MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP — The Western Land Conservancy District has purchased and plans to preserve 480-plus acres of land in Mifflin Township for $3,750,000, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County Auditor’s Office.

The district purchased the land, including a house at 1558 Bowen Road, from James Rogers, according to the paperwork filed.

The property is about a half mile east of Camp Mowana, according to Alex Czayka, senior vice president for conservation transactions.

Czayka said the property offers a diverse array of habitats, including open fields, mature forests and high-quality wetlands.

“We identified it as a key conservation property,” Czayka said, “especially for the water quality impact it has downstream and to Charles Mill Lake.”

Mifflin Township Land Conservancy 2

Czayka said the conservancy district hasn’t made a decision on the future of the house at the site.

“It is being rented. We are not in the business of owning homes, so I am not sure what the long-term plan is. That will up to the (district) staff and board members to decide,” he said.

To date, Western Reserve Land Conservancy has helped create more than 170 parks and publicly-owned preserves around the region.

According to the district’s website, “The Land Conservancy inspires citizens throughout our region in the effort to protect land and water for the benefit of all of our communities, creating a habitat that serves people. We envision a healthy and scenic landscape, a patchwork quilt of large natural areas connected by wildlife and river corridors, a beautiful region interspersed with well-planned agricultural, residential, and commercial development that supports the people of our region now and forever.”

According to its website, “In 2006, Western Reserve Land Conservancy was created by the largest-ever merger of land trusts in the United States. Eight northern Ohio land trusts — two of which were themselves the product of mergers — voluntarily joined forces to form a private, nonprofit conservation organization for a region that stretches from Sandusky Bay to the Pennsylvania border and from Lake Erie to Wayne County.”

Other recent property transfers filed with the auditor’s office were:


1992 Windsor Road, Mansfield; Daniel Denslow to Equity Trust Company; $15,000

836 Delph Ave., Mansfield; Jaron Allen to North Renovation, LLC; $10,500

255 S. Adams St., Mansfield; Vincent Ajian to S.F.A.N.G.U., LLC; $2,000

179 Cherry Hill, Mansfield; Gloria Robertson, Robert Prichard, Brenda Wyatt and Carolyn Holland to Wood Hill Holdings, LLC; $33,500

444 Dale Ave., Mansfield; Helen Porter to JRM Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $45,000

108 Glenwood Heights Ave., Mansfield; LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC, to Ashlee and Keith Tuttle Jr.; $22,900

479 Lawn Ave., Mansfield; Lazarus and Lori Todd to Natalie Rhodes; $140,000

302 E. First St., Mansfield; Paula Holmes to Rissler Enterprises, Ltd.; $12,300

378 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; The Way Church to Projectone; $67,000

373 Amber Ave., Mansfield; Kurt Stimens to BLB Residential Properties, LLC; $30,000

913 Brookfield Drive, Mansfield; Triple S Realty to Ideal Property Holdings, LLC; $400,000

563 N. Mulberry St., Mansfield; Lucretia McCruter and Very McCruter to J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp.; $40,000

5-7-9 Betzstone Court, Mansfield; Thomas Freund, member of Freund Properties, LLC, to Joseph Michael, member of Rhinostar, LLC; $215,800

1907 Bellwood Drive, Mansfield; Thomas Freund, member of Freund Properties, LLC, to Joseph Michael, member of Rhinostar, LLC; $123,750

270 Ninth Ave., Mansfield; MVL Real Estate, LLC, to K&D Industries of Ohio, Inc.; $115,000

329 Greenlee Road, Mansfield; Karene Carsey to Charles Elliott; $50,000

365 Meadowlark Drive, Mansfield; Cartus Financial Corp. to Joshua and Leah Dunkle; $305,000

311 and 311.5 W. Third St., Mansfield; The Park Avenue Baptist Church of Mansfield to Joshua Perry; $10,000

9 Stoodt Ave., Mansfield; John Fisher to Korev One, LLC; $20,000

421-423 Parkview St., Mansfield; Russell James and Ryan Dials, members of RJ&RD Investments, to Joseph Michael, member of Rhinostar, LLC; $95,000

