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MANSFIELD — Tyger fans have likely noticed a facelift at Arlin Field.

The Mansfield City Schools football stadium recently got a new digital scoreboard.

A reader recently ask how the scoreboard was paid for, so we reached out to Mansfield City Schools Treasurer Tacy Courtright for the answer.

Courtright said leftover dollars from the high school bond fund completely paid for the new scoreboard at Arlin Field.

The scoreboard cost $244,035. There was no additional cost to taxpayers because the leftover funds paid for the scoreboard.

“We refunded the high school bond in 2020 and there were some remaining funds in the bond fund,” Courtright said.

“To utilize those funds, we needed to get approval from the county auditor to move the funds over to our permanent improvement account.”

According to Courtright, funds in the account could only be used for permanent improvement, not for operations.

The new scoreboard isn’t the only upgrade at Arlin Field. The district spent a total of $1.7 million on the scoreboard, concrete resurfacing and new LED lighting throughout the district.

“The lighting portion allowed us to update all of the lights in the Middle School and Senior High with LED lights (and) to replace the pole lighting at Arlin Field that was aging and needed to be replaced,” Courtright said. “This was a safety concern as the poles were old and brittle.”

The Ohio Department of Energy awarded the district a grant of $200,000 for the LED upgrade. This allowed Mansfield City to expand the renovations further and add new LED lighting at Malabar Pool.

A digital sign at the corner of Trimble and Fourth Street was donated to the district by Gardiner, Courtright said. The district pays for the electricity to the sign, but earns revenue on its advertisements.

“Any advertising that is generated at Arlin Field will be used for other projects at Arlin Field,” Courtright said.

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