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Ongoing Series: Improving Child Development in Richland County

This content is proudly supported by Little Buckeye Children's Museum, who provides children and families opportunities to learn and discover through the power of play everyday right here in Richland County.

Ongoing Series: Thriving in the Martial Arts

A first-person series written by Chris Hershberger on how he went from being a "poor punk kid" in Mansfield to an Olympic Taekwondo All-American coach.

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MANSFIELD – The 2021 Mid-Ohio ESC County Spelling Bees took place a little differently this year, including transitioning the format to a virtual setting in order to abide by social distancing protocols.

Yesterday, my 7 year old daughter asked me what it’s like to be a mom. This girl is wildly empathetic and has asked similar questions before, trying to understand what it’s like to walk in my shoes. She asked me if it was overwhelming, always having someone who needs you. I told her that, su…


Condrea Webber, a longtime staple of Mansfield’s music scene, has shared her singing talent at many venues over the years, from weddings to Renaissance Theatre productions. She was formerly the lead vocalist for Alter Ego, a rhythm and blues and funk band.


MANSFIELD – At the beginning of every year, people want to start fresh with new goals and a healthy mindset. Setting new fitness goals can be a good way to start, but it’s important to set realistic ones. 

For most of my adult life, I’ve never felt like I fit squarely into the American church. My stance on political issues is always too liberal to fit neatly with that crowd. I struggle mightily with evangelism, legalism and the American church’s definition of patriotism. Plus, I cuss like a tr…

At the start of every year we are most likely deciding what our New Year’s resolutions will be. Amid the pocketful of them is most likely “eat healthier.” While salads come to mind in the healthier eating category, not all salads can be considered healthy, mostly because of the dressing we choose. 

There are two ways to look at the start of a new year. You can see it as a fresh start, an opportunity for a new outlook, to retire habits and mindsets that no longer serve you, a chance to get it right. Or you can see the new year as just another day, week or month, not discernibly differen…

What a year it has been. In the spring, when the initial stay-at-home orders were issued, once the initial shock of it lifted, I used some of the newfound free time to interview my 90-year-old grandmother (I wrote about that here). As we talked about her life, she reflected on the country’s …

MANSFIELD -- The Earth Stewardship Celebration, in its 24th year, invited businesses, organizations, churches, schools and residents in Mansfield/Richland County to conduct a litter clean up and/or beautification project, community gardens, recycling drives and/or energy efficiency projects.

I don’t usually bake many Christmas cookies. My mother-in-law makes an amazing assortment that she shares with us for Christmas each year, which frees me up to just make cut-outs with my kids. However, in the shadow of the pandemic, our holiday plans won’t be quite as normal this year, which…

ONTARIO -- The Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, Inc. annual meeting was held virtually on Thursday, December 3, 2020 on the Area Agency on Aging Facebook page. A special thank you to the exclusive 2020 Platinum Sponsor, Mechanics Bank.

This morning, I lost my temper. I spend most Sunday afternoons writing and catching up on work, and this week presented a few extra time-consuming projects that I needed to squeeze into the afternoon. Meanwhile, Christmas presents are piling up in our basement, I need to coordinate childcare…


CRESTLINE -- Like so many standing traditions, The Community Foundation for Crawford County had to cancel its annual “Evening of Philanthropy” event this year, an evening normally set aside to show appreciation for their donors.

As a college senior, one of the final barriers I had to graduate was to complete student teaching in an elementary school and a high school.

Every small town has someone who keeps it running – who does the dirty, often thankless work that allows residents to go about their lives unbothered. In Fredericktown, for the last 21 years, that person was Irl Ruhl.

As a new parent, you’re given one piece of advice more than any other: don’t blink. Don’t miss it. It’ll go faster than you think. The days are long, the years are short. It’s hard not to resonate with that wisdom, because there’s truth in it: the passage of time is a constant that none of u…

This morning was a mess. My husband and I both woke up with bad attitudes that quickly turned to pointless bickering. Upon retreating to our room to decompress, I inadvertently knocked one of the lattes I had just made off my nightstand, exploding the mug and spraying coffee all over our bed…