MANSFIELD — The April property transfers included 555 North Trimble Road, currently serving as a Motel 6. It was sold by Bhagat Motel, LLC to Prisha6, Inc. for $1,625,000.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers from April provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


431 McPherson St.; Neil P. Conn to Shoes Retirement, LLC; $100

492 W. Fourth St.; SNV Real Investments, LLC to Linda S. Darbyshire; $70,000

2.41, acres v/l, Woodland Road; New Donegal Properties, LLC to Joanne Humphrey, Trustee of the Joanne Humphrey Living Trust; $72,300

282 Patton Ave.; Desiree F. Jacobs to Klizzie Homes, LLC; $109,000

236 Bowland Road; The Dale R. Welch and Linda L. Welch Family Trust to Emanuel Detweiler and Velda Detweiler; $135,000

577 West 4th St.; Albert Twyman and Joyce M. Twyman to US Bank Trust National Association as Trustee; $16,667

479 Marion Ave.; Mary G. Frankenfield to Justin Chaffin; $179,900

127 Hedges St.; Demeter’s Developments, LLC to Mario D. Montgomery and Ciante M. Boyce; $79,000

621 Coleman Road; Thomas J. Finnerty and Sheila F. Finnerty to Matthew Maraz; $0

1349-1353 Park Avenue West; Sorrenti Properties of Ohio, LLC to FLO Realty 2.0, LLC; $235,000

623 Princeton Court; Gaye Lorraine Crawford and Lonelle Jeanne Keller to Sherrel Merlene Shoffstall; $133,334

1657 Bowman St.; Harold Gene Bassin to Steve Bassin and Barbara Helen Neal; $0

Marion Ave.; Engwiller Properties, Inc. to Tonya Johnson; $12,000

919 Maumee Ave.; Ronald T. Stewart to Hunter C. Reed; $130,000

229 East 2nd St.; Mary McLeod-Bethune Intervention and Enrichment Center to Pedro Gonzalez Hernandez and Laura Gonzalez; $10,000

54 W. Raleigh Ave.; EDN Enterprises, Inc. to Montels Holland, Sr.; $90,000

104 Glenwood Blvd.; Austin W. Neal and Gretchen E. Neal to Gary B. Hinkle; $143,000

640 Bowman St.; Maria M. Adley to KX4 Properties, LLC; $62,300

263 East Second St.; Maria M. Adley, aka Maria Adley to KX$ Properties, LLC; $70,000

530 South Diamond St.; Sara Hill, Laura Wilson nka Laura Elliott, Amanda Elliott to Bradley Scott Campbell; $88,000

0 Beethoven St.; Sara Hill, Laura Wilson nka Laura Elliott, Amanda Elliott to Bradley S. Campbell; $5,000

368 Eighth Ave.; Richland County Home Buyers, LLC to Branndi Cline and Jeremiah Cline, Sr.; $75,000

292 Eighth Ave.; Richland County Home Buyers, LLC to Branndi Cline and Jeremiah Cline, Sr.; $29,360

1136 Woodland Road; JAKSA Properties, LLC to Praful J. Serrao and Kaitlyn E. Serrao; $146,500

29-31 East Arch St, 434 Lily St., 0 Lily St.; Ray E. Edwards aka Ray Edwards to Crain Industries, LLC; $35,000

51, 53 Glessner Ave.; David Barker to Deel-Simpson, LLC; $13,000

33 Helen Ave.; TBD Properties, LLC to Randle Battles and Brittany Battles; $26,850

118 South Main St.; Conforto, LLC to Argive, LLC; $25,000

160 West Temple Court; Gary Conklin to Ashley M. Carlson; $500

578 Coleman Road; William J. Asher to Vicki Delany; $155,000

200 Harker St.; Sheila Elder and Rashad Reed to Eric Humble and Regina Humble; $56,133

349 Springmill St.; The Chantzer Revocable Living Trust to Springmill 349, LLC; $38,000

487 Westview Blvd.; Joshua M. Richardson to Crystal L. Scales and Seth M. Ferguson; $143,000

343 and 343 ½ Sturges Ave.; WIP Properties, LLC to Matney Property Development, LLC; $50,000

