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Ongoing Series: Improving Child Development in Richland County

This content is proudly supported by Little Buckeye Children's Museum, who provides children and families opportunities to learn and discover through the power of play everyday right here in Richland County.

Ongoing Series: Thriving in the Martial Arts

A first-person series written by Chris Hershberger on how he went from being a "poor punk kid" in Mansfield to an Olympic Taekwondo All-American coach.

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As we dip our toes into the very beginning of summer, my two older daughters are getting pretty steady on their bikes, and our short driveway feels limiting to them. So, I extended the boundary and have begun to allow them to ride their bike to the corner and back, and their delight is palpable. 

When I became a mother, I felt an unspoken pressure to fill every single free moment with something magical, something memorable, something Instagram-able. We purchased family memberships to the zoo, the children’s museum. We endured numbingly obnoxious stage productions of children’s televi…

When I was growing up, my maternal grandmother who we called “Nanny,” lived about a mile from our house. Nanny came over most days and would sit at our kitchen table and give me “history lessons,” which is to say that she would tell me the stories from her childhood and young adulthood. 

I spent most of last weekend in bed, in tears. The weight of everything happening in the world paired with the draining nature of isolation on my insatiable extroversion had compounded in my spirit and I was able to do little more than lay still and allow the tears to leak from my eyes. I mu…

With COVID-19 forcing us to stay at home, now is the perfect time to get creative with meals. Making homemade nutritious meals and including your whole family in the planning, executing and creating process can be both fun and educational.

I was sitting in my junior year psychology class, next to Andy, behind Jessica and Melanie, three of my closest friends at the time. They announced over the PA system that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers in New York City and that teachers were to keep classroom televisions turned off. 

As I write this, I was supposed to be packing for a week in San Diego, attending a conference with two of my friends and coworkers. I’ve never been to California, or the West Coast, and I have been ridiculously excited about the trip for six months. 


EDITOR'S NOTE: Richland Source asked readers to nominate heroes from the community in the fight against the coronavirus using our Open Source platform. One reader nominated Angie Henke, Jeremy Ward and Jason Knasinski of Reaching Out.


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I awoke this morning without the help of my alarm. The sun was shining and for a moment I was in sweet bliss, so rested and renewed.