Discount Fashion Warehouse

Discount Fashion Warehouse, a retail store specializing in discounted fashion items, recently opened its doors in Mansfield, Ohio in March of 2023. With over 30 years of experience in the wholesale, e-commerce, and retail sectors, the company has decided to focus on expanding its retail stores in recent years.

The decision to open a store in Mansfield was a moment of personal significance for the owner, Jeff Bradshaw, who is a native of the town. Having previously held successful pop-up sales in the area, the company recognized the demand for their products and saw an opportunity for expansion. After considering various locations, they settled on the Johnny Appleseed center, located in a bustling area on Lexington Ave. beside a busy Kroger.

“All of our retail stores are currently in Ohio. The Mansfield store was an exciting moment for me being a Mansfield native because I felt like my life had gone full circle, finally opening up the store in my hometown,” Bradshaw said.

The Mansfield store had a soft opening in March, with its grand opening set for the upcoming weekend, October 27th-29th. 

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with the store setting opening day records for the first month of sales in Mansfield. Customers have praised the store for its wide selection of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and footwear, all offered at affordable prices. The store caters to men, women, and children, attracting a diverse customer base.

The convenience of the Mansfield location, coupled with the store’s reputation for great deals, has made it a popular destination for shoppers. The company aims to attract customers not only from Mansfield but also from surrounding towns such as Ashland and Mount Vernon. 

The proximity of Mansfield to Columbus, the company’s base, allows for easy transportation of new products, with trucks making regular deliveries to replenish the store’s inventory.

“We have a very receptive customer base. A lot of great comments, lots of great Google reviews, and we were able to find great staffing in the Mansfield area, so that was a big plus,” Bradshaw said.

One of those employees being Kelsey Fuller, a staff member since opening weekend. She is a cashier and social media coordinator, interacting with customers and promoting the business through their social media.

“I really enjoy the aspect of [socializing with our customers] the most. They’re the best part of the job! Now I get to create content and help promote the business through our social media,” Fuller said.

Kelsey Fuller in front of Discount Fashion Warehouse in Appleseed Shopping Center

“I have a blast making videos and showcasing our store across all platforms. It’s so fun! So many people don’t know about us yet but once they do they love it and many are loyal customers who keep coming back,” Fuller said.

Looking ahead, the company has exciting plans for the Mansfield location. The landlord of the Johnny Appleseed center intends to make improvements to the shopping center. These developments aim to create a more engaging and family-friendly environment, enticing more customers to visit the area. The company also plans to support these efforts through advertising, spreading the word about their store and expanding their customer base.

Discount Fashion Warehouse takes pride in its ability to provide customers with access to well-known brands at discounted prices. With their buying power and long-standing relationships with vendors, they can offer a broad range of branded merchandise that customers may not find at other affordable retailers. 

“I think I defined my customers as those who want to quickly get in and get great deals; those who love to treasure hunt and find that treasure that makes the entire experience worthwhile,” Bradshaw said.

“One thing that we learned from our retail environments after COVID was that brick and mortar shopping is not dead. In fact, it’s alive and people need the therapeutic experience of shopping in a physical store,” Bradshaw said.

As the store prepares for its grand opening weekend, customers can expect even greater discounts as the store offers a 20% discount on all items. 

Overall, Discount Fashion Warehouse’s opening in Mansfield, Ohio has been met with enthusiasm from both customers and employees alike. With its wide range of merchandise, unbeatable prices, and convenient location, the store hopes to become a go-to destination for fashion-savvy shoppers in Mansfield and beyond.

“Discount Fashion Warehouse is Mansfield’s best kept secret,” Fuller said.