Honey Run Falls

This vintage image shows Honey Run Falls being visited by a group of adventurers in the early 1900s. The area where the creek enters the Kokosing River has been a popular swimming and excursion spot for years, but the waters remain treacherous. 

MOUNT VERNON -- The Kokosing River is never to be underestimated. The heartbreaking searches this week for a missing swimmer near Millwood serve as a reminder of the deceptive depths and currents of the river as it moves into the hilly terrain of eastern Knox County.

An examination of news archives proves that the incident is far from the first tragedy to unfold in waters that once prompted the late Knox County Sheriff David Barber to comment, "the river looks calm on the surface, but strong currents underneath pull debris into the many boulder-size rocks that cover the riverbed."

Kokosing Fishing Party

A typical excursion group from around 1900. Outdoor adventurers dressed much more formally in those days than we do today, very likely making an escape from dangerous waters even more difficult.

Millwood Dam

The waters of the Kokosing get dangerous as the river enters the rocky hills of eastern Knox County, passing near Millwood, where this dam used to sit. Edward Llewellyn almost drowned here in 1916.

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