MANSFIELD — Ideal Electric has expanded its customer base and strengthened company knowledge and security with the acquisition of tangible and intellectual property of three industry partners.

The Louis Allis Company and Beloit Power Systems will become Ideal Electric businesses. Ideal will also own the motor and generator intellectual property of Fairbanks Morse and Colt Industries, which includes a wide variety of past designs.

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  • The Louis Allis Company manufactures electric motors for water and energy management, oil and gas, mining and military vessels
  • Fairbanks Morse manufactured a variety of products including scales, pumps, locomotives, electric motors and generators
  • The Fairbanks Morse and Beloit Power Systems intellectual property, now owned by Ideal, is separate from the current Fairbanks Morse Defense company

Ideal is the nation’s last 100% privately-held, family-owned, vertically integrated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of a full range of specialty high-power electric machinery. 

“Ideal is committed to being the most capable ‘Build America, Buy America Act’ OEM  for motors and generators,” said Ideal president and owner Jim Petersen.

“Our company combines entrepreneurial American ownership, ultimate control over materials and origin, and full in-house production with the goal to produce 100% made-in-America products.”


Ideal Vice President Nic Phillips said the acquisitions will ensure the intellectual property and designs are kept secure for quality upgrades, service and support.

“We’re kind of in every industry, and these portfolios complement ours very well,” he said. “We’ll be able to provide generators and motors to some different markets. This will help us double the opportunity that the business has out of Mansfield.”

The intellectual property Ideal acquired includes files, drawings, engineered data and designs. It also allows Ideal to engineer, design, manufacture and sell some products of the acquired companies.

The property designs have all been relocated to the Mansfield factory to digitize and bring 100+ years of designs into the 21st century.

“This helps us serve our customers a lot better, because if we can have access to the plans in our pockets or on our computers, we can help them right away instead of taking a while to find all the cards and put the pieces together,” Phillips said. 

“And it will really add to our employees’ knowledge because now they have four motor companies’ worth of knowledge and know-how that they can work with.”

Ideal has been a fully American-owned company since 2017 when it returned to a private investor after 10 years with Hyundai Heavy Industries. Its products include a variety of generators, condensers, motors, switchgears and controls.

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