MANSFIELD — The January property transfers included the sale of 101 Cairns Road, National Material Company, in Mansfield. It was sold for $2 million to OA35, LLC from ETT Investments, L.P. and MTT Investments, L.P.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


709 Carol Lane; Anthony M. Demyan to Skyelar Schmidt; $140,000

81 Greenwood Ave.; Estate of Hampton Austin to Alfredo Gustavo Sanchez Lopez; $20,000

72 Glenwood Blvd.; Herbert Jesus Vidal Peraza to Stacy Jackson-Johnson and Kevin Johnson; $240,000

1400 Silver Lane; James E. Reed and Shaina A. Reed to Adam Michael Robbins and Julia Danielle Robbins; $149,000

501 Clifton Blvd.; Amy J. Bombarger and Matthew L. Bobarger to Cliff Maynard; $185,000

1224 North Home Road; Abraham A. Schrock to Kenneth A. Spencer, II and Holly Beth Spencer; $198,000

616 Cline Ave.; Mary A. Zehnder to Joyce Hawk; $90,000

714 Cloverleaf Court; Jeffrey Gillson to Damoni V. Williams; $209,900

140 Gover St.; Shirley A. Wright to David J. Godoy; $89,000

295 Auburn Ave.; Rebecca L. Melton to Nyasha T. Oden; $87,500

1249 Wyandotte Ave.; Reva S. Alfrey to Cruz Stepp; $0

386 Linda Lane; Cory M. Johnson and Angela D. Johnson to Jazzelynn Moody; $150,000

1366 Robinhood Lane; Triple S Realty, LLC to Eric C. Shultz and Crystal L. Shultz; $214,000

412 Old Stone Court; Steven A. Moeller and Anita Moeller to Anita Moeller; $190,000

405 Third Ave.; ISANJO Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Jessica N. Livesay; $64,000

132, 134 Helen Ave.; Jeffrey Schultheis and Patricia Schultheis to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $95,000

958 Kentland Drive; Kay Franklin to Courtney Elizabeth Sparr; $110,000

228 Richland Ave.; David C. Porch to Lindale Holdings, LLC; $28,000

545 Connor Drive; Matthew P. Lamp and Julie A. Lamp to The Richard Friend Trust; $94,500

161 Elmridge Road; Betty L. Courtney, Trustee under The Betty L. Courtney Living Trust to Stanley Jefferson and Shirley Jefferson; $320,000

705 Betner Drive; Suzanne J. Mathews to Michael Nelson and Mary Anita Nelson; $245,000

535 Maple St.; Patricia C. Hunt and Ronald E. Hunt to Samantha McGuire; $153,000

197 Chilton Ave.; Teresa L. Alt to Kimberly Wintz; $97,000

335 Fifth Ave.; Jay-Kari Superior Removal, LLC to Jorge Cartagena and Andrea Cartegena; $19,000

151-153 Western Ave.; AJM Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Kendall Rental Properies, LLC; $109,000

192-194 Saxton Road; Victor R. Swisher and Cassandra N. Swisher to Top Branch Properties, LLC; $128,500

634 Park Avenue West; Alexander W. Schultheis and Jeffrey W. Schultheis to Daniel J. Paz and Lauren N. Paz, Trustees; $110,000

187 Marion Ave.; Great Land Real Estate Investments, LLC to Caroline Adolpho and Carl Adolpho, III; $620,000

551 Glendale Blvd.; Estate of Clifford F. Broeder to Japhet Ntia and Jennifer Ntia; $165,000

East Third St.; WP Ohio Realty, LLC to The Mansfield Community Playhouse, Inc.; $22,000

349 Poplar St.; Jerry L. Smith to Kyle S. Mecum and Chantil R. Mecum; $135,000

154 Elmridge Road; William C. Keefer to Daniel Logan, Trustee of The Logan Family Revocable Living Trust; $229,500

377-379 S. Main St.; Gwendolyn Penhorwood and Dexter Penhorwood to Samuel Davidson and Nicole Davidson; $180,000

