MANSFIELD – The March property transfers included the sale of 2094 Park Avenue West in Ontario.

That property was sold for $1,773,738 from CONVEST III, LLC to National Property Ventures, LLC.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


845 Manchester Road; Rebecca A. Wayman, Executrix of the Estate of Robert A. Ringer to Taylor Groscost; $97,000

507 Lawnsdale Ave.; Jeffrey C. England and Jane England to Alex Schafer and Brandi Schafer; $24,500

183 Cliffbrook Drive; Chris Newlon to James Fenn; $132,000

255 Auburn St.; Michael Anthony Barretta and Ruth Barretta to Holly Curry; $22,000

584 Fairoaks Blvd.; Ralph E. Revennaugh and Judith E. Revennaugh, as Trustee of The Judith E. and Ralph E. Revennaugh Revocable Trust to Kenneth Kern; $217,500

174 Marion Ave.; Mohammad Nasir htta Mohamed Nasir to Brody A. Williams; $115,000

292 Eighth Ave.; Melanie Dickerson and Jeremy Dickerson to Richland County Home Buyers, LLC; $19,050

368 Eighth Ave.; Melanie Dickerson and Jeremy Dickerson to Richland County Home Buyers, LLC; $38,100

1631 Cape Cod Drive; Hunsinger Builders, LLC to Charles P. Bird, Trustee and Gail P. Bird, Trustee; $289,900

1916 Red Oak Drive; James C. Bradshaw and Libby A. Bradshaw to Michael Robertson; $249,500

32 Wolfe Ave.; U.S Bank National Association to Club Exclusive, LLC; $39,000

546 Vonhof Blvd.; Kimberly L. McLaughlin and Joshua A. McLaughlin, by PSO to John C. Young; $103,401

1406 Hess Lane; SLHS Investments, LLC to Jacob F. Oblak; $170,000

49 Lind Ave.; Celeste C. Prum to Meged Holdings, LLC; $155,000

286 South Main St.; Five West Properties, Ltd. to Ahmad K. Shalabi; $17,800

125 Western Ave.; Stephen L. Gibson to RCHB3, LLC; $43,000

559 Chevy Chase Road; Mechanics Bank, as Successor Trustee to Dennis Paul Frey and Corinna Lynn Frey; $287,000

493-495 Logan Road; Gary M. Tittle and Ann M. Tittle to Steven J. Lee and Emily J. Lee; $237,500