60 McCullough Blvd.; Barbara E. Rachel to Kathy M. Wilkinson; $180,000

1276 Silver Lane; Betty Glover to Gearold L. Smith; $64,000

1411 Lexington Ave.; Cole CV Mansfield OH, LLC to MDC Coast 29, LLC; $2,817,658

623 Bailey Dr. #5; Ethan L. Grogg to Trae D. Coopwood; $68,000

690 Sherwood Drive; South Side Development Company to Timothy M. Offmiss and Toni J. Offmiss; $31,000

1770 Stoney Ridge Ct.; Elisiah McCoy to Daniel Frederick Lifer; $245,000

872 Highland Ave.; US Bank Trust National Association to Jamila S. McGhee; $118,000

569 McPherson St.; Ignacio Gaytan to Javier Diaz and Gabriela Diaz; $90,000

650 Burns St.; William Spognardi, Jr. and Nicholas Spognardi, co-trustees to Alexander Miller; $135,000

329 Buckeye Ave.; Thomas W. Dornbusch and Gerald L. Dornbusch, Jr. to Taylor S. Groscost; $80,000

80 State St.; Andrew Stoner to James Frost, Jarrod Frost, and Amanda Frost; $125,000

686 Sherwood Drive; South Side Development Company to The Dover Organization, LLC; $30,000

384 Wood St.; Jonathan Westrich to David Steven Taylor, Jr.; $127,000

23 Hoffman Ave.; Carol W. Beck to Peoples and Sons, LLC; $80,000

57 Rambleside Drive; Cherryfield Properties, LLC to Shelbie S. May; $134,000

191 East Arch St.; Robert Lloyd to Lion Sky Properties, LLC; $15,000

777 Woodhill Road; Robert W. Baker and Gabrielle M. Baker to James R. Oberlin; $115,000

60 Rambleside Drive; Jayne A. Lupo to Arkham Enterprises, LLC; $84,100

506 Meadowdale Drive; Stephen Sheehan and Karen L. Sheehan to Leigh Anne Madigan Emelko and Alexis Ann Mahan; $235,000

871 Cecilwood Road; Regina A. Schrock and Deborah L. Casdorph to Janet Pauline Pfahler and Dylan Odell Frederick; $95,000

350 Townview Circle North; Bradley J. Gentille and Mary Gentille to Noah Christian Kovinchick and Halie Marie Kovinchick; $0