332 Dale Ave.; Edison J. Dorsey to Michael Nixon; $63,000

623 Bailey Drive Unit 2; Jonathon T. Rank and Kelli A. Rank to Crystal Adams; $55,000

277 Rowland Ave.; Antonio Reuer to Club Exclusive, LLC; $9,000

558 Arlington Ave.; William B. Miracle and Trudy A. Miracle to Kristopher R. Stentz and Mary M. Stentz; $92,500

92 Western Ave.; Linda P. Dillon, Deceased to Eric Boardman; $27,775

111 S. Franklin Ave.; Linda P. Dillon, Deceased to Brier L. Thompson; $6,500

1167 Caldwell Ave.; Linda P. Dillon, Deceased to Sheri D. Gross and Michael Baldridge; $55,550

461 Sherman Place; Brian K. King and Kristy L. Ling to Makenzi Haag and Dalton Chase McCoy; $20,000

280 Miller St.; Doris Feagin to Willie C. Feagin; $5,000

1175 Briarwood Road; Sophia Nickolaou to Daniel J. Gates and Karen D. Gates; $185,000

Approx. 10 acres at Airport West, Industrial Park; David Remy, Public Works Director of The City of Mansfield to Mark Meltzer Living Trust; $50,000

471 S. Main St.; Estate of Jennie Jean Lester to Jeremy Lester and Sarah Lester; $23,000

1006, 1008 Linwood Place; Shri Om, LLC to Daniel Colon Laboy and Violeta Petriciole Colon; $275,000

6.69 ac.; Oak St.; Steven R. Brown to MT Land Company, LLC; $80,000

655 Bowman St.; Miquel Hines Adkins to Samantha Parton; $10,000

22 S. Willis Ave.; Thomas E. Brown to RCHB 3, LLC; $20,000

316 Stadium St.; Shawn Mays to Harold Blanton, Jr.; $11,000

830 Lexington Ave.; Julia A. Ferrell, aka Julie Ferrell to Tammy L. Payton; $69,900

715 Highland Ave.; Jodi R. Muntis aka Jodi R. Brown to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $71,196.79

689 Arlington Ave.; Carmen L. Kick to KeyBank, NA; $46,700

780 Poth Road; Donald C. Leathers and Vickey E. Marsh to U.S Bank Trust National Association as Trustee of American Homeowner Preservation Trust Series; $42,100

146 Gibson Ave.; Rose M. Fresco nbnc Rose M. Cramer to Timothy M. Peppers; $109,500

210 N. Adams St.; JO-RE-MA, LLC to Matern Custom Fabrications, LLC; $225,000

553 Bennington Drive; Wilbert A. Esler to Breauna M. Dotson and Kyle J. Dotson; $285,000

488 Connor Drive; Estate of Tresa A. Fulton to Caleb Keller; $57,500

29 Prospect St.; Chelsea F. Nixon and Matthew G. Anatra to Gage Swartzentruber; $120,000

317 Lenox Ave.; Rex W. Linkenbach Revocable Living Trust to Joshua L. Hockman and Jennifer Lynn Hockman; $134,900

420 Pomerene Road; Ryan D. Bryant to Joseph Paul Weiss; $115,000

630 Lexington Ave.; MBSKI Holdings, LLC to JRM Realty, Ltd.; $600,000

V/L, Leondard Ave.; Charles L. Cooper and Sylvia R. Cooper to David A. Murphy and Julie A. Murphy; $400

1623 Cape Cod Drive; Hunsinger Builders LLC to Frank Haus and Beverly Haus; $279,900

125 Rae Ave.; Edmond Haney to U.S. Bank Trust National Association, as Trustee for Towd Point Master; $20,000

315 Hammond Ave.; The Estate of Cheryl L. Floyd by Edward D. Small, Administrator to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $30,000

