Hampton Inn & Suites.

The property was sold by Sunrise Hospitality Inc. to NextGen Hospitality, Inc for $8.5 million.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


1948 Cliffwood Drive; JoAnn A. Marshall to Casie M. Case; $171,500

480 Collins Drive; Dwayne Anderson, Jr. to Rashad Reed; $22,000

424 Spayer Lane; Estate of Garland W. Howell to Merged Holdings, LLC; $55,000

246 East First St.; Everette E. Marks aka Everette Marks to Elizabeth Evans; $9,000

264 Rhein St.; Ryan K. Feasel to IDEAL Property Holdings, LLC; $73,155

115 Blanche St.; Jeff Wakeley to Brian Graham; $35,000

52 Eleanor Ave.; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Angela Spino; $109,900

838 Red Oak Trail; Bobbi Jean Magistro and Bryan B. Bundesen to Joann Chirakos; $175,000

267 Grace St.; Mansfield Apartments, LLC to Andrew Stoner; $25,000

1201 Rosedale Drive; Thomas E. Zeller and Tamarah L. Zeller to Christopher A. Swan and Stefanie Swan; $295,000

329 Fourth Ave.; Donald B. Meadows to Leslie R. McGlone and Linda F. McGlone; $18,000

541 Freedom Ct.; Rebecca Shaw to Tyler Lilly and Tenell Lilly; $345,000

596 Westview Blvd.; Drew B. Smith and Kendra L. Smith to Cassandra Lynn VanCura; $180,000

74 Betzstone Drive; Hollie Bradley, Heather Kelner aka Heather Kellner, Stacey Huskey, etc. to Abram Cunningham; $160,000

67 Painter Ave.; Brenno Battistoni and Tera L. Battistoni to Dennison A. Cabrera and Molly K. Cabrera; $187,000

1520 Oak Run Ct.; Josephine B. Stewart to John J. Fisher; $400,500

631 Harter Ave.; Wood Hill Holdings, LLC to Kristine M. Boggs; $0

128 Chilton Ave.; Rocket Mortgage, LLC FKA Quicken Loans, LLC FKA Quicken Loans, Inc. to James Ewing Fonner; $52,501

Eighth Ave.; McMillen Septic Tanks, LLC to Dennis E. Caldwell, III; $2,000

53 Brentwood Road; Andrea Schaefer to Daniel L. Novoa; $142,000

947 S. Main St.; Eric Krantz, Principal Trustee to Black Dog Properties, LLC; $130,000

185 Taylor Road; Larry J. Coombs to Isaiah Papst and Dahlia Papst; $130,500

1033 Barrington Place; Hunsinger Builders, LLC to Michael Thomas Austen and Julie Lynn Austen; $496,637

282-284 Abbeyfeale Road; Robert A. Doerr and Deborah L. Doerr to McKenna Alxi Faith Campbell; $135,000

231 Rhein Ave.; Phyllis J. Beery to Robert A. Doerr and Deborah L. Doerr; $55,000

966 Linwood Place; Betty J. Waxter to Charles Court Endeavors, LLC; $96,500

1176 Monterey Drive; Richard D. Stout and Catherine K. Stout to Leah Marie Cavanaugh and Joseph Murrell Cavanaugh; $275,000

615 Bailey Drive Unit 6; Brian Scott Burggraf, Jr. to Cynthia L. Dowds Warmington; $61,000

342 Fairlawn Ave.; Leah M. Mecurio to Damien D. Beauford and Anna K. Ramirez; $128,000

1 Summit Court; SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Timothy Michael Peterson and Jacinda Dawn Peterson; $99,900

1277 Deer Run Road; The Betty L. Courtney Living Trust to James Joseph White; $600,000

418 Marion Ave.; John Ralph & Lisa Elaine Powell, Lloyd Emerson Powell to Christopher A. Burden, Jr. and Jennifer Lynn Rist; $124,650

82 South Brookwood Way; J. Steve Sheldon, Sheriff of Richland County, Ohio to Mechanics Bank; $80,000

72 State St.; Eddie Rouchion, Jr. and Cynthia D. Rouchion to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; $14,000