442 Overlook Road; Donald R. Phillimore to Baljit Singh; $180,000

36 N. Brookwood Way; Kimmel Enterprises B, LLC to Landmark Properties NC, LLC; $225,000

475 South Diamond St.; Tobias E. Yoder – Oak Leaf Landscaping to James E. Boud and Amelia Brooke Boyd; $0

2480 N. Main St.; Weiss Investments, P.L.L to McKeon Investments, LLC; $1,300,000

411 South Main St.; Joseph A. Smith to EXPCT Properties, LLC; $60,000

808 Dickson Parkway; Matthew P. Work and Janice M. Work to Canessa Raleen Young and William Andrew Young; $262,000

376 West Fourth St.; Butternut Property Group to Ignacio Gaytan; $20,000

501 Sunset Blvd.; Jill Spidell to Nicholas S. Petursson; $155,000

173 Raleigh Ave.; Debra J. Miller to Eric Boardman; $28,100

451 Brenda Drive; Edna M. Stinehour and Margrit A. Bautz to Rick R. Deems and Debra J. Deems; $150,000

459 South Main St.; Joseph Anthony Smith to Chaudry Ishtiaz; $10,000

25 Dunbilt Court; William A. Fawcett and Shinobu Koizumi to Kathy Jo Bishir; $60,000

502 Howard St.; Thomas J. Kososky to Tammy Jeffery; $14,000

219 W. Fifth St.; Albert R. Johnson, Jr. to Raymond Bond and Kortni Dockstader; $138,000

78 S. Brookwood Way; Heather Stover, LLC to James E. Fonner; $103,000

779 Logan Road; Kevin E. Lehnhart, Melissa K. Lehnhart, and Douglas M. Brumenshed to William E. Earhart; $162,250

26 Plymouth St.; Timothy Herner to Katie Tuttle; $3,500

239 Lexington Ave.; Marilou Brook and Buddy Barton to Bret Woodard; $40,586.70

201 Chilton Ave.; The Estate of Delores A. Gerhard to apple HIll Properties, LLC; $60,000

675 Sunset Blvd.; Kymber R. Lambert to Friedrich R. Morgenstern and Sharla Morgenstern; $0

781 Grace St.; Teddy Vail and Carol Vail to Nsombi N. Stillwell; $109,900

885 Sautter Drive; Maria McKinney, Kathleen Kochheiser and Stephen Clever to Virgil Sale Tongish; $335,000

623 Bailey Drive; Pamela J. Fox to Mathew J. Kaluza; $57,000

1214 Boyle Road; Sarah R. Peak to Metese Rentals 5, LLC; $59,609.18

1081 Larchwood Road; James H. O’Brien and Jennifer L. O’Brien to Hannah M. Logan and Scott G. Logan; $180,000

271 East First St.; Ocelotl’s Remodeling, LLC to RCHB 3, LLC; $22,500

178 Wayne St.; Coile Properties of Ohio, LLC to Swindell Stephen O’Brien; $0

74 Stewart Ave.; SPS Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Richard Shank; $94,900

48 Helen Ave.; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A Trustee to Carlton Ave, LLC; $26,000

315 Fifth Ave.; Carla Reuer to Trevor R. Fox and Trinity A. Murray; $107,000

268 South Adams St.; Donnie I. McCleese and Cindy I. McCleese, Trustees to Janna Allen; $15,000

304 Wood St.; Jeffrey F. Litzinger to Erika J. Baum and Makenna R. Mosley; $127,900

100 Dale Ave.; Donnie I. McCleese and Cindy I. McCleese to Janna Allen; $10,000

1759 Riva Ridge Drive; Getz Builders, Inc. to Luke A. Covert; $0

620 Harter Ave.; Nick Barretta and Erin L. Brubach to Julia M. Parker; $0

495 Midland Drive; Penny L. Brightbill to Collin McBride; $0

253 Darby Drive; Jawad Okab to Kevin E. Kuhn, Jr. and Chelsea B. Kuhn; $0

1055 Reed St.; Jordan Smith to Marcus Miller and Emma Miller; $0

536 Clifton Blvd.; Ray A. Frost, by Jay Frost, Power of Attorney to Janequa R. Williams; $155,000

711 Highland Ave.; Yosick Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Thomas Schwan and Debra J. Schwan; $146,000

87 Reba Ave.; Timothy A. Eisaman and Susan E. Hendricks to Travis Groscost; $105,000

424 Edgewood Road; Lester E. Smith, III and Sara Young-Smith to Chadwick J. Conroy and Tricia M. Conroy; $209,000

632 Yale Drive; Tiffany N. Shepherd to Diane Hitchman; $144,000

39 & 41 Florence Ave.; Margaret Davis to 5D Holdings, LLC; $77,000

1549 Bridgewater Way S.; Bradley Wright and Susan Wright to Robert R. Zucker; $310,000

301 Wayne St.; Sandra Bunce to Korev One, LLC; $29,000

1000 Caldwell St.; Zachary A. Dollish to Kirsten Corwin; $6,000

584 North Mulberry St.; Argive, LLC to RCHB 3, LLC; $28,000

336 First Ave.; Amy Winegardner and LeRoy Winegardner to RCHB 3, LLC; $25,000

399 Sherman Place; CAMA Properties, LLC to Bonfire Nation, LTD; $24,630

793 McPherson St.; Dale L. Miller to Dakota Savage; $95,000


321 Willowdell Drive; Joyce Ann Riddlebaugh to Jesse L. Utt and Jade A. Utt; $143,000

861 Red Maple Lane; Leigh Ann Peck, Trustee of The Leigh Ann Peck Revocable Trust to Maurice Edwards and Lori J. Edwards, Trustees; $29,900