6379 Birchview Drive South; LDM Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Dianna Whipple; $74,361

28 Shady Lane; Matthew J. Stranksy to Chelsea F. Nixon; $0

150 Carpenter Road; Valerie J. Longood to The Huntington National Bank; $39,900

1420 Whippoorwill Lane; Clifford W. Huffman to Delton F. Slauterbeck, Jr. and Deanna L. Slauterbeck; $140,000

1671 Middle Bellville Road; John E. Thompson and Peggy L. Thompson to Nicole D. Thomas; $64,000

492 Agate Ave.; Norma J. Hunter to Smart Property Holdings, LLC; $75,000

451 W. Cook Road; Joseph S. James to Stan N. Hoptry and Charlynn D. Hoptry; $142,000

81 Knight Parkway; Clean Water Environmental, LLC to Valicor Environmental Services, LLC; $1,050,000

280-282 Dickson Ave.; Albert J. Johnson, Jr. to KNVW Unlimited Enterprises, LLC; $0


2381 Park Avenue West; Under Dog Properties, LLC to Danielle Lynn Basham and Douglas Edward Basham; $264,900

79 Woodbine Drive; Paul W. Webb and Michelle A. Webb to Paul E. Webb and Sandra L. Webb; $0

162 Hilltop Road; David L. Rinehart and Lori A. Rinehart to Arlindo Ferreira Da Cunha, Jr. and Slene De Souzaa Santos Da Cunha; $181,000

1621 Park Avenue West; Richard E. Poffenbaugh to Kelli Rank and Jonathon Rank; $173,500

1200 Cobblefield Drive; Barbara A. Perkins aka Barbara A. Parkins to Carl E. Siesel and Carma J. Siesel, Trustee; $175,000

310 Lewis Road; Nova Lands, LLC to Oxyrase, Inc.; $228,000

3503 West Fourth St.; Barbara Jean Roberts and Herbert Roberts to Kelly Jarjabka and Caleb Chanay; $41,500

147 Bethel Lane; Pamela K. Davis to Ryan M. Knell and Rachel E. Knell; $215,000

V/L, Tranquil Way Lot #3067; Ricky D. Minard and Kimberly L. Minard to Richard P. Stewart and Darla R. Stewart; $35,000

409 Cedarwood Court; Estate of Evelyn A. Sesco by Jerry K. Sesco, Executor to Rebeccah M. Willison; $80,000


47 Second St.; Elizabeth C. Allwine to Sheldon S. Munger, Wendy A. Munger, and Amanda Perkins; $25,000

State Route 39; Friebel Enterprises, LLC to Nicole Fortman and Jason Fortman; $300,000

30 Sharon St.; Joyce A. Barnes to Carl E. Schroeder; $32,500

409 Lorwood Ave. E.; Brad R. Dennis and Lauren R. Dennis to Garland H. Harvey, Jr. and Jennifer L. Harvey; $219,000

39 4th St.; PennyMac Loan Services, LLC to Anthony Hall and Beverly Hall; $48,000

23 Second St.; Tammie R. Baldridge to Kandace Gail Adams and Dustin James Pridemore; $117,777

40 Mansfield Ave.; The City of Shelby, OH to Black Fork Brewing, LLC; $40,000

10 West Jefferson Ave.; Darin Avery, Administrator of The Estate of Stanley Hendrix to Stacy Crosby; $64,500

32 Grove Ave.; Elizabeth C. Allwine by Victoria Lynn Drake, her Attorney-in-Fact, to Madelyn Jeanette Massie; $65,000

71 Marvin Ave.; Elizabeth C. Allwine, by Victoria Lynn Drake, her Attorney-in-Fact, to April Clark; $93,000

237 Joelynn Drive; Daron R. Bloom aka Daron Reid Blood to Callie M. Callender and David D. Callender; $0

16 ½ Monroe Ave.; Marissa L. Miller to Isaac Roberts and Destanee Roberts; $87,500

