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A one-of-a-kind, local program is continuing to help mold a bright new future in manufacturing, training and education. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology (BASMET) program at North Central State College (NC State) will be graduating 19 students in May, more than doubling the first graduating class of seven students. 

As the first four year program at the community college, there has been visible success as nearly 30 students will have earned their degree in the past two years. 

The BASMET major is an application focused program that is industry concentrated on manufacturing and mechanical engineering, according to the Dean of Business, Industry and Technology Division at NC State, Dan Wagner. 

According to Wagner, in 2017 the state of Ohio passed legislation that allows two year community colleges to offer bachelor’s programs. Wagner saw a great need for this program in north central Ohio since the closest university with a four year mechanical engineering major was over 60 miles away. 

There was also a need for employees in this field within the community. “We met with our area employers and they showed their strong need to fill positions [within their business],” Wagner said. 

The BASMET program now partners with these local businesses to help fill jobs in the surrounding counties, but also to give students a real life experience in the field of engineering. 

Logan Bittner, graduating senior of 2022, was attracted to this particular program due to its convenient location and hands-on opportunities.

“I could finish my four year degree close to home,” Bittner said. “I did not want to have to travel to finish my degree.”

Over the past three years, Bittner has thoroughly enjoyed the application part of the program. 

“I am a very visual and hands-on learner, so the fact that I am given the chance to apply things I am learning through projects really helps,” she said.

Logan Bittner

During her time at NC State, Bittner has worked on many projects, including a prosthetic hand made for a gentleman in machine operation who wanted an inexpensive version to use on his shop floor, according to Wagner. 

“The point of this is to give them a chance to pick up small objects without a whole lot of strain. We wanted it to be completely mechanical, since we are, of course, mechanical engineering,” Bittner said.

With Bittner’s experience and skills she has obtained through the BASMET program at NC State, she has already found a job at Newman Technology as a New Model Engineer, where she plans to stay after graduation.

The BASMET two and four year programs at NC State currently has 150 students enrolled. Are you interested in being the next engineer? For more information on the degree or to enroll, visit ncstatecollege.edu.

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