194 Dawson Ave.; Kevin Uhde and Jennifer Uhde to Anna N. Hays, Trustee, or her successor(s) as Trustee(s); $0

491 Glessner Ave.; The Estate of David A. Jones aka David Alan Jones to Adam Hoelscher and Alexa Hoelscher; $0

949 Kentland Drive; John C. Young to Fernando Rosales and Ashley May Goetz; $285,917

102 Sherman Ave.; Ashley M. Goetz to Kaley D. Woods, Sr.; $89,900

443 Birchlawn Blvd.; Merle R. Plank and Judith A. Plank to Hallee Brown; $150,000

659 West Fourth St.; Carr Investment Properties, LLC to Michael Crook and Katelynn Crook; $55,000

1111 West Fourth St.; Wedge Wing Family Restaurant and Bakery, LLC to KJBS, LLC; $255,000

172 Western Ave.; Grace E. Copley to Scott McEndree and Leah Kay McEndree; $55,000


2051 Willowood Drive South; ISANJO Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Olivia Malone; $121,000

60 Bethel Lane; Thomas D. Speelman Trust to Darrell W. Adkins and Dawn Michelle Adkins; $165,000

1695 West Lindaire Lane; Roger A. Price and Jane A. Price to Sabo Rentals, LLC; $88,000

694 Villa Drive; The Snyder Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Mary Lou Wright; $167,500

1646 Victoria Court; Carla J. Miller to Jason Johnson; $30,000

3573 Milligan Road; Maurice B. Moore and Charity L. Moore to Tristan M. Pasco and Mercede M. Pence; $205,000

384 Taylor Road; Ashley Smith to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $77,700

324 Lewis Road; William F. Kabbaz to Rodney Lee Musick, Steven Eugene Musick, and Wayman Edward Musick; $75,000

1632 West Lindaire Lane; Billy C. Johnson and Nina R. Johnson to Nicholas A. Roll and Jennifer L. Roll; $0

1592 Park Avenue West; MRD Properties of Richland County, Ltd. to Sturdi Built Sheds & Cabins, LLC; $0

1341 N. Lexington-Springmill Road; 371 Cline Ave, Inc. to Ontario Lexington-Springmill, LLC; $600,000

1108 Bogey Drive; Sharen L. Chandler to Douglas R. White and Erika A. White; $165,000


22 Steele Ave.; Tyler E. Barnhart to Michelle Morris; $63,000

14 Morningside Drive; Joshua D. Varns to Cody Williams; $149,200

32 W. Park Drive; Silver Lining Investments, LLC to Ryan Holly and Presley Holly; $115,000

18 Steele Ave.; Philip J. Gowitzka to Ethan Pfleiderer; $43,500

18 Vernon Ave.; Lori Sue McCartney to Jason Steiner and Carisa M. Steiner; $0

53 Broadway St.; 53 Broadway Shelby, LLC to Tyler Bellomy and Samantha Bellomy; $130,000

48 N. Gamble St.; James G. Moore and Kelly D. Moore to Carl E. Schroeder; $27,500

77 Mansfield Ave.; Daniel E. Winters to Jeremy S. Kunz and Donielle M. Wood; $137,000

75 Mack Ave.; Dahryl E. Keller to Everette Keller; $0

24 Shelby Ave.; Jean Detillion to Julia S. Moore; $5,500

22 Mickey Road; Lighthouse Residencies, LLC to Hoffman Investments, LLC; $65,000

11 Myrtle Ave.; Robert E. Allen to Phileo Properties, LLC; $58,500

29 West End Blvd.; Jessie P. Hall to Michael J. Frost; $60,000

18 Wilson Ave.; Wilmington Saving Fund Society FSB, as Trustee to Paige Marie Lewis; $82,500

93 Broadway St.; Terry M. Hall and Bonnie L. Hall to Jared A. Metcalf and June K. Aldrich; $79,000

78 Sherman Ave.; Robin Renee Monroe to Mark A. Friebel and Julie A. Friebel; $7,500


125 Main St.; Keith J. Swanger to Nicole Feilon, Attorney at Law, LLC and William L. Wilson; $0

84 Ogle St.; Jeffrey Ronald Weikle to Anthony J. Skogg; $42,500

286 Bell St.; Richard W. Normant III to PJD Enterprises, LLC; $0


129 Main St.; Richard Harding to James M. Shrock and Deborah L. Shrock; $70,000

154 West Henry St.; Phillip J. Smithhisler to John Edward Witschi; $0


1297 Ganges East Road; Jennifer Lynn Gardner and Nicholas A. Roll to Charles D. Miller; $80,000


147 Essex Circle; Michael J. Bapka to Andrew Dials and Amber Dawn Dials; $187,000

234 Hanover Road; Matthew McCorkle htta Matt McCorkle to ATB Properties, LLC; $170,000

35 Cambridge Court; Victoria Kamal and Ehab Kamal to James Delphia Wayman and Kimberly Lynn Wayman; $220,000

183 Mohican Trail; Greenbrier Homes, LTD to Richard S. Clapp; $234,044

42 Goldenwood Ave.; Taylor A. Draper nka Taylor Parnell and Andrew T. Parnell to Jacob Boroff and Kate Boroff; $399,450


359 Broadway St.; Sharon A. Loehn to Route 224, LLC; $65,000


20 E. Main St.; James Michael Bauer, Trustee to Samantha Kelley; $85,000


331 Lattimer Road; Anita Brown to Brenda Joy Longden; $0


167 West Elm St.; Coleman M. Quay to Ian A. Litt and Emma R. Sheridan; $104,000

235 E. Noble Road; Jerry Lee Bloodhart and Ann Nicole Bloodhart to Rumpke of Northern Ohio, Inc.; $600,000


3420 Bowman St.; Julie A. Schell nka Julie A. Sanders and Joseph L. Sanders to Patricia D. Adkins; $150,000


3560 Shelby Ganges Road; The Doris A. Dick Trust Agreement to Earl Hoover and Elva Hoover; $135,000

3792 Bowman Street Road; Callie M. Calendar, William H. McFarland, and Maribeth N. McFarland to Sean Duncan and Amanda Duncan; $210,000

3509 Stein Road; Stephanie A. Lash NKA Stephanie A. Hansen and Aaron J. Hansen to Briton C. Lash and Mollie J. Kaple, H&W; $180,000

2932 Taylortown Road; Charles S. Hebbie to Larry W. Estep, Sr. and Mary F. Estep; $164,900

3267 Wareham Road; Martin Boor, Ron Boor, Steve Boor, Norma Morelli, and Ronaldo Morelli to Barbara Lawson; $240,000


5780 State Route 13; Douglas A. Darr, II to Heart of Ohio Athletics, LLC; $900,000

4581 Possum Run Road; Joshua Hughes and Angela Andersen nka Angela Hughes to Richard E. Marshall and Samantha N. Marshall; $200,000