2209 Richland Mall; Avita Health System to Richland Mall Holdings, LLC; $0

2935 Mabee Road; Erin M. Hamm to Russell Potter; $134,000

702 Scott Drive; James D. Barker and Jayne D. Barker to Luke J. Boronka; $166,000

686 Scott Drive; Virginia Yoha to Pamela K. Milligan; $180,000

824 Randallwood Drive; Traci J. Grimes to 824 Randallwood, LLC; $113,970

765 Debby Lane East; Peter J. Drake to Jesse M. Smith and Ashley R. Smith; $325,000

1623 Deer View Circle; Deer Ridge Properties, LLC to Wendy M. Harris; $300,000

661 Villa Drive; Sylvester Krebs to Cassandra LeeAnn Perry; $159,500

1608 Park Avenue West; Diane C. Hitchman to Reginald Gamble, Sr.; $185,000

3971 Horizon Drive; Michael T. Austen and Julie L. Austen to Taylor Parnell and Andrew Parnell; $530,000


18 Riverbend Drive; Sally J. Yeary to Clinton E. Thompson; $165,000

82 Broadway St.; Paul Lintern and Pamela Rider Lintern to Vickie Duncan and Pamela Miley; $39,000

17 East Madison Ave.; Jordan D. Garrett and Jacquelynn Garrett to Michael Stoffer and Sandra Stoffer; $0

34 Sharon St.; Craig M. Duncan to Ashley N. Rowe; $136,000

42 W. End Blvd.; Heather L. Fighter fka Heather L. Baker to Morgan L. Baker; $38,000

165 West Main St.; Alejandro Juan Cordoba to Krista Nichole Cromberg; $129,900

51 Raymond Ave.; Robert S. Scherer, Trustee of the Robert S. Scherer Revocable Trust to Mayra Elizabeth Thurman; $50,000

116 ½ Second St.; Ira Warren Wagner and Margaret A. Wagner to Carl Schroeder; $31,000

19 Myers Ave.; Bryan D. Van Wagner and Regina M. Moore to Megan N. Ervin; $170,500

23 Mansfield Ave.; 17 Mansfield, LLC to NS Retail Holdings, LLC; $1,406,216


511 South Main St.; Jimmie T. Doane, Jr. to Wilson Greenfield; $200,000

135 Huron St.; John David Goettel, Trustee of The John David Goettel Living Trust to Crystal D. Lybarger; $117,000


96 Grant St.; Black Label B&B’s, LLC to Gary A. Keener, Jr. and Heather H. Keener; $175,000

62 Simmons St.; Anita J. Clay and James D. Ash, Third Successor Co-Trustees to Winston Earl Oyster and Meghan N. Oyster; $250,000

82 Dummond St.; Jared Ray Stover and Rachel Stover to Katherine Herbst and Sean Herbst; $133,000


312 Chapman Way; Richard R. Trease, Sr. and Joan I. Trease to Jane B. Meese; $175,900

235 Hanover Road; Mei Feng Lin to Jillian E. Mottayaw; $173,000

310 Oxford Road; David Caveda and Andrea Pasqualini to Shawna Hess and Eric Hess; $225,000

115 Essex Circle; Deidre A. Dillon and John C. Dillon to Nicholas Vogel and Tameka Brice; $185,000

381 Fox Road; Harold A. Marshall and Sharon Y. Marshall to Emma Peters and Curtis Peters; $0


311 Springmill Road; Claude Handshoe and Gaylene Handshoe to 311 Springmill Road, LLC; $145,000

9-11 Broadway St.; G&B Hiltbrunner Co., Ltd to William Ray Barnett; $8,000

5140 Dininger Road; Brian Leid Garman and Mary Jane Garman to Keith L. Garman; $250,000

Dininger Road; Brian Garman and Mary Jane Garman to Kenneth M. Garman and Mabel S. Garman; $200,000


