Letter to the Editor in purple lettering on envelope

Dear Editor:  

    Naturally, I will be voting to Re-Elect my Law Partner, Judge Sheree Studer, to the Shelby Municipal Court.  She was first elected Judge in 2017, and is now finishing her first six year term.

    Sheree first came to work in our law firm in 2004, as a paralegal.  She then proceeded to obtain her law degree, and became an associate attorney with the firm in 2010.  Judge Studer is now a Partner, having obtained an ownership interest in 2022.  Sheree’s dedication and work ethic are apparent in this rise through the ranks of our company, and ultimately becoming Judge of the Shelby Municipal Court.

    For the past twenty years, I have had a front row seat to observe Sheree in her practice of law. In addition to her knowledge and experience, she possesses two great attributes that make her an excellent lawyer and Judge.  First, she is a very good listener; and secondly, she is extremely patient; and these two character traits lead to the temperament required of a Judge.

    Judge Studer has planted deep roots in our community.  In addition to being a business owner, she and her husband have been married for twenty-five years, and both of their boys attend Shelby schools.

    Further, while raising her family; being Judge of the Shelby Municipal Court; and having a private law practice, she also finds time to serve on the Boards of St. Mary’s School and the Shelby Foundation.

    For the past six years, Judge Studer has protected our community, and I would respectfully ask that you vote to Re-Elect Judge Studer, so that we may all rely on her experience and stability to continue as Judge of the Shelby Municipal Court.

    Thank you,

    Frank Benham, Partner

    Benham, Ream & Studer Co., LPA

Shelby, Ohio