24 Myrtle Drive; Briton C. Lash to Linda K. Lay; $95,000

110 Broadway; Smiley Warehouse, LLC to R&D Excavating SVC, LLC; $5,000

30 Sharon St.; Carl E. Schroeder to Theresa Parker; $91,500

20 Tucker Ave.; Richard A. Dannemiller II to Jose Castanon; $0

31 Mohican St.; Tristan S. Onie and Deidra E. Vanderpool to Desiree Cherry and Andrew Cherry; $65,000

86 E. Whitney Ave.; Robert E. Ruck to David M. Schmidt; $90,000

51 S. Gamble St.; Gretchen A. Robertson to Katelynn Lee Philbrick and Kaleb L. Fisher; $95,000

261 W. Main St.; Denise A. Light to Ashley R. Light; $150,000

16 4th St.; OP RDMM Residential, LLC to Zackarie D. Bell; $69,900


252 School St.; Heather Kochheiser to Robert J. McAuley and Shirley A. McAuley; $6,000

181 Myers Road; Barbara J. Hoover, as Executrix of the Estate of Patricia M. Goss to Morgan L. Dilts; $183,000

119 Yorkshire Road; The Jacquelyn A. Boyd Revocable Living Trust to James T. Ditz and Susette M. Ditz; $489,900


1446 Crum Road; Nelson Z. Martin, Trustee to Harold O. Zimmerman and Esther Z. Zimmerman; $225,000

7958 Olivesburg Fitchville Road; Ervin Sensenig, Jr. and Ruth Z. Sensenig to John David Kilmer and Lavina H. Kilmer; $255,000

Vacant land, Craig St.; Timothy K. Heichel and Carolyn X. Heichel to John P. Klaus and Jennifer N. Klaus; $7,500


1834 Pin Oak Trail; GETZ Builders, Inc. to Robert E. Boyd and Christie L. Boyd; $60,000

110 Dartmouth Drive; Bambi S. Couch Page to The Robert M. Sofranko Revocable Living Trust; $263,100

Crossbridge Court; Getz Builders, Inc. to Dane Durbin and Kelly Durbin; $105,000

135 Foxcroft Road; Jason W. Poth to Kelly Frederick and Christopher Kamenski; $332,000

357 Fox Road; Carolyn Gardner and David B. Gardner to Brittany N. Griffith and Tony D. Griffith; $177,900

31 Second Ave.; Adam Hartz and Robert Achtermann to Dustin Reed; $59,900

321 Sherwood Drive; Jeffrey A. Sorn to John P. Celello and Kathleen M. Celello; $160,000


8019 State Route 98; Edward H. Burkholder and Susan S. Burkholder to Michael Keith Combs; $105,000

V/L, State Route 98; Edward H. Burkholder and Susan S. Burkholder to Michael Keith Combs; $1.00

212 Trux St.; Zachary Arnold and Carrie Arnold to Ann Burton; $136,500

108 John St., P.O. Box 458; Brett Dannemiller to Crest Bending, Inc.; $38,000


111 West Main St.; Kenneth Acker and Judy Acker to Gabriel C. Frey and Renee L. Frey; $75,000


6366 Rome Greenwich Road; Kiesha N. Podesta and David L. Podesta to Ivan Zimmerman and Susan B. Zimmerman; $170,000


1590 Ganges Shelby Road; Jean M. Wentz to Granges Lake Properties, LLC; $344,900

1929 State Route 603 West; Regina Noble to Harlan N. Newswanger; $125,000

V/L, London Road East; David Lee Pugh and Mary Ellen Burgess to Jay Burkholder; $432,180

2852 London Road East; David Lee Pugh and Mary Ellen Burgess to Marlin Z. Newswanger and Roseanna Newswanger; $500,000

V/L, London Road East; David Lee Pugh and Mary Ellen Burgess to James Burkholder; $174,000

