Letter to the Editor in purple lettering on envelope

Recently, I heard my name used in a radio ad for a judicial candidate.

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t cause concern. I’ve endorsed Attorney Michael Kemerer for Mansfield Municipal Court Judge and have encouraged him to share that endorsement. 

I even recorded an ad for him myself, because I feel so strongly about his experience, character, and work ethic.

Concerningly, the ad I heard recently with my name wasn’t for Michael Kemerer. It was for his opponent, Attorney Cassandra Mayer. I have not endorsed her, nor did I give her permission to use my name in her ads.

Don’t be misled, Michael is the ONLY Municipal Court candidate to have my endorsement.

A loving husband, devoted father, dedicated public servant, and respected attorney, Michael Kemerer is the only candidate who has worked the last 17 years full-time in the Mansfield Municipal Court. I’ve gotten to know Michael from all he does in the community, and he’s a good man who has my respect.

Please join me in voting for Michael Kemerer.

Sen. Mark Romanchuk

Ontario, Ohio