MADISON TOWNSHIP — Madison Township trustees finally have a full roof over their heads.

Trustees moved office equipment, files and township phones to a rented space at the former Kris Radio Quality Kars and Mansfield Truck Service in May, and hosted their second meeting in the temporary space on Monday night.

Trustee Jim Houser is overseeing insurance quotes and maintenance repairs on the township hall and fire station. He said the township has received quotes for replacing the air conditioner and repairing the roof of the fire station.

“All the work right now is paperwork and architecture to get a permit,” Houser said. 

He said a number of specialists have visited the township hall after a microburst storm blew off a third of the roof and damaged the building’s HVAC system, frames and ceilings.

“It will still be a while until we can work out of there again, they’re still thinking six to nine months,” Houser said.

Township trustees will be operating out of the 1408 Ashland Road building for at least the next six months and have agreed to a lease that can be extended beyond that if necessary.

Trustee Cathy Swank said the township has received eight resumes from people interested in the part-time zoning enforcement officer position and will schedule interviews for June 8.

Also in Monday’s meeting, trustees passed resolutions for appropriation changes to include $121,421 of last year’s carryover funds in the 2023 road district budget. These funds will go toward road resurfacing and guardrail projects.

Swank said trustees plan on putting between 1.5 to 2 inches of asphalt on the roads they are advertising for bids this summer.

Those roads include parts of Lehigh, Kentucky, Stage and Charvid avenues, Forest and Terrace drives, Lincoln Terrace, Brentwood Road and Branchwood Court.

The township will also pave part of Home Road in partnership with Springfield Township and the Illinois Avenue extension in partnership with the city of Mansfield.

Also in Monday’s meeting:

— Fire Chief Ken Justus said the ROPER lock box program is available for any citizen who wants to buy the $40 box that helps the fire department enter a home in an emergency without knocking a door down.

The fire department will install and lock the box free of charge when it is shipped to the homeowner.

— Justus said tanker 71 is in its final inspection before it is lettered and ready for service in the Madison fire department.

— Justus said Captain Lambert will begin color coding fire hydrants after testing all in the township for their water flow capacity.

— Fiscal Officer Leanna Rhodes said the township needs to prepare a 2024 revenue budget outlook by July 14.

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