619 Clearview Ave.; Southend Properties Mansfield, LLC to Roberto Perez-Vargas; $186,000

1438 Brookpark Drive; Scott M. Zody and Jennifer L. Zody to Timothy Sexton and Sandra Marie Sexton; $274,900

98 Lexington Ave.; Sita Investments, LLC to 98 Ganesh Property, LLC; $60,000

313 Chester Ave.; Richard Fraley and Sunday Fraley to Bryan Brown, Jr.; $0

1844 Cunning Drive; Timothy A. Campbell and Penny L. Campbell, co-trustees to William D. Cunning and Barbara J. Cunning, co-trustees; $225,000

495 Dyas Drive; Michael A. Beretta to Kila Danielle Conley and Keesha Nicole Conley; $140,000

96 Mendota St.; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jaron Allen; $36,100

792 Burns St.; Estate of Julia M. Owens, by PSO to Mark Weidemyre; $40,000

Plainview Road; Joseph A. Stimens and Thelma E. Stimens, Trustees of The Stimens to Laurence’s Towing, LLC; $8,500

477 Woodward Ave.; Joanne Higgins to Holly C. Huntsman; $149,500

910 Whippowill Lane; Carolyn A. Bussell to Betty Courtney; $215,000

40-42 Betzstone Ave.; Mark A. Bechtel to Emily Lynn Nicol; $185,000

211 Mulberry St.; Christian Shelter to Tabitha Wells; $83,150

109 Carpenter Road; Quinn D. Bradley and Melanie Bradley to Bradley K. Watts and Trudy J. Watts; $130,000

631 Bailey Drive; Kimberly Tabor, Estate of Bernard L. Tabor to Shelley Lin Spitzer and James Robert Spitzer; $54,000

391 Greenlee Road; Jessica Burton to Blake Phelps; $120,000

304 Hammond Ave.; Craig S. Adie to RCHB 3, LLC; $30,000

475 Dyas Drive; Benjamin M. Petrie to Robin L. Ray; $116,000

770 Forest Drive; Tyronza Y. Brown to Hannah Hughes; $127,000

500 Rembrandt St.; Harold P. Chumbley to Nathaniel Wieland and Kodi Wieland; $40,000

60 Ridgewood Blvd.; Heather L. Zahn aka Heather L. Ute to Ryan Sowards; $56,667

331 Boston Ave.; Carli J. Cushing and Colby K. Cushing to KeyBank National Association; $21,100

297 Bartley Ave.; Estate of Marilyn M. Levy to Amy Miller; $111,000

1118 Pond Road; Ronald Ray Scarbury to Edgar and Garnet A. Spears; $6,000

158 Harker St.; Estate of Clara Givens aka Clara B. Givens to Common Wealth Investment Group, LLC; $0

80 Yoha Drive; Cascade Funding Trust HB5 to Mansfield Transportation, LLC; $128,250

294 Seventh Ave.; Margaret B. Carroll to Ryan Eichar and Jeffrey Zaika; $15,000

#1: 50 and 50 ½ Rowland Ave. + #2: 20 Williams Ave.; WIP Properties, LLC to Matney Property Development, LLC; $123,000

