The OhioHealth Ontario Health and Fitness Center now offers a new Yoga For Veterans program for veterans, those active in the military and family members. 

ONTARIO – When Dale Warren came back from combat after the Vietnam War, he needed something that would help him adjust back into civilian life and being in America again. His brother suggested he try yoga, and since then he’s become an avid yoga enthusiast.

After becoming well-versed in the practice, Warren’s brought his passion for yoga into veterans programs here in Mansfield. However, his latest program could help spread his idea to an even wider audience. 

Dale Warren

Dale Warren 53 years ago in the Vietnam War. 

Dale Warren (2)

Dale Warren and his wife Sue. 

Amy Secrist

Amy Secrist is a new yoga instructor at the OhioHealth Ontario Fitness Center. Warren asked her specifically to become an instructor for the new Yoga for Veterans program.