1249 Pawnee Ave., Mansfield; Raymond Griffith to Troy Sapp, Catherine Sapp and Joshua VanTilburg; $25,500

614 S. Main St., Mansfield; Mark Baughman to Stacy Moots; $67,000

41 Reba Ave., Mansfield; Kevin Baker to Raul Torres; $43,400

1206 Laurelwood Road, Mansfield; Rita Dropsey, Lee Ann Durkin and Jeant Teschler to Patrick and Rita Dropsey; $85,000

1562 Bridgewater Way South, Mansfield; Kuo-Fong Danielle Wilson to Dixie Bates; $205,000

791 Floral Court, Mansfield; LaMonte Davison to Mario Davison; $20,000

81-83 Lynn Drive, Mansfield; Charles Myking to Bradd Stevens, member of Hollos End Capital Holdings, LLC; $130,000

2727 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Tractor Supply Company to Ag-Pro Real Estate Shearer, LLC; $120,000

31 Mansfield Ave., Mansfield; Richard and Sharon Bishop to WT Holdings, LLC; $11,500

626 Manchester Road, Mansfield; Matthew Moore to Alan Dailey; $40,000

597 Fairoaks Blvd., Mansfield; Gary and Tracy Royse to John and Pam Trumpower; $190,000

Vacant lot, Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; JPMorgan Chase Bank to David Morgenstern and Benjamin Morgenstern; $2,500

Vacant lot, Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; JPMorgan Chase Bank to Dennis and Rhonda Berry; $500

Vacant lot, Hollywood Lane, Mansfield; JPMorgan Chase Bank to Toneli Webb; $500

1102 Linwood Place, Mansfield; Mary Ann Pollock to Harvey and Sarah Maness; $190,000

744 Millsboro Road, Mansfield; Jean and Kennerth Ruark to Faith Nigh; $86,000

98 Parkwood Blvd., Mansfield; Julia Finlayson to Sibley Nelson; $86,900

424 Clearview Road, Mansfield; Stephen and Emily Armstrong to Merrick and Nuria Hannan; $145,000

1524 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; James and Patricia Crowley to Gruver Properties, LLC; $136,009.63

610 Clearview Road, Mansfield; Darrell and Deanna and Brenda Workman; $75,000

336 Shepard Road, Mansfield; Nathaniel Overmire to Bulldog Capital, LLC; $147,500

600 Grace St., Mansfield; Deanna Kreiger to Patrick and Pamela Beaver; $27,00

475 S. Main St., Mansfield; Robert Mahan to Robert Harvey; $18,000

475 S. Main St., Mansfield; Robert Harvey to Morgan Henderson and Julian Henderson; $64,900

393 Spayer Lane, Mansfield; Wilma Ammons to MPW TAKS, LLC; $15,000

623 Burns St., Mansfield; R-House-4U, Ltd., to SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $22,000

138 Chilton Ave., Mansfield; Opal Gottschalk to Tammy Brubaker; $19,000

544 Bissman Court, Mansfield; Great Land Real Estate Investments, LLC, to Brian and Kimberly Running; $32,500

77 Dawson Ave., Mansfield; Amy Jones to Brogin Denman; $81,000

473 Parkview St., Mansfield; Ernst Hofsaess to Douglas Sorenson; $92,500

1603 Estate Court, Mansfield; Kathleen Wolf to Lynne Werth; $375,000

484 Forest Hill Road, Mansfield; Diana Withrow to Matthew and Teresa Scott; $134,900

191 Saxton Road, Mansfield; Chance Stepp to Teasha Benjamin; $102,000

514 Chevy Chase Road, Mansfield; Norval and Kimberly Blackwell to Aaron and Katie Studer; $205,000

986 Woodland Road, Mansfield; Jessee Thompson, Amanda Thompson and Debra Forrest to Houston Mills and Sierra Smith; $122,000

569 S. Main St., Mansfield; John and Pamela Bookman to Joseph McDaniel; $40,000

329 Davis Road, Mansfield; Ryan Benedict to Kaden Brown; $85,000

170 Kinkel Ave., Mansfield; Rick and Christina Lews to Eric Boardman; $35,500

297 Myers Ave., Mansfield; EXR, LLC, to Anil Bhatia; $200

65 Glenbeck Lane, Mansfield; Evan and Breanna Hout to Jonathan Werner; $109,300

524 Fairoaks Blvd., Mansfield; Curtis and Danielle Hoag to David and Dawn Grunwell; $147,500

650-852 Bailey Drive, Mansfield; Kurt Stimens to K.C. Real Estate Rental, LLC; $100,000

26-28 W. Prospect St., Mansfield; Inez Phillips to Jay Johnson; $59,900

1306 Bridgewater Way North, Mansfield; Donald and Barbara Noblit to Evelyn Stephan; $222,500

579 Acker Drive, Mansfield; Sherri Bond-Metzger to Jody Kleffman; $80,000

2139 Random Drive, Mansfield; James Henderson to Aishea Shirley; $223,000

506 Sloane Ave., Mansfield; Rocky Baith to McKenzie Them; $80,000

643 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Kerstin Wilson, fka Kerstin Thayer, to Frederick and Shannon Cerise; $85,000