740 Hollinger Road; Patrick W. Boggs and Kristine M. Boggs to Matthew Ryan Henry and Candi A. Henry; $0

1476 Cassell Road; Lundquist Homes, LLC to Ivan R. Yoder and Clara E. Yoder; $350,000


870 Lenox Ave.; Shane T. Gearhart to Jayson Barber and Jacqueline Barber; $25,000

1074 Averill Ave.; Juanita C. Pringle to Darrell E. Owens, Jr.; $0

165 Stewart Road North; The Gottfried Family Revocable Living Trust to Connie L. Schlupp and Gilbert Roy Haynes; $90,000

1276 Park Avenue East; Mansfield Transportation, LLC to Megan Cramer and Dalton Fix; $150,000

371 Indiana Ave.; John M. Dillon to Linda C. Goetz; $137,000

1087 Crestwood Drive; Richard E. Marshall to Logan A. Childers; $175,000

405 Melody Lane; Robert V. Parker to Austin W. Neal and Gretchen Neal; $0

670 Averill Ave.; Mary A. Pitzen to Mondello Investment Group, LLC; $14,250

670 Averill Ave.; Mondello Investment Group, LLC to TLB #7, LTD; $32,500

1683-1689 Anglewood Drive; E.D.A Blue Meadows, LLC to Gerald & Mollie Stearns; $260,000

316 Esley Lane; Terri J. Thayer and George Thayer to Tiffany F. Reiker; $101,000

1194 Lucas Road; Kristen E. Mikula and Edward W. Mikula to Tyler D. Phillips; $0


658 Day Road; Matthew Stancombe, by PSO to John C. Young; $116,500

2429 Bryonaire Drive; Nathan S. Bursley and Michaela N. Bursley to Brian E. Roush and Marissa M. Roush; $235,000

243 S. Ford Road; Walter W. Weber III, Trustee to Miranda Crow; $155,000

685 Reed Road; Nest Flippers, LLC to Tyler Hamilton and Kourtnie Dickinson; $189,900

988 Trout Drive; The Estate of John David Donaldson to Susan E. Sukys; $390,000

2355 Kentwood Drive; Katherine L. Foote to Dennis Christopherson and Rebeccah Kilgore; $195,000


2870 Woodbury Road; Raymond L. Raber and Ada Raber to Freeman Borntrager and Erma A. Miller; $350,000

6363 Darlington Road; Richard Wiksten and Patricia Wiksten to Glen Boggs and Peggy Boggs; $66,000


0 Shoup Road (25.36 acres); Robert E. Ellis, Jr, Executor of the Estate of Robert E. Ellis to Charles Cook and Kyle Renee Cooke; $0


789 State Route 181; Estate of Harlen L. Barker to Travis Moore; $365,000

V/L, Beam Road; R. David Glauer and Barbara J. Glauer to Todd and Kelly Schroeder Farms, LLC; $700,000


V/L, Hook Road, 10 acres; Joe and Janeen Keller, LLC to Flashover Land Management, LLC and Brian Henry Knowltop; $308,690

V/L, Hook Road, 26.699 acres; Joe and Janee Keller, LLC to Flashover Land Management, LLC and Brian Henry Knowltop; $308,690

4251 Weidner Road; Debra L. Schultz, Pamela R. Parsell, and Rebecca M. Weber, co-Trustees to Gregg E. Franklin and Gloria J. Franklin; $0


3851 W. 4th St.; Cole Distributing, Inc. to TZN Holdings, Ltd.; $400,000

261 Creston Road; Cameron J. Rhodes and Raven N. Laravea to Natalia Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy; $230,000

1664 Millsboro Road; Kyle F. Musick and Elizabeth M. Musick to Jeffrey Syder and Michelle Snyder; $287,041

950 Eckstein Road; The Schroeder Keystone Inheritance Trust to Megan Canfield and Jared Canfield; $459,900


Whitetail Drive West; Wesley J. Potter and Robin L. Potter to Geno Paul Hoover and Judith Ann Hoover; $34,900


Kings Corners Road; Mark Butler to Bill D. Thompson and Linda D. Butler Thompson; $128,000

1345 Bella Vista St.; Charles L. Zeigler to Jody Thomas and Christina Thomas; $80,000

592 Cliffside Drive; Crosscountry Mortgage to Bel Kay, LLC; $146,833

2029 Greenbriar Drive; J. Mark Haddock and Claire K. Haddock to Jerry L. Gadd and Claudia J. Gadd; $325,000


Pavonia North Road; Charles L. Bowman, aka Charles Lee Bowman and Frances R. Bowman to Troy Carns; $26,000

3000 Robinson Road; Michael E. Baker to Brian L. Garman and Mary Jane S. Garman; $1,357,398


3495 Tugend Road; Ohio Dreams, Inc. to Jeffrey T. Gillson, Trustee of The Jeffrey T. Gillson Revocable Trust; $530,000

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