V/L, London Road East; Mary Ellen Burgess to David Lee Pugh; $76,000

6740 Bowman St. Road; Ruth H. Martin, Trustee of the Ruth H. Martin Trust to Kevin L. Martin and Carolyn B. Martin; $985,000


V/L, Ganges Five Points Road; Charles D. Miller and Nicolette C. Miller to Sally A. Bevier Living Trust; $135,840

V/L, Bricker Road; The Charles L. Bisel Revocable Living Trust to Edwin N. Zimmerman and Miriam M. Zimmerman; $1,264,955


4577 Laser Road; Kim A. Hale and Kelley K. Pate to Larry J. Wallace and Crystal L. Wallace; $120,000

E. State Route 96; The Sinha Madhu Revocable Living Trust by Madhu Sinha, Trustee to Corey Anderson and Brooke Anderson; $58,000

V/L, Bowman St.; James E. Boor to Landis R. Martin and Kristina Martin; $193,648

3582 State Route 39; Brent Armstrong and Heather Armstrong to U.S. Bank Trust National Association as Trustee for Cabana Series; $56,000


1125 Darlington East Road; William R. Mitchell and Judy K. Mitchell to Theresa Seibel and Mary Lynne Ayton; $427,500

4780 Ritter Road; Stanley N. Hoptry to Donnie H. Trimm; $100,000


65 Bahl Ave.; Gretcher A. Fowler nka Gretchen A. Reinke and Michael Reinke to Brandon H. Kash; $72,000

1000 Grace St.; The Estate of Fred E. Thomas to Dustin C. Brooks; $45,900

1125 River Drive; Kathy L. Alexander to Tyler Bentley; $102,405

1360 Barbara Lane; Karen S. Estep, Successor Trustee of The Betty A. Leppert Living Trust to Timothy R. Bowersock; $190,000

936 Benedict Ave.; Matthew Lyons and Kristina Lyons, WTTA Matthew and Kristina Lyons to GLHH, LLC; $47,000

1034 Woodside Drive; Evan S. Benedict and Mary L. Benedict to Daniel A. Hall and Molly E. Hall; $70,000

1409 Hickory Lane; Shawn A. Swindall and Courtney R. Harris to Caitlyn N. Boroff and Isaac Boroff; $195,000

1080 Wade Drive; Bruce B. Jewett to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $36,600

1333 Gladysfield Drive; Wilbur T. Gilmore and Donna L. Gilmore to Rustin Kieth Rissler; $325,000

440, 446 Apple Lane; BKS II, LLC to Kathleen M. Boyle; $170,000

967 Donnawood Drive; Rustin Rissler and Rachel Rissler to Sherry G. Johanning and Gerard Ray Johanning; $232,000

728 Fairfax Ave.; Ronald E. Benedict III and Holly Edwards to Mitchell Roy Brown; $10,000

1475 Hickory Lane; Gerald Bailey and Donna Bailey to Mitchel J. Beer and Chanara Beer; $85,000

V/L, Springmill St.; Ryan Yancer to Brian K. Hemmerly and Martha J. Fort; $18,000


1532 Paradise View; Aaron E. Spies and Melanie L. Spies to Nicholas Santoriella and Emily Santoriella; $175,000

1915 Windsor Road; John Young to Marie Salyers and Shanon Salyers; $289,000

966 Ramsey Drive; Alan Gray to Adrianna Wichterman; $135,000

2951 Crider Road; Randall Jacobs, Surviving Successor Trustee of the Jacobs Family Trust to Dustin M. Moysi and Megan M. Moysi; $91,000

Mt. Zion Road, 9.452 acres; Thomas A. Wade to James G. Hill and Suzanne Hill; $137,025

3130 State Route 430; Kenneth L. Ocheltree and Christine T. Ocheltree to George Franklin Stillwell and Katelyn Marie Stillwell; $262,500

725 Wallace Road; Larry T. Kurek to Faith Troche and Marquis Troche, Sr.; $180,000

1681-1683 Chew Road; Levi Montgomery to Joshua A. Guegold and Mindy R. Guegold; $145,000