918 Maumee Ave., Mansfield; Richard Oswalt and Julia Kent-Oswalt to Spencer Dalenberg and Maacah Dalenberg; $88,000

695 Betner Drive, Mansfield; Russell and Jacqueline Betz to Leroy and Karn Russell; $174,000

550 Sunset Blvd., Mansfield; Barbara Huston to Hershel Short; $113,500

291 Greenlee Road, Mansfield; Patrick and Kristi Crum to Bonnie Wilson; $105,000

169 Grasmere Ave./1064 Maumee Ave., Mansfield; Erich and Karla Schultz to J. Brogan Properties, LLC; $146,000

661 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Frank Wiebe Jr. to Alexis Adkins; $105,000

442 Sturges Ave., Mansfield; Equity Trust Co. to Andrew Barr; $122,340

560 Grace St., Mansfield; Linda Stevens, fka Linda Stevens-Owens, to Collonade, LLC; $55,000

655 Bowman St., Mansfield; Ashley Hoffman and Cody Thompson to Miquel Hines-Adkins; $5,000

517 Pearl Ave., Mansfield; Equity Trust to Shaun Burden; $55,500

834 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Jodie Titus to Kadie Hoffman; $105,500

1185 Cantleberry Lane, Mansfield; Thomas Laporte to Danielle Waxter; $215,000

968 Kentland Drive, Mansfield; Deborah Smith to Lisa Manco; $134,000

237-239 Buckeye Ave., Mansfield; ROD TOG, LLC, to Partin Rentals, LLC; $170,000


684 Ohio 314 South, Ontario; Casandra and Adam Brown to Aaron Akers; $160,000

101 Lynn Drive, Ontario; Estate of Eleanor Regula to Guy Webb Jr.; $119,000

1986 Willowood Drive North, Ontario; Tyler and Ashlea Botdorf to Russell Webb; $106,000

Vacant lot, Rock Road, Ontario; Anthony and Brittany Baker to Adam Martin; $37,0000

1794 Victoria Court, Ontario; Dianne Mann to Brian and Heather Mann; $120,000

585 Overbrook Court, Ontario; Douglas Cox and Brandy Cottrill-Cox to Nathan and Cheryl Logan; $256,000

2430 Ferguson Road, Ontario; Bryan and Lauren Boyd to Robin Metz; $243,000

64-66 South Home Road, Ontario; Michael Barry, managing member of Ontario Properties, LTD, to Joseph Michael, member of Rhinostar, LLC; $162,000

Vacant lot, Westlawn View Drive, Ontario; Gerald and Mary Lou Erwin to the City of Ontario; $75,000

