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Special Series

Courage at Work

Mechanics Bank presents the Courage at Work series recognizing it takes incredible courage to start and run a business. This series will present 9 local stories highlighting some of the unsung heroes of local businesses.

Special Series

Seeing Life More Clearly

Supported by the award-winning team of doctors and vision professionals at Ohio Eye Associates.

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My career path has been more of a winding road than a straight line. I got my bachelor’s degree in music education and taught for a few years, before some unanticipated changes put me on the path to non-profit administration, which ultimately led to a career in which I lead a digital marketi…

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Eating a healthy breakfast can be a challenge on busy mornings. One of the most convenient ways to get the health benefits you want from your breakfast while on the run is to make overnight oats. They are easy to assemble ahead of time so you can simply grab a serving out of the fridge in th…