MADISON TOWNSHIP — On Monday, the Emergency Management Agency staff toured the area affected by the April 1 windstorm.

Madison Township officials reported 60 homes had some sort of damage from tree limbs to significant structural damage – including roofs and attached garages ripped off in the fury of the storm.

Open Bible church lost its sign and two wooden playsets. At least six businesses incurred damage, according to reports.

Photos of the damage and video from the cameras at the Madison Fire Department have been forwarded to the National Weather Service in Cleveland for review. The initial determination is that the area fell victim to a weather event known as a Microburst.

Microbursts can have wind speeds up to 100 mph, with an approximate duration of 15 minutes. Typically, trees are uprooted and snapped off, and pushed in a straight line vs. scattered all over the place as in a tornado.

The National Weather Service has said it should have a final determination sometime Tuesday.

Richland County’s EMA director Rebecca Owens said people should still continue to contact 211 to report damage.

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