3193 Ponderosa Ave., Ontario; Taft and Kathleen Thomas to Steve Rowe and Kayla Mathison; $231,000

401 Lewis Road, Ontario; Patsy LaSusa and Dawn LaSusa to Joshua and Amber Smith; $196,900

664 Yeager Drive, Ontario; Dale and Julie Knowlton to Crystal Sexton; $145,900


14 Glenwood Drive, Shelby; Carol Knapp to David and Suzanne Eickhoff; $135,000

48 Third St., Shelby; Richland County Sheriff’s Office to Caudill Property Management, Inc.; $35,100

41 Gamble St., Shelby; Trenton and Julie Gove to Ricky and Patricia Boyd; $119,000

24 Sherwood Drive, Shelby; Carl Schroeder to Ashley Strausbaugh; $122,000

108 Second St., Shelby; Wayne and Veena Jordan to Devin Brown; $4

81 1/2 Mack Ave., Shelby; Pansy Winkleman to Vickie Gibson; $5,000

5644 W. Smiley Ave., Shelby; Lisa Krebs to Carl Schroeder and Brenda Grove; $11,500

67 Mansfield Ave., Shelby; Barry Cline to Brittany Atkins; $90,000

68 Gamble St., Shelby; Ramon Humphrey and Mark Amicone to SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $45,000

101 E. Smiley Ave., Shelby; Sally Crossen to Benjamin Olewiler; $109,000

13 Fourth St., Shelby; Andrew Carver to Daniel and Linda Kuhn; $124,900

25 N. Gamble St., Shelby; Super Louis, LLC, to Phileo Properties, LLC; $37,500

3175 Park Ave. West, Mansfield; Royal Drone Services, LLC, to Tracy Sommers; $168,000

36 Oak St., Shelby; Dwight Wallen to The Ascend Team, LLC; $49,000

63 Broadway St., Shelby; Janice Elias to Timothy and Cindy Brown; $7,000

78 Auburn Ave., Shelby; Alisha Moore to Autumm Elliott; $80,300

10 Oak St., Shelby; Michael and Amber Lenz to JPMorgan CHase Bank; $45,277.40

101 McKinley Place, Shelby; Hershel Short to Andrew and Thelma Means; $156,000

94 and 94 1/2 E. Main St., Shelby; Catherine Ferguson to Partin Rentals, LLC; $29,000


137 Hamilton Drive, Bellville; Nathan and Stephanie Warmath to Gary and Molly McCue; $325,000

237 Myers Ave., Bellville; Sandy Hammer and Beverly Keller to Randy and Krystal Nolan; $131,900

224 Fitting Ave., Bellville; Constance Tier to Whitney Olson; $149,000

112 Edmonton Road, Bellville; Amanda Herder to Stephen and Emily Armstrong; $270,000


64 High St., Butler; Matthew and Kailea Sparks to Steven Payne; $96,200

Vacant lot, Fourth Avenue, Butler; Charles Rogers to Ronald Fowler; 5,000


6253 Olivesburg-Fitchville Road, Greenwich; Caudill Property Management Inc. to Isaiah and Skye Porterfield; $129,900


88 Essex Circle, Lexington; Breanna Crunkilton to Kyle Snow; $109,900

143 Foxcroft Road, Lexington; Pamela Romoser to Lazarus and Lori Todd; $239,900

108 Holiday Hill, Lexington; Alicia Yates to Meghan Willeke; $118,000

66 First Ave., Lexington; Marc and Julie Shreffler to Christopher Gehrisch; $60,000

77 Sherwood Drive, Lexington; Angela Bovia to Amanda Addington; $86,000

55 Clever Lane, Lexington; Russell and Delores Shorts to Stephanie Manuella; $127,000

1147 Hunters Ridge, Lexington; Carl Ball and Wilma Combs-Ball to Sadana and Timothy Cornell Jr.; $255,000

68 Norfolk Drive, Lexington; Bradley and Kristina Maurer to Michael Maurer; $150,000


2138 Moffett Road, Lucas; Brian Keever to Christy and Jesse Henry; $132,000


1570 Shelby-Ganges Road, Shelby; Charles Miller to Daniel Adkins; $220,500

7530 Helfner Road, Shiloh; Edwin and Linda Martin to Ivan and Lucy Burkholder; $1,386,000

85 Ohio 603, Shiloh; James King to Thomas Gano; $4,500

5780 Ohio 13 North, Greenwich; CCK Property Management to Greenwich DOHP, LLC; $85,000


2354 Bowman St. Road, Mansfield; Ruth Owens and Mandi Owens to Leslie Horner; $149,000


Technology Parkway, Lot #4162, Shelby; Phillips Investments, LTD, to Shelby Ironworks Properties, LLC; $75,000

3115 Plymouth-Springmill Road, Shelby; Richard and Anita Maffett to Matthew and Anneliese Sickmiller; $75,000

3232 Red Bird Lane, Shelby; Jane Bays to Kenneth Wagers; $149,400


584 Rinehart Road, Bellville; Gary McCue to David and Molly Weyhmeller; $545,000

205 Bollinger Road, Bellville; Jeff and Debra Turner to Courtney and John Swihart; $220,000

Vacant lot, Renie Road, Bellville; The Cordrey Keyston Preservation Trust to Robert and Jennifer Rogers; $7,000

Vacant lot, Appleseed Road, Bellville; Mary Smith to Koren Oswalt; $55,000

70 Honey Creek Road, Bellville; Stephen and Shelley Hughett to Travis and Amanda Lilly; $380,000


Vacant lot, Piper Road, Mansfield; Harrel and Emma Lucas to Alyssa and Kale Huss; $9,950

754 Fairfax Ave., Mansfield; Irene and Ronald McLaughlin to Gary Catron; $2,000

426 Charvid Ave., Mansfield; Creative Property Options, LLC, to Jessica Walker; $76,000

Ohio 545, Mansfield; Stigall Properties, LLC, to Elizabeth Miller; $162,000

1295 Stewart Road, Mansfield; Kevin Krupp to Craig Weber, Ann Weber and Kevin Krupp; $56,280

0 Bowman St., Mansfield; A$D Carwashing Enterprises, LLC, to John and Elizabeth Miller; $32,000

740 Pennsylvania Ave., Mansfield; CHeeLie, LLC, to Cody Loveland; $125,000

367 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; J. Mark Smith to Wajdi Rabee; $21,000