2220 Whippoorwill Lane; Tina T. Cramer to Robin A. Rothaar; $249,900

40 West Fourth St.; Belcat Properties, Ltd. to Carrousel Properties, LLC; $450,000

1937 Chelsea Drive; South Side Development Company; David Sorrenti and Jannie Sorrenti; $30,000

530 Reed St.; The 530 Reed Street Land Trust dated October 18th, 2021 to Kenneth Beach; $55,000

1690 Emerson Drive; Harold R. Patterson and Margaret A. Patterson, H&W to Nicholas A. S. Thornton; $200,000

321 Taylor Road; Darin Avery Successor to TPO Properties, LLC; $0

338 Poplar St.; Michael F. Chillemi, Jr. and Wilma Elaine Chillemi, as Co-Trustees to Black Dog Properties, LLC; $96,000

193 Dawson Ave.; Sell It Your Way, LLC to Cillian Donahue and Elizabeth Donahue; $150,000

V/L, Abbott Drive; Jeffrey Kahl to Andrew Stoner; $24,000

831 North Trimble Road; 831 North Trimble, LLC to Susan A. Smith; $275,000

662 Weller Ave.; The Wendlend Family Revocable Living Trust to Brian K. Wilson and Donna L. Wilson; $220,000

1636 Royal Oak Drive; Debora M. Hore and John S. Hire to S. Justin Eagleston and Anjuli Eaglestone; $479,900

177 Penn Ave.; Stephen T. Speelman and Edith D. Speelman to Timothy Titus Holt, Jr.; $20,610


1616 Walker Lake Road; Mickie L. Spears to Chase McBride; $155,000

50 Clare Road; Charles Mullins to Kendra Lynn Smith and Drew Smith; $170,000

1625 Spring Village Lane; Carson Frase and Kathryn Frase htta Kathryn Eckert to Roy R. Thompson, Jr.; $190,000

49 Chambers Road; Roger D. Hoover and Cindy L. Hoover to Eddie D. Patrick and Laura Patrick; $42,000

668 Scott Drive; Judy K. Devault, Joyce M. Obrian, Jerry K. Wagoner to MAC Enterprises of Ohio, LLC; $0

2006-2030 August Drive; URIM Partners, LLC to Jupiter Gateway, LLC; $2,000,000

1743 Park Ave. West; Doris T. Holland to Purdy Homes, LLC; $98,000

65 Woodbine Drive; Larry D. Holland and Carolyn Holland to Hope J. Wilkinson; $138,500


54 Third St.; Frederick A. Reith to Cory Ebersolea and Sarah Ebersole; $20,000

Broadway Road; JR ME, LLC to Amos E. Martin and Norma Z. Martin; $87,769

103 Broadway St.; Chance B. Butcher to 53 Broadway Shelby, LLC; $62,000

19 Fourth St.; Megan M. Peters, aka Megan Peters, aka Megan M. Andrews to David Andrews; $75,000

22 Seltzer Ave.; Jeremy S. Burns and Megan M. Burns to Mariana K. Bonner and NIcholas W. Johnson; $120,000

14 West St.; Carl E. Schroeder to Tyler Marie Keller and Carsyn Jacob Gomez; $110,700

47 Vernon Road; Colton Shaw to Meghan Hiltbrunner and David Hiltbrunner, Jr.; $129,000

69 Independence Drive; Equity Trust Company Custodian Kathleen HUll Z092800 to Timothy Evan Oswald and Amber Renee Schafrath; $230,000

126 Mansfield Ave.; Mary Lou Marlatt to Martha Schiebel and Kyle Price; $145,000

23 Marvin Ave.; Rader Family Trust to Birchwood Homes, LLC; $125,000


66 Main St.; Eric Picklesimer to Michael Brent Barna; $49,900


Main St.; The Bellville Independent Agricultural Society, a Non-Profit Corporation to Gordon Peters and Kate Lynn Peters; $50,000

211 Huron St.; Matthew Conrad to Susan L. Anderson and Clyde J. Anderson; $103,000

V/L, Durbin St.; Mary Beth Wade to Pamela J. Brooks; $30,000

104 E. Durbin Ave.; Christopher Lee Kuhn, Richard Daniel Kuhn, Jennifer Lynn Kuhn to Joseph Miller; $0


214 Highland Drive; James R. Weyhmeller and Kaitlyn M. Potoczny to William C. Reynolds and Stephany A. Reynolds; $220,000

65 Cleveland St.; Kenneth Michael Barnett to Kenneth Richard McCartney; $155,000

105 Cleveland St.; Cheryl K. Barnette to REI Partners, LLC; $165,000


24 Short St.; Taicoon Postal Group, LLC to Prime Era Realty, LLC; $318,921

22 Morgan Drive.; The John David Goettel Living Trust to John B. Offenburger and Danita C. Offenburger; $315,000

38 First Ave.; Michael A. Brown and Rhonda A. Brown to Alison M. Hughett and Dustin A. Hughett; $39,000

114 Otterbein Drive; Bradley K. Watts and Trudy J. Watts to Thomas W. Dornbusch and Amber Dornbusch; $216,000

1416 Charolais Drive; Chad W. Birge and Tiffany R. Birge to Shakh Holding Co., LLC; $675,000

117 Templeton Terrace; Brandon A. Cremeans and Rebecca Cremeans to Jason C. Tom and Monica L. Tom; $141,625

150 Otterbein Drive; Kurt A. Hasten and Michele L. Hasten to Austin Roberts and Emilly Roberts; $265,000

79 Darby Drive; Jena L. Schantz (wtta Jena L. Labuskey) to Paul J. Blubaugh, Jr.; $0

155 Otterbein Drive; Austin G. Roberts and Emily R. Roberts to Tyronza Y. Brown; $220,500

Lot #13 Highridge Road; Getz Builders, Inc., an Ohio Corporation to Jason A. McDonald and Michelle L. McDonald; $60,000

