Manufacturing building along a creek
Hord Family Farms is located at 911 Ohio 98 near Bucyrus, Ohio.

BUCYRUS – Hord Farms, a leading agricultural company, is pleased to announce its latest expansion project, the construction of its eighth birthing barn in the northern-Ohio area.

The new barn, spanning 125,000 square feet, will have climate-control systems and adhere to the latest animal well-being industry standards.

With the addition of this location, Hord’s network will have eleven birthing barns with nine owned and operated by Hord and two managed by partners.

The project will create 12 new job opportunities in the community while retaining nearly 200 existing jobs.

“Hord Family Farms has a long standing commitment to sustainable and forward-looking farming practices,” said Phil Hord, President of Hord Family Farms.

“The new farm will exemplify this commitment by not only providing gestating sows with the space to roam far exceeding industry standards, but also offers our farm the opportunity to sell the resulting specialized meat products, accordingly.”

The new barn will boost Hord market hog production by roughly 10 percent.

To support this expansion, approximately 700,000 bushels of corn will be procured annually, increasing the farm’s total to 7.5 million bushels per year.

Crawford County Commissioner Tim Ley expressed his enthusiasm for Hord Family Farms’
expansion and its impact on the community.

“This is more than just a farm growing; it’s an investment in our community,” Ley said. “With increased capacity and new jobs, I congratulate the Hords, their associates, and partners for this expansion.”

Nearly 200 local families are actively engaged in growing and harvesting corn to support Hord Farm’s operations, impacting the region’s agricultural ecosystem.

Furthermore, the business proudly collaborates with approximately 150 local families as growing partners, who provide growing barns and care for their livestock.

About Hord Family Farms

Hord Family Farms is a renowned leader in sustainable and modern agriculture, proudly serving the northern Ohio region for more than 100 years.

With a focus on animal well-being, environmental sustainability, and community engagement, Hord Farms is committed to providing high-quality pork products while contributing to the economic health and growth of the region.

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About the Crawford Partnership

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Twice in the last four years, the community has been nationally ranked in the top 20% for economic development and is pursuing an aggressive, strategic, and comprehensive agenda to become a community of choice for business and residents.

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