1458 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Linda Correll to Nathan and Jenny Lowery; $139,000

320 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; Janice and Timothy Homer to Jack Messer; $15,000

1505 Chew Road, Mansfield; Sandra Partin, Donna Horsman, Barbara Wilson to Thomas Howdyshell to William and Michele Vrable; $120,000

37 N. Walker Ave., Mansfield; Charles and Melanie Keesee to Kyle and Jennifer Turner; $76,900

80 Bahl Ave., Mansfield; Great Land Real Estate Investments, LLC, to Brian and Kimberly Running; $32,500

167 N. McElroy Road, Mansfield; Joshua Buren to Brian and Kimberly Running; $26,000

863 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Matthew and Kristina Lyons to Jason Hinton; $11,000

507-513 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, to Simpson $ Ride Properties, LLC; $82,000

367 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Wajdi Rabee to Rachel Rush; $15,000

1596 Lakefront Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Barbara Fryman to Carolyn Hall; $70,000

1362 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Benjamin Katherine Reavis to Mitchell McClure and Sin Sze Chai; $230,000

1460 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Michelle Graszi to James Long; $44,500

788 Pulver List Road, Mansfield; John Kelley to Kimberley Keating; $44,500

206 Illinois Ave. North, Mansfield; Janet Baab nka Janet Dickson to Doug Holmes; $93,900

Vacant lot, Kentucky Avenue, Mansfield; Homer and Elizabeth Hutcheson to Tracy Pittman; $8,340

1195 Randy Ave., Mansfield; Jeffery VanMeter to Briley Kyser; $88,000

1216 Hull Road, Mansfield; Klupp Investments, LLC, to Katelyn Smith; $110,000

469 Michigan Ave., Mansfield; Paul and Elaine Weber to Marhefka Property Management, LLC; $55,000

1422 Virginia Lane, Mansfield; PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, to Robert and Christa Shutt; $80,000


2750 Lutz Ave., Mansfield; Patrick Failor to Justin and Alexa Martin; $157,000

2158 Sprucewood Drive, Mansfield; Mark Spurlock to James and Dorothy Brown; $139,900


3188 Lucas-Perrysville Road, Lucas; Alma Kurtz to John Kurtz Jr,; $1,097,067

4613 Byers Road, Perrysville; David Gibbs and J. Jeffrey Heck, co-trustees of Victor Middleton, to Daniel Middleton, John Middleton, Mary Oxendine and Samuel Middleton; $110,000

4615 Byers Road, Perrysville;  David Gibbs and J. Jeffrey Heck, co-trustees of Victor Middleton, to Daniel Middleton, John Middleton, Mary Oxendine and Samuel Middleton; $80,000

4611 Byers Road, Perrysville; David Gibbs and J. Jeffrey Heck, co-trustees of Victor Middleton, to Daniel Middleton, John Middleton, Mary Oxendine and Samuel Middleton; $100,000

Vacant lot, Perrysville Road, Lucas; John Jr. and Rebecca Kurtz to Eric and Allyson Gray; $28,610

4371 Leisure Lane, Perrysville; Estate of Dewey Peters Jr. to Jefferey Stiffler and Kerry Hart-Stiffler; $60,000

Vacant lot, East Hanley Road, Lucas; Myrie Bechtel to Melissa and Bradley Wilson; $3,000


5830 Clever Road, Bellville; Larry and Joanne Bridges to Daniel and Sarah Mace; $115,000

6162 Darlington North Road, Bellville; Eli and Mary Byler to Elizabeth Hatcher; $235,000

5380 Darlington North Road, Bellville; Melinda and Truman Livengood to Dean and Kelly Frederick; $289,900

41.65 acres of undeveloped land, Algire Road, Bellvile; John and Ella Mast to Johnny and Katie Yoder; $239,487.50


