MANSFIELD — Mansfield City Council is scheduled on Tuesday to discuss pay increases for elected officials, including local lawmakers.

The pay hikes for the mayor, finance director, law director and council members would be the first in four years. The proposed legislation creates additional annual pay increases through 2027.

That vote in December 2019 created the first pay hikes for the city’s elected officials in a decade. Elected officials in Mansfield had their pay frozen in 2009 when the city slipped into fiscal emergency.

The city climbed out of fiscal emergency in 2014, but the freeze remained in place for five more years.

(Below is the pay-raise legislation for elected officials that Mansfield City Council is scheduled to discuss Tuesday evening. A vote on it is scheduled Dec. 19.)

When council approved increases in 2019, it was on a divided 5-3 vote. Current council President David Falquette is the only member of that group remaining and he only votes in the event of a tie. He represented the 1st Ward four years ago.

Before council approved increases four years ago, the mayor’s job paid $81,000 per year. Under the proposed increases the city’s “CEO” would earn $94,528 in 2024, $97,364 in 2025, $100,285 in 2026 and $103,294 in 2027.

The city welcomes new leaders to the top three slots in its administration in January with incoming Mayor Jodie Perry, Finance Director Kelly Blankenship and Law Director Rollie Harper.

It will also have two new members of City Council with Cynthia Daley in the 4th Ward and Deborah Mount in the 6th Ward.

Also on Tuesday, City Council is scheduled to:

— give the first read on the city’s 2024 temporary spending plan. The temporary plan must be approved by the end of December.

— vote on a resolution honoring Mansfield Fire Dept. Capt. Joe Boebel, who recently retired after nearly 33 years of service. He began his career with the MFD on Oct. 8, 1990. Known as an “aggressive firefighter,” Boebel earned numerous commendations, including a Legion of Merit in 1992, a Purple Heart in 1995, a Bronze Star in 1996 and a letter of commendation for his actions at the scene of a motor vehicle extrication in 2007. His father, Don, and grandfather, Leonard, also served on the MFD during their careers.

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— discuss during caucus placing the “Mansfield Water Main Initiative” on the primary election ballot in March. Mansfield voters rejected the proposed 1/4-percent income tax increase on Nov. 7 aimed at raising money to begin the process of replacing 53 miles of aging, four-inch water lines in the community. There were 5,766 votes against the issue, compared to 5,168 in favor, according to the elections board.

— vote on a proposal to amend current zoning laws that would create conditional use allowances for “mini-warehouses and storage facilities” in B-1 neighborhood business districts. The city planning commission would have to vote on any actual conditional use permits sought under the change.

— vote to terminate a lease at the terminal building at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport with Mansfield Sky Club, LLC. Council would then vote on a new long-term lease with the company, operated by local businessman Dan Niss. The long-term lease gives Niss the right to demolish the current terminal building and replace it with a new structure at his expense. Niss is also currently the fixed base operator at the airport with Niss Aviation.

— discuss in caucus transfers of funds within the safety services fund, including:

— $50,000 for police weight room equipment;

— $264,776.29 for new lockers and flooring within the police department;

— $219,381.57 for 97 Spacesave Freestyle Lockers through a state contract with Patterson Pope;

— $28,544.72 for five SWAT Spacesaver Storage Units with weapons cleaning tables and overhead cabinets also through a state contract with Patterson Pope.

(Below is the legislation Mansfield City Council will be handling on Tuesday evening.)

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