Phyllis Stanfield

Phyllis Stanfield, a 2021 graduate of Madison Comprehensive High School, will attend Ashland University with a $10,000 scholarship from Medical Mutual.

MADISON TOWNSHIP -- Phyllis Stanfield, a 2021 graduate of Madison Comprehensive High School, was recently awarded a $10,000 scholarship from Medical Mutual for her academic achievements.

Stanfield plans on attending Ashland University and majoring in biology with a focus on pre-med. She was among six regional winners of $10,000 scholarships based on academic achievement and financial need.

Those scholarships, as well as 140 scholarships of $1,000 each, went to students in school districts across Ohio that are also customers of Cleveland-based Medical Mutual. The Columbus Foundation administers the program and received more than 550 applications for the scholarships.

“Phyllis clearly was a high achiever at Madison Comprehensive High School and is a deserving recipient of the scholarship,” said Amber Hulme, Regional Vice President, Central Ohio. “Medical Mutual is pleased to support her desire to make an impact in the medical field.”

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