5473 Ganges Five Points Road; AJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Adrian R. Swanigan; $27,900

953 State Route 603; Estate of Alma Hess to Lewis B. Shirk and Louella Z. Shirk; $536,640


V/L, Crum Road; Aaron Z. Horning and Lizzie B. Horning to Paul R. Horning and Linda Z. Horning; $1,350

2441 Adario Road; Wayne L. Crist and Elizabeth J. Crist, Co-Trustees to Jonathon M. Greenawalt and Kennedy H. Greenawalt; $0

2441 Adario Road; Wayne L. Crist and Elizabeth J. Crist, Co-Trustees to Christopher W. Gregg, II and Julie K. Gregg; $0


1817 Shelby Ganges Road; Allen C. Gwirtz and Lisa A. Gwirtz to Brianna A. Gwirtz; $180,000


V/L, Laser Road; Bruce Kehres to Joyce A. Barnes; $130,000

3903 George Hawk Road; Kathy Morrison to Kaitlyn A. Osborne and Dylan R. Osborne; $70,000

1649 Taylortown Road; Joyce A. Brunet to Joshua P. Chupp and Julie A. Chupp; $380,000


6330 State Route 13; Robert D. McConkie, Jr, Executor of the Estate of Robert D. McConkie to Adam J. Roach and Jamie D. Roach; $115,000

398 Rhinehart Road; Gary B. Hinkle and Theresa M. Hinkle to Mark Moore and Melody Moore; $305,500

338 Honeycreek Road East; Larry Littleton and Melva D. Littleton to Faith Hicks and Jackson Myer; $12,600

4856 Appleseed Road; Matt S. Phillips and Kimberly Phillips to RRML, LLC; $300,000


1656 Beal Road; JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Alec John Schmitz; $175,049

1206 Springmill St.; Steven Miller and Amber Miller to Michelle Leno; $179,000

1674 Olivesburg Road; Douglas J. Foley and Hannah L. Foley to Michael Carroll; $330,000

1263 Bonnie Drive; Frank Dawson, Paul Dawson, and Randy Dawson to Benjamin Ray Gerhart; $125,000

1224 Bonnie Drive; Frances M. Harrington to Natalie A. Reynolds; $120,000

V/L, Ashland Road, V/L Smith Ave.; Smith Avenue Realty Company to DRJ Rental, LLC; $16,500

1279 Bellview Drive; Ricky J. Caudill and Shannon C. Caudill to Timothy L. Morrison and Kelly M. Morrison; $259,900

959 Fairfax Ave.; Shelley M. Oberlin, Trustee of the Shelley M. Oberlin Trust to Brittany Nichole Carver and Steven William Sigafoos; $118,000

1329 Bellview Drive; Nicholas Melton to Molly Rochelle Gentry and Brandon James Gentry; $204,900

1105 Stewart Road North; Randy E. Hutchinson, 50% and Pamela K. Pelasky, 50% to Amanda Schwartz; $149,500

1274 Michael Drive; Michael Silka, Trustee of The Mary Ann Silka Keystone Inheritance Trust to J. Michael Steurer; $140,000

1059 Duke Ave.; ARK Rental Property, LLC to Taylor D. Groscost; $0


2678 Lutz Ave.; Austen J. Hammet and Ashley N. Hammet fka Ashley N. Miller to Matthew Ryan Peters; $200,000

V/L, State Route 430; Walter W. Hunsinger and Linda K. Hunsinger to Brian H. McPeek and Kimberly M. McPeek; $117,500