Industrial Drive; Earl L. Swigart to Charter Next Generation, Inc.; $250,000


79 Plymouth St.; Kim D. Carter to Rachel Lee Collins; $78,000


0 Kaster Road; Glen R. Sauder and Lucinda M. Sauder to Cory D. Myers and Melissa A. Myers; $50,000

415 Lattimer Road; Mark A. Henderson, Successor Trustee of The Henderson Family Irrevocable Trust to Leon N. Burkholder and Arlene S. Burkholder; $395,000


V/L State Route 603; Loren E. Kranz and Kristine L. Kranz to Michael Hickman and Cynthia Hickman; $4,000


793 State Route 96 East; Michael H. Hickman and Cynthia J. Hickman to Michael Kenney; $300,000


3924 Plymouth Springmill Road; Robert M. Moore and Molly Ann Moore to Kari Damron; $253,000

Plymouth Springmill Road; JR ME, LLC to Melvin Z. Burkholder and Wilma R. Burkholder, Trustees; $748,000

2783 Plymouth Springmill Road; The Estate of Kenneth E. Hemerly, Deceased to David A. Lacey and Vanda M. Lacey; $215,000

5121 Plymouth Springmill Road; Rebecca J. Whittier and Matthew J. Tridico to Brian Edward Moore and Michelle Moore; $240,000


V/L, Garber Road; Thomas A. Wade to Thomas A. Harris; $74,000

352 Bangorville Road; Richard N. McConachie and Sandra K. McConachie to Cody Ray McConachie and Kara Lynn McConachie; $350,000


778 Mansfield Lucas Road; The Joseph C. Cash, Jr. and Taryn E. Cash Revocable Trust to Anthony M. Dillon; $305,000

958 Beal Road; Mid Ohio Investments, LLC to Hunter Anderson Troyer; $141,000

1625 Beal Road, Unit 1627; Jeffrey Lee Ullom and Debra Ullom to Samantha Spoerr aka Samantha Bumpus; $197,000

1535 Pear Place; Ralph Jason Michael Amick and Cassandra Maye Amick to Adam Clayburn and Elizabeth Clayburn; $212,000

55 Bahl Ave.; Richard Sr. and Sunday Fraley to Bryan Brown, Jr.; $0

187 Illinois Ave.; Davis Sipes aka David Allen Sipes and Tammy aka Tammy M. to Daniel Craig Lewis and Cindy Ann Lewis; $90,000

822 West Longview Ave.; Garland Hunt and Brenda Hunt to Cory Cockrell; $0

590 North Stewart Road; Mary Casto as Executor of the Estate of Roger D. Cigar to Trevor D. Cogar; $80,000

58 Martha Ave.; John T. Wilcox, III and Julie D. Wilcox to Karen S. Maglott; $79,900

1233 Michael Drive; Jerry D. Mercer and Breanna M. Karper to Levi Hildebrand and Jasmine Westerfield; $120,202

774 Belmont Ave.; Reuben E. Mast, Trustee of The 774 Belmont Avenue Land Trust to Derrell L. Hall and Earlene Hall; $65,000

63 Illinois Road North; Steven P. Ackerman, Lisa Kay Coover, and Taylor M. Cline to Edward Warren Mikula and Kristen E. Mikula; $0

