Brittany Humble

Brittany Humble, owner of B.E. Humble boutique, will launch her clothing line Sept. 17 on HSN.

ONTARIO -- Brittany Humble loves big earrings, versatile graphic tees and a cute, comfy pair of shoes. Most importantly, she loves helping women feel beautiful.

That’s why she offers free styling to every client who walks through the door of her boutique, B.E. Humble.

“She’s so relatable. She’s raw, she’s honest. I think people can identify with her,” said Alicia Yates, B.E. Humble’s creative director. “She’s made so many women feel better about themselves. She truly has a gift where women come in and she’s getting them out of their comfort zone.”

After years of working as a stylist, a seamstress and a boutique owner, Humble is launching her latest venture -- her very own clothing line. 

Humble will launch her collection through HSN, formerly known as the Home Shopping Network, on Sept. 17. The air time is yet to be announced, but will be published on B.E. Humble’s social media accounts on Sept. 16.

New items will be rolled out on HSN and in October and monthly from January through June of 2021.

“I have 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. I’ve been personally dressing women daily for that time, and I know what works,” Humble said. “I’m here to make women feel confident and comfortable so that they can look and feel great. This is truly a dream opportunity for me!”

Humble describes her line as “where function and fashion fuse together.”

It will start with timeless staples like jeans, tanks and inspirational tees, then add layering options for different seasons and looks. Humble added that for all her items, comfort is a priority.

“A lot of people think they have to give up comfort in order to look feminine or look dressier, but you don't, you can have both,” she said.

Humble’s chance with HSN came on the heels of crushing disappointment. She had designed, created and pitched an entire collection for what looked like a promising opportunity, but the project was eventually shelved.

“I was so sad. I was pretty depressed about it for awhile,” she recalled. “In my head I was like, ‘God, this was like my big break. I don't understand why this didn't happen.’”

Shortly after her first opportunity fell through, one of her clients told her about HSN’s The Big Find campaign. Humble submitted her collection online and three months later, she got an email on a Thursday afternoon. It was HSN, asking if she could present her designs in Seattle the following Monday. 

“I remember clicking Seattle (when I submitted my designs) because I was like, ‘Never been to Seattle, that sounds fun,’” Humble said. “I didn't even think I would really end up going.”

Shocked, Humble asked her husband, Brad, to look into the email and make sure it was real. He called and confirmed that it really was HSN, and arranged for the appointment to be relocated to the network headquarters in Tampa.

With five days to prepare, Humble went to work. While she still had her designs, she had sold most of her pieces. So she started sewing new ones and even called up a customer and asked to borrow some items she’d bought.

Then, with her designs, her dreams and her husband by her side, she flew to Florida.

“It’s awesome how God works because I was even nervous. I didn't even have to really think about it because it was just something I had already loved. I had already studied. It was very easy,” she said.

The first presentation went well, but the network representatives wanted to see a little bit more. They asked her to come back in two weeks with a second collection. 

Humble came home and went to work again. Four days before her second presentation, her dream nearly went up in flames.

“I am not a procrastinator, so I had my entire collection done within a couple days. I had everything ready. Then my house burns down,” she said. 

As her family stood in the yard, watching the fire consume their home, a firefighter walked up to them and asked if there was anything they needed that could still be retrieved from the house. One thing came to Humble’s mind - a bag with her entire collection inside. Humble told the firefighters where the bag was located and they brought it out.

Amid the chaos, Humble made it back to Tampa, where she initially kept the news of the house fire from the HSN staff. If she was going to make it, it was going to be based on her talent and hard work alone.

“I didn't want to be one of those American Idol sad stories ... so I presented the entire collection, didn't even tell them about the house fire until after,” she said. “I didn't want to talk about it either because I was on this rush. I didn't want to cry. I didn't want to break down. So I literally was like, that's it, we're fine. Everything's gonna be fine.” 

The second meeting was a success. Humble was assigned a design team in New York. Under normal circumstances, she would have flown back and forth for consultations, but COVID-19 forced her to do most of the work remotely. She spent months video chatting with the team and mailing pieces back and forth until everything was just right.

For Humble, the collection is more than just a project. It’s the culmination of her time in the fashion industry. From her beginnings, working retail and styling her college roommates to opening her own boutique, Humble believes that God used all of her experiences as preparation.

“With my 15 years experience, I thought through everything. What does a woman need in her closet to be able to even have just a canvas to start with?” she said. “God has brought me here, for this experience, for this moment, to bring women everywhere a clothing line that will make you feel not only beautiful, but fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Humble will unveil her designs during a local launch celebration on Sept. 8 from 6 to 9 p.m. at her boutique, located at 2264 Stumbo Road. Shoppers will be able to see and try on pieces and place orders online through

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