6745 State Route 456; Michael Dernbach to Brian A. Leisure; $225,000

1851 Painter Road; Aaron E. Hershberger and Fannie Hershberger to Monroe J. Miller and Catherine D. Miller; $190,000


646 Crestline Bloominggrove Road; Eric N. Weaver to Michael Faircloth and Valarie Faircloth; $240,000

210 S. Crestline-Bloominggrove Road; Wilbert Lee Bachelder to Tom Williams and Sandra Williams; $111,000

Stevens Road; Theresa L. Murphy, Trustee, and Richard L. Hall to Clifford J. Murphy and Theresa L. Murphy; $185,000


48 Windemere Drive; Delores L. Allwine to Andrew B. Carver; $0

2554 Horning Road; Gary R. Blum and Gretchen S. Blum to Connor Finnegan; $120,000


676 S. Lexington Springmill Road; Kyle C. Richards and Sarah N. Richards to Jason A. Leamon and Christine A. Leamon; $280,000

3950 Kings Pointe Drive; David Kunnas to Maurice B. Moore and Charity L. Moore; $350,000

625 Rudy Road; William L. Wright and Peggy A. Wright to Traci Grimes; $160,000


2675 Lexington Steam Corners Road; Terry D. Flemmens and Rebecca J. Flemmens to David P. Yoder and Leanna R. Yoder; $210,000

2522 Eckert Road; Billy D. Thompson and Linda D. Butler Thompson to Harold Alan Forwith, Jr. and Chila Marie Forwith; $266,000

1467 South Home Road; Gino Masi and Erica Masi to Louis M. Mampieri; $600,000

Mill Run Road; John L. Garber Material Corporation aka John L. Garber Materials to William Kylor Walker; $6,305

3150 Kings Corners Road West; Stanley Chance to Donald Moore and Kimberly Moore; $216,900


121 Straub Road; Michael Owens to Harold Patterson and Margaret A. Patterson; $150,000

500 Sherwood Drive; David R. Chronister, Trustees or their Successor(s) as Trustee(s) to Kyle J. Morehead; $0

69 Yoha Drive; Patricia J. Finley, Successor Trustee of the Finley Family Trust to Matthew Edward Nowlin and Pamela Nowlin; $230,000

2381 Mansfield Washington Road; Lillie C. Garn to Kathy M. Satterfield; $162,500

2186 Newport Court; The Hissong Family Trust to Spencer A. Williams and Jenna G. Williams; $310,000

4095 Anderson Road; Michael R. Hanners and Karen M. Hanners to Blake Edwards and Natale Edwards; $130,000

2215 Cloverdale Drive; Gerald Beck and Brandi Hoyng to Norah Antelo Paniagua; $208,000

1185 Lexview Circle; Terry L. Tomlinson and Sharon L. Tomlinson to Charles L. Dossier and Carolyn A. Dossier; $205,000

687 Straub Road; Hill Crest Rentals, LLC to Susan Hendricks and Timothy A. Eisaman; $160,000

1140 Pleasant Valley Road; Erin W. Hendershot to Faith Dickinson and Tanner Cuffman; $259,900

V/L, Terman Road; Jerry A. Troyer and Rosann E. Troyer to The Merwine Family Trust; $432,000


2333 Olivesburg Road; Dwayne Kimberlin and Kristina Kimberlin to Michael C. Creighton, Trustee of Michael C. Creighton Living Trust; $180,000

1225 State Route 603; Angela I. Derr to Christopher Fulk; $220,000


4576 Harris Road; Daniel H. Nisley to TR Craig Companies, LLC; $0

3410 Brokaw Road; Alfred H. Clark and Kay R. Clark to Caleb J. Kindt and Alexis J. Kindt; $0

3252 Butler Newville Road; James W. Smith III & Lindsey D. Smith to Jacob J. Campbell and Abbie R. Johnson; $262,000

6432 Bunker Hill S. Road; Jilyssa Foss nka Jilyssa Pfeifer to Samuel H. Mast and Laura E. Mast; $312,500

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