Emily Rich, student at OSU Mansfield, enjoys a football game at Ohio Stadium.

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The staff at the Ohio State University’s Mansfield branch desires to teach their students in such a way that their success in the classroom follows them outside and into everyday life. By providing programs and teaching them skills such as time management, communication skills, critical thinking, and more alongside their desired educational paths, students will leave school more prepared for what the world has to offer them. 

Freshman Chinmayee Ramaswamy came from Cleveland to the Mansfield branch of OSU to begin on her English major this fall. She plans to double major in English and History, and eventually begin a pre-law track.

“I was always interested in humanities and especially English and History, so I just decided it would be a good major and especially a good major combo,” Ramaswamy said.

Ramaswamy is also involved in the theater club on campus and participated in a production held at the school. Her rich history in dance has encouraged her to be a part of the arts during her college career, as well as keeping up with reading, writing, and drawing.

“I am a dancer, I have been for about 13 or 14 years now. I am a huge fan of the performing and fine arts,” Ramaswamy said.

Ramaswamy said that the Mansfield campus is peaceful and quiet, which leaves her with a lot of time on her hands to focus on her hobbies and interests. She works on campus at the Writing Center, looking over fellow students writing and tutoring them. 

“Working at the Writing Center has helped me improve my communication and writing skills. I’ve grown a lot in the couple of months I’ve been here when it comes to talking to people and communicating my ideas,” Ramswamy said.

“I think the biggest thing I hope to achieve is self-improvement in the sense that I want to get better at stuff that I’ve always struggled with, like time management and procrastination. I think having a lot of time to myself has helped me focus inward,” Ramswamy said.

From a young age, fourth year student Emily Rich always imagined she’d be a teacher. Originally, her major was Spanish education, with a goal of teaching high schoolers a new language. However, she discovered her true passion was working with younger kids, so she switched her major to elementary education. 

Through OSU’s education program, Rich is currently a student teacher in a third grade classroom. In her past years at the school, the program had provided her internships.

“A lot of what the major teaches is cooperation and collaboration with the other people in your cohort, which is something I really loved and really thought was unique. I had this vision in my head that when I went to college I would be by myself, working alone,” Rich said.

“Through the education program and through the department, I’ve made my best friends. The program and the courses really encourage you to work together and collaborate,” Rich said. 

Rich said that the campus is the ideal size. Growing up in Monroe County, she likes the small community feeling that the Mansfield campus brings.

Throughout her years in school, Rich has become a better teammate and grasped the importance of time management. Not only that, but came to the realization and acceptance that life is not always going to be what you envisioned.

“Being in the classroom has taught me that life is going to throw you curveballs. Kids don’t always cooperate, kids don’t always listen and college doesn’t always go the way you expect it, but you have to take it and run with it even if it’s not the way you planned it or expected it to be,” Rich said.

Although different, Ramswamy and Rich’s experiences at Ohio State University have progressed them forward and enriched their lives in ways they may not have imagined before beginning their education.

“Coming to OSU Mansfield was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself,” Rich said.

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