Letter to the Editor in purple lettering on envelope

“In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.” (Paul Harvey)

One wonders, if the late Paul Harvey were living in 2023, would he still make a statement like that? I’m not so sure there have ever been “times like these.”

As we approach the election on November 7th, what kind of leaders and decision makers do we need “in times like these?” Please allow me to share my opinions. 

In times of moral confusion, we need people who speak with moral clarity. 

In times of cowardice, we need men and women of courage.  

In times of unexplainable contradictions, we need people that possess principled convictions. 

In times of conflicts, we need people with hearts of compassion. 

In times of social corruption, we need Christian influence. 

I am convinced that Heather Braun and Rick Lewis are the individuals we need on the Shelby City School Board “in times like these.”

The information clearly outlined on their position papers and handouts embodies the positive attributes which I listed above. 

Please join Sonjia and me in voting for these two exceptional candidates – Mrs. Heather Braun and Mr. Rick Lewis.

Steven L. Schag

Shelby, Ohio