Mansfield, Ohio – Council member Ellen Haring was recognized at Tuesday night’s Mansfield City Council meeting with Ordinance 15-031, which recognized Haring for her years of service. She served 7 years on the council before retiring on Dec. 17, 2014. 

Council President Philip Scott presented Haring with a plaque honoring her years of service. Haring was elected first in 2007 as a councilperson-at-large and in 2011 was re-elected for another four-year term. She was the chairwoman of the Finance and Safety committees, vice-chairwoman of the Utilities and Streets committees, and a member of the Airport and Zoning committees.

Haring is recognized also for guiding the city out of fiscal emergency through her work on the Finance Committee.

Haring took the time to recognize each council member for what she learned from them and shared her respect for what each individual brought to the council.

“Butch, you’re my buddy…” Haring said of 4th Ward Councilman Butch Jefferson. “We’ve had some knock-down, drag-outs and we’ve had some good conversations too.”

Councilman Don Bryant, who is filling Haring’s vacanct, remembered her from several years ago when he was doing an internship at the mayor’s office. “I remember your leadership. You’re a real leader, and you still are,” said Bryant.

“I think you’ve left your mark in the sand,” said 1st Ward Councilman Mike Hill. “You’re so well respected; you’ve asked the hard questions. It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve with you.”

In other council news, Mansfield resident Linda Burrage again approached council about the proposed Armory Housing Project. At a previous council meeting she voiced her concerns about the Trek Development Group of Pittsburg, PA building 31 housing units where the Armory on Hedges now stands, covering four acres that extend to Cleveland Avenue.

Burrage told council that she has received 112 signatures against the proposed housing project. She decided to do some research and found a court case where Trek sued a township for turning them down. “I hope that doesn’t happen to us if we turn down the Trek Development Company.”

Her main concern was that the for-profit construction company would not be considering the best interests of the city of Mansfield but making money off their housing project. She asked council to refuse a proposal by the Trek Development Company.

Scott explained to Burrage that no proposal has been given to council nor have they endorsed the project.

“The only thing Trek is asking us to do is to write a letter that we’ll welcome something like that to our neighborhood. We’re not sponsoring anything or giving them anything,” explained Councilwoman Garnetta Pender. “They’re not asking us for anything.”

Burrage said she hopes the council will refuse any proposal given them by the development company.

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