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The Burgess's opened their new donut truck, The Roaming Donut, in late May. 

MANSFIELD – A new local donut truck, The Roaming Donut, has rolled into Richland County, giving residents a new, updated and adventurous way to explore different flavors of donuts. 

Katrina and Brenton Burgess, a local married couple, always talked about owning a donut food truck. As traveling enthusiasts, they love visiting donut shops wherever they go. 

“We just wanted to add a little variety to the area and just bring something fun and different,” Katrina said. 

The Burgess’s purchased a 1987 Toyota Winnebago in May 2020 while they were in Washington, Oregon. After getting it fixed up and having it towed 2,000 miles to their home in Mansfield, they received help from their friends Dave Strausbaugh and Britni Harp, owners of Frenchie Roast, with putting their food truck together. 

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The Burgess’s purchased a 1987 Toyota Winnebago in May 2020 while they were in Washington, Oregon.

After helping their friends with their mobile coffee shop, the Burgess’s revisited the idea of a donut truck. 

“My wife had said a long time ago that if she could, she would like to have a donut shop, and we didn't think that was possible until we saw how easy it was with [Frenchie Roast],” Brenton said. 

One year later, they brought their donut truck idea to life. Due to the pandemic this past year, food trucks have successfully bloomed. 

“A lot of people weren't able to eat inside, and I think food trucks are just more appealing because it's something that was easy to just go and grab [food],” Katrina said. 

The Burgess’s both have jobs outside of their newfound business. Katrina works as a hospice nurse at Southern Care and was full-time until December 2020. Now she is PRN and plans on making the Roaming Donut her full-time job in the summer. Brenton owns his business as a residential contractor.

The Roaming Donut will have a different menu each week. Donuts will be made on the truck as customers put in orders for a fresher, richer taste. 

After its grand opening on May 20, the donut truck has already become a hit. 

“We did a car show at Landoll's Castle… And then we did a fundraiser in Crestline, and both of those went well,” Katrina said. “They kind of helped us ease into it and then our grand opening...  We stayed steady and had a lot of people come.” 

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The Burgess's are excited to pursue this new business venture as a family. 

The Roaming Donut won’t be limited to the Richland County area. Ashland, Crestline, Loudonville and other surrounding counties will also be privy to the new food truck. The Burgess’s are also taking on clients as a vendor for events such as graduations and weddings. 

“We kind of want to stay close to our areas and we don't plan on moving or anything and the vehicle we have now,” Katrina said. 

Currently, the Burgess’s park nearside the Frenchie Roast twice a week in the mornings to early afternoons. They plan on being open four to five days a week as more people are outside during the summer. 

Those interested in The Roaming Donut’s whereabouts, menu or for catering inquiries can visit their Facebook page.

“One of the reasons that we wanted to do it is just to bring people together to come out with the other food trucks that are in town and everybody come together and have a place to meet, as a community,” Brenton said. 


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