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With Cypress High School, students between the ages 15-21 will experience blended learning through a combination of computer based instruction and in-class learning. 

With traditional classroom settings being so large, for some students that can hinder their education. Not having that one on one attention could cause grades to suffer and their attention to dwindle.

“We are a school that wants to be able to help students who are not succeeding within the traditional school model,” said Danielle Kelley, director of Cypress High School.

The non-traditional charter school in Mansfield is one out of the 13 charter high schools in the state of Ohio under Oakmont Education.

"Extensive research and surveys were conducted, and this was exactly where a school was needed, so that’s why we’re here,” said Enrollment Specialist Amy Morgan.

In light of COVID-19, Kelley and Morgan spoke with several educators and learned that while kids were home due to COVID-19, many educators found that some students did very well because of the flexibility in their schedules.

With Cypress High School, students between the ages 15-21 will experience blended learning through a combination of computer based instruction and in-class learning with teachers who work with them one on one or in small groups to offer a more personalized instruction.

Students will be able to choose their own schedule, as Cypress offers classes in the morning and afternoon. With that approach, it also keeps class sizes smaller and more intimate with only 18-20 in a classroom at a time.

Cypress High School also offers career tech and has four certification courses to start with including: Construction, IT, Customer Care and Healthcare. Once students are in a career tech program, Cypress will work to align them with internships so they can get hands-on experience.

Students will take two classes at a time and then can move on to another class. It’s self-paced, meaning students can go as fast as they want or as slow as they need for their best learning outcome.

Kelley’s got an eye out for any student who has not succeeded in a traditional school setting. She hopes that when her students walk into the classroom in the fall that they know they’ll be walking into a caring environment with teachers invested in their future, goals or careers.

“We are here to be a supplement to the community,” Kelley said. “We’re not here to try to compete against any of the other high schools. We’re all on the same team... We want to educate and get the youth to graduate with a diploma, and a career tech certification, that puts them on the road of opportunities and success."

Cypress High School will host Enrollment Day on Saturday, July 18th from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. for those interested in more information or to enroll in the school. Free food will be provided and a gift for the first 100 people to show, along with a special gift for those students who enroll on that day.

Cypress High School is located on 1160 W 4th St. Parents can enroll their child on the Cypress High School Website or by calling 419-528-8812.

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