1649 Frontier Trail; C. Richard Thompson, Administrator of the Estate of Barbara Manley to Christopher Manley and Kimberly Howard; $150,000

2337 Kentwood Drive; Alva Wharton and Sharon Wharton to Vicki L. Montgomery; $80,000

1248 Harlan Road; Samantha Bumpus to Broc Miller; $5,000

221 Wolf Road; Debra L. Stentz to Wesley Babcock and Christina Babcock; $300,000


7000 Follin Road; Aden E. Yoder and Clara J. Yoder to Lester M. Fisher and Ester E. Fisher; $220,000


30 Windemere Drive; Lindsey Schatzinfer and Justin Schatzinger to Jacquelynn Garrett and Jordann D. Garrett; $163,000


V/L, Millsboro Road; Don C. Burton to Christine E. Burton; $33,200

1105 Walcrest Drive; Mary Paulette Sponseller to Timothy S. Milligan; $140,000

3115 Springmill West Road; Sheila Beecher, Pam DeLaney, and April McDermott to Jeffrey Sorn; $185,000

3851 Millsboro Road West; Rick Kigar, a Private Selling Officer to Thalia Hoak; $120,000

2885 Alta West Road; Marilyn J. Campbell, Trustee to Ryan Johnson, Jill Johnson, and Mark Johnson; $175,000

3113 Millsboro Road; Winfield C. Meek, Successor Trustee of The Delaney Family Revocable Trust to Mark R. DeLaney and Elizabeth A. DeLaney; $215,100.01

Twitchell/Millsboro Road; Winfield C. Meek, Successor Trustee of The Delaney Family Revocable Trust to Mark R. DeLaney and Elizabeth A. DeLaney; $45,000.01


King Corners Road; The Robert H. Fox Revocable Living Trust to The H.E.R.C, Ltd.; $0

4741 Bloominggrove Road; Buford D. LeMaster and Ilene LeMaster to Erica M. Cates; $200,000

V/L, State Route 314; Craig White and Judy White to Hidden Sawmill, LLC; $140,000

Algire Road; Mike Hamilton and Ruriko Hamilton to Brite Farms, LLC; $35,000


12.74 acres, Woodville Road; Roger E. Hooks, Douglas A. Hooks, Karen L. Hooks Spless to Knox County Woodland Ltd.; $0

234 Kochheiser Road; Soledad Kooi and Drewes J. Kooi to David George Brennstuhl and Ursula Brennstuhl; $249,900

2880 Stafford Drive; Abigail N. Varley to Kyle F. Blust; $198,000

5069 Barron Road; Michael G. Kvochick and Lisa K. Kvochick to Andrew M. Kvochick and Amy L. Kvochick; $235,000

41 Deerfield Road; Daniel D. Cooper and Debra L. Cooper to Michael G. Kvochick and Lisa K. Kvochick; $164,000

12.74, acres Woodville Road; Knox County Woodland Ltd to Albert P. Cutcher and Shinim Cutcher; $150,000

2240 Cloverdale Drive; Cody A. VanMeter to Kenneth Z. McCormack and Jessica R. McCormack; $188,500

2065 Mansfield Washington Road; Kenneth L. Reed and Tammy L. Reed to Emily Grace Timson and Benjamin Fidler Timson; $479,900

1894 Lexington Ave.; Ronald L. Montgomery, Jr. to John C. Young; $125,000


1125 McMillen Road; Deloris Bond to Melvin Yoder and Laura Yoder; $229,900


6072 O’Possum Run Road; Gino F. Colace aka Gino Colace to David A. Ellenfeld, President of Ellenfeld Farms, Inc.; $175,000

3068 State Route 97; Dawson Rentals, LLC to Sara Vradenburg and Steven Cihon; $255,000

V/L, Cassel Road; Gregory L. Jones and Nedra L. Jones to Brent D. Turner and Katie M. Turner; $59,463

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