5180 Henry Road, Shelby; Nathan Sponseller to Daniel Sponseller; $228,000

3847 Ohio 603, Plymouth; Ryan Adams and Devon Adams to Jeffrey Goines; $176,000

4942 Dininger Road, Shelby; Darrell and Sherri Nester to Michael and Rebecca Moore; $70,000


1055 Crestview Drive, Crestline; Sarah Schrote to Amanda Schroemer and Bryon Cobb; $127,800

5208 Lime Road, Galion; Carolyn Fischer to Zachary and Crystal Taylor; $215,000

1099 Crestview Drive, Crestline; Thomas and Rhonda Evans to Howard and Laura Thomas; $70,000

5313 Ohio 181, Galion; Zachary Simmermacher to Tina Hay; $90,000


3145 Noblet Road, Mansfield; Charles Stickelman and Susan Clark to Matthew and Dianna Temple; $187,000

2025 Tulipwood Drive, Mansfield; Joshua and Leah Dunkle to Joshua Bell; $215,500

3813 Cookton Grange Road, Mansfield; Clayton and Tanya Stevens to John and Denise Bowman; $307,217

3446 Millsboro Road West, Mansfield; Jeffrey and Deborah Baldridge to Sarah Schrote; $320,000

1191 Walcrest Drive, Mansfield; Gregory and Christina Miller to Breanna Miller; $120,000

3251 Cookton Grange Road, Mansfield; Ryan and Jill Johnson to Adam and Casandra Brown; $225,000

4685 Flowers Road, Mansfield; Marcus Hefner to Adam and Julia Robbins; $220,000

261 Creston Road, Mansfield; Ray Jr. and Christy Hughes to Cameron Rhodes and Raven Laravea; $189,900

495 All American Drive, Mansfield; John and Denise Bowman to Michael and Courtney DelGreco; $288,297


1591 Ohio 314 South, Ontario; Adam Hill-Warren and Renee Warren to Larry and Stacy Crouse; $198,500

1851 Hanley Road West, Mansfield; MattKim Holdings, LLC, to Richard Pass; $110,000

3906 Ohio 546, Mansfield; Denise Griffon to Andrew and Meredith Hale; $525,000

Lindsey Road, Mansfield; David and Katherine Nitzsche to Brandon and Jayme Crouch; $415,000

1470 Bowers Road, Mansfield; Brandon and Trisha Kist to Carrie Patterson and Conor Ruppen; $228,500

2353 Marion Ave. Road, Mansfield; Britta Kuenzli to Randy and Cheryl Farst; $435,000


3055 Touby Road, Mansfield; David III and Elizabeth Hedrick to David II and Judy Hedrick; $168,000

1961 Banyon Lane, Mansfield; Darrin Thurber and Cristine Orillosa-Thurber to Jason and Maya Getz; $165,000

3641 Bellville North Road, Mansfield; Charles Bubenheim to Nicholas Light; $150,000

517 Walfield Drive, Lexington; Richard and Dora Byus to Casey and Samantha Seitz; $140,000

2820 Pulver Road, Lucas; Adam Martin to Charles Stickelman and Hannah Gee; $190,000

1020 Chew Road, Mansfield; Linda Aungst to Christina Standridge; $100,100

3910 Bellville Road North, Bellville; Timothy and Robin Golden to Jordan Wells; $163,900

74 King Road, Bellville; Carol Schoonmaker to Crystal and Nathaniel Tackett; $165,000

2814 Hillcrest Drive, Lexington; James and Cynthia Hofer to Jason and Jennifer Stumpf; $184,000

1321 Hillcrest Drive, Lexington; Gregory Jr. and Amanda Chardon to Alesha Brown; $185,000

1865 Mansfield-Lucas Road, Mansfield; Chris and Cynthia Niswander to Marcus and Aisha Davis; $201,000

60 E. Kochheiser Road, Bellville; Kirby and Melissa Waggoner to Morgan Fredrick; $130,000

1770 Yorktown Road, Mansfield; Bigelow Enterprises, LLC, to Alyssa Tilton; $138,900

2819 O’Possum Run Road, Mansfield; Janet Schneider to Taylor Johnson and Autumn Tilton; $110,000

1721 Willowick Road, Mansfield; Michael Maurer to Bradley and Kristina Maurer; $150,000


349 Resort Drive, Butler; Northern Lights Resort, LLC, to Lucas Loveland; $325,000

4470 Ohio 95, Perrysville; Mary Bowers to Douglas and Ginger Hassenzahl; $400,000

7221 Dunn Road, Butler; Colt Browne and Emily Ramey-Browne to William and Emma Miller; $282,500

38.7516 acres, Ohio 95, Perrysville; Mary Bowers to James Wilson; $193,758

Vacant lot, 10.7488 acres, North Liberty Road, Butler; Gary Johnson to Kailea and Matthw Sparks; $65,000

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