MANSFIELD — Wilmer Martin has loved woodworking since he built his first birdhouse.

Knowing he wanted to be a woodworker, Martin worked for other shop owners before founding his own business, Timberlane Cabinets, in Greenwich. He renamed his business Timberlane Finish Solutions in 2008 and later realized the company was outgrowing its space.

So, Martin bought the 361 Longview Ave. property in Mansfield in February 2022. On Thursday, a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the opening of the business.

Timberlane Finish Solutions has two buildings on the property, multiple loading docks and space for its offices and equipment. 

Timberlane specializes in water-based interior paint mixing and custom finishes. Martin also highlighted his cabinets and sanding stations on guided tours of the facility during the ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

“It’s high-end paint — it’s also expensive, but it holds up,” Martin said. “We take pride and care in making sure the colors are perfect. Paint stores will dispense it, shake it, dab the top of the can with it and give it to you — we don’t do that.”

Timberlane has a paint lab that includes multiple spectrophotometers used to scan and read paint colors and ensure paint mixes are consistent with each other. 

Martin said Timberlane has 19 employees and two open positions. He hopes to connect with local contractors and cabinet shops as the business expands its inventory.

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