Bechtel Ave.; Butternut Property Group, LLC to Kim Berger; $67,000

1560 Rieser Drive; Maranda M. Powell to U.S Bank National Association; $91,651

1657 Bowman St.; Steven Charles Bassin and Barbara Helen Neal to Ryan J. Clark; $125,000


3489 Bakers Lane; Jesse M. Smith to Lynsey Holly and Michael Christian Brown; $283,500

2817 Peterson Road; William A. Downs, Successor Trustee to Thomas S. Dean and Janis M. Dean; $412,000

1106 Becky Drive; Beth Ann Shaughnessy to FSLC Real Estate Holdings, LLC; $0

2333 Galaxie Drive; Dorothy V. Cleckner to Joshua Huff; $235,000

2514 Bryonaire Drive; Caleb Eugene Barnett to Collin Crider and Jenna Hoffer; $210,500


1156 Township Road 2306; Marcus C. Christian to Lucas Richard Sweeney and Ashton Mackey; $75,450

V/L, Covert Road; Kyle Snodgrass to Kyle Kocheran; $0

1688 Lucas North Road; Robert L. Caudill and Karen L. Caudill, by PSO to Terry Shaw; $121,000


6033 Wirick Road, 6062 Algire Road; Johnny S. Yoder and Katie J. Yoder to Raymond Rader and Ada Rader; $875,000


Broadway Road; JR ME, LLC to Carl E. Schroeder; $165,561

127 W. Broadway St.; Randall E. Johnson and Agnes Johnson to Jeremiah M. Hoar and Melissa Hoar; $115,500

7199 State Route 598; Brandon K. Coll and Taylor A. Coll to Benjamin C. Sohar and Jody B. Sohar; $175,000

31 Curtis Drive; Shelby Horizons, Ltd. to Central Illinois Associates, LLC; $14,000,000


4926 State Route 61 South; The Lawrence J. Biglin and Mary Alice Biglin Revocable Living Trust to Owen M. Niese and Katlyn Niese; $630,000


3955 Kings Pointe Drive; Joshua VanTilburg to Steven P. Davis and Aryan Davis; $535,000

325 Somerset Court; Tabatha A. Page to Brenno Battistoni and Tera Battistoni; $253,000

52 Pine Drive; Dennis C. Rall and Rachel K. Rall to Don Cuffman and Cathie Cuffman; $60,000

3306, 3308 Shelley Drive; Brent Joseph Allen to Collin Barkdull and Desiree Barkdull; $240,000

1060 Marion Ave. Road North; Randall L. Crider, David P. Crider, Jeffrey A. Crider (aka Jeffery A. Crider) to Matthew S. McPeek; $169,000

7961 Walker Lake Road; Bryan T. Eshelman and Magan L. Eshelman to Logan T. Jones and Mckenzie J. Jones; $207,500

4105 State Route 309; Dora M. Gearhart to Johathan White; $60,000


2046 Graham Road; Daniel J. Aquino and Carrie A. Aquino to Rebecca Shaw; $370,000

V/L, Mill Run Road; Joseph E. Farrell and Marsha F. Farrell to Joseph James Masi and Patricia Ann Masi; $20,000

3975 State Route 546; Adam Bechtol to Joel Adkins; $331,400

1739 Lohr Road; Eric D. Saterfield and Debra F. Saterfield to Brent Case and Lindsay Sand; $306,000

3551 Lindsey Road; Edward N. Volz to Dane M. Wolf and Senah E. Wolf; $186,000


2150 Washington North Road; Stephen A. Kyler and Thomas G. Kyler to Mitchell M. Rooks; $160,000

1128 Bellaire Drive; Bruce A. Hornbeck to Michael T. Andis and Misty K. Andis; $215,000

611 Morrison Ave.; Michael J. Swiderski and Frances L. Swiderski fka Frances L. Kinstle to Alex Boyd and Mattie Boyd; $210,000

2060 Washington North Road; Dane M. Wolf and Senah E. Wolf htta Senah E. to Hunter Lee Edwards and Emma Claire Edwards; $250,000


1839 Cutnaw Road; Thomas L. Carder and Jessica Carder to Chance Richard Bebout; $90,000

7356 Armstrong Road; Jason E. Walters to Jeffrey Jewell and Tiffany Jewell; $0

.75 acre Bunkerhill Road; Lyle D. Meeker to William Antrican and Cynthia Antrican; $0

2449 Ramsey Road; Gabrielle R. Parkison and Dylan M. Parkison to AKP Properties of Ohio, LLC; $0

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