A plot of grass surrounded by leafy, green trees.
O'Reilly Auto Enterprises purchased vacant land at 1542 Lexington Ave. southwest of Kroger. The land is intended to be used as an O'Reilly Auto Parts store.

MANSFIELD — O’Reilly Auto Enterprises has purchased two parcels of land near Kroger on Lexington Avenue.

1542 Lexington Ave. LLC sold the property at 1542 Lexington Ave. for $575,000. Real estate transfer paperwork says the land is intended to be used for retail sale of auto parts.

According to the O’Reilly Auto Parts website, there are currently two other O’Reilly shops in Mansfield, one in Shelby and one in Galion.

The vacant land at 1542 Lexington Ave. viewed from the Kroger pharmacy.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


1027 Trimble Road; 1027 Trimble LLC to Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron; $3,362,950

367 Springmill St.; Sadie L. Crusoe to TJT Residential LLC; $35,000

400 Davis Road; Mid Ohio Investments LLC to Patrick Hazlett and Melissa Hazlett; $210,000

131 Pleasant Ave; Jeffrey L. Bryant to CRI Homes LLC; $25,000

278 Euclid Ave; LAJI Properties of Mansfield to Bambi L. Lemley; $113,000

147 Ford St; Susan Maul to Shoe2 Retirement LLC; $12,000

1591 Bridgewater Way South; Lisa K. Beilstein, executor of the estate of Judith C. Theisen, to Ricardo Carmona and Rita de Cassia Paim Bauer; $468,000

1694 Pin Oak Trail; Ivan Zambrano and Juliana Vergara to Jamie L. Monica; $535,000

435 James Ave; Carole E. Orsborn, nka Carole E. Johnson, to Z Rentals LLC; $70,000

408 Abbeyfeale Road; Beverly M. Patrick to Marissa Patrick; $123,000

848 Greenfield Drive; Ronald A. Smals and Susan I. Smals to Keith Richards and Haley Palmer Richards; $345,000

1641 Middle Bellville Road; Bradley B.Dunmire and Amy E. Dunmire to Ashley Miller, Sinda Kay Miller and Danny B. Miller; $244,000

313 Remy Ave; Blue Door Real Estate Limited to A & M Properties of Mansfield; $40,000

565 Garfield Place; DNE Investments to YZInvestments; $63,500

556 Chevy Chase Road; Deborah A. Stull to Matthew D. Mcrae; $295,000

71 Rambleside Drive; Daniel M. Haines and Lori Haines to Terry Lee Jr.; $134,900

362-364 W. 6th St; Jazmine Stewart to Richland Home Buyers LLC; $22,000

610 Russell Road; Olive L. Miller to Valeria V. Roemer; $245,000

231 Rae Ave; Dusty D. Miller and Samantha J. Miller to Lavon Dulin; $20,000

1428 Harding Ave; Janet Piecynski, Fred. L. McLaughlin, Bryan K. McLaughlin and Terry A. McLaughlin to Christopher L. Olson; $50,000

244 S. Adams St; Laurence C. Boor II to Anna B. Rebel; $41,000

275 Greendale Ave; IFM Properties of Mansfield to Cherryfield Properties; $95,000

1010 W. Fourth St; Diana L. Runyon, Gary L. Runyon and Belinda Runyon to Jayson Van Pelt; $40,000

576 Garfield Place; Wild Frogs I LLC to David A. Taylor; $71,500

165 Rambleside Drive; Clearview Investments LLC to Rent A View LLC; $95,000

792 Burns St; Mark Weidemyre to Susan D. and William H. Weed; $125,000

1185 Laurelwood Road; Bille S. Brewer to Lisa Harding; $166,000

257 Lenox Ave; TMF Holdings LLC to Jayson Van Pelt; $110,000

257 Lenox Ave; Jayson Van Pelt to Mansfield Metropolitan Housing Authority; $325,000

386-388 Springmill St; the estate of Samuel D. Bessemer to Springmill 349 LLC; $52,500

1113 Pawnee Ave; Virgie Lois Ball to Rickie Miller and Deannine K. Miller; $15,000

1825 Middle Bellville Road; Stimens Morchester Villa Apartments LLC to M.V. Apartments LLC; $4,200,000

366 Ashland Road; Brass Hanger Properties LLC to JHZ Investments LLC; $80,000

South Main Street; Don Nash Limited Inc. to South Central Park Inc.; $150,000

34 Sycamore St; Joanne Dressler and Brian T. Fulmer to JMC3 Properties; $82,500

1494 Park Ave. West; Richard Fournier and Brian Marraffa to Richard Fournier and Eric Hatfield; $40,000

571 Garfield Place; Stephanie Graham to Debra K. Leadingham and Michael L. Driscoll; $94,000

1430 Frederick Court; Green Blade Marketing LLC to Carrie Coleman and Harry Brooks Jr.; $201,000

32 Sycamore St; K & B Landholdings LLC to Projectone; $35,000

454 Marion Ave; Bigelow Enterprises LLC to Grant J. Hedrick and Sara L. Hedrick; $110,000

341 Wayne St; David Yoxtheimer to Majesty Rentals LLC; $5,500

295 Poplar St; Bradley S. Owens to Heath Cooper; $137,000

240 Whippoorwill Lane; Jennifer L. Scheurer to Amy L. Leyda; $245,000

114 Harker St; Mansfield Homes III L.P. to Desiree Risser; $107,000

137 Franklin Ave; Tyler Smith to Jerry D. Motan Jr; $5,000

646 Stocking Ave; Fix Pads Holdings LLC to Gerald D. Childress Jr. and Lucia M. Childress; $135,400

422 4th Ave; Dylan Arnold Harsh to Shirrell E. Haley; $110,000

256 Parkway Drive; Virginia Banbury and Louis John Decker III to Metese Rentals 5 LLC; $90,000

1915 Red Oak Drive; Dana Walters to Brock W. Spurling and Meghan Willeke; $290,000

221 S. Foster St; Brenda S. Maugans to Sonia Gonzalez and Nelson Garcia; $65,000

445 W. Cook Road; Kendra L. Linn, nka Kendra L. Capra, to Ashley L. Humphreys; $152,000

450 Fairoaks Blvd; Jerod M. Them, successor trustee of the James H. Shafer Revocable Trust, to Richard J. Schuiling and Kristina S. Schuiling; $170,000

Trimble Road, et al; Marcus Miller and Emma Miller to My Shed Company LLC; $130,540

392 Saint Clair St; Raymond A. Jasinski to Lion Sky Properties LLC; $17,500

603 Yale Drive; the estate of Sharon E. Amato to Austin Brown; $163,000

635 Woodville Road; James L. Pritchard to Leah Rachel; $146,700

133 Winwood Road; John L. Bartholomew to Levi Yoder and Miriam Yoder; $105,160

627 Stocking Ave; Melissa R. Skaggs to Yahya Abdul-Hafeez; $10

396 Warren Ave; Dora M. Gearhart to Deanna Tanner; $45,000

570 Bennington Drive; The Meyer Trust to David Knipp; $50,000

320 Diamond St; William N. Spognardi Jr. to Richland Home Buyers LLC; $22,500

139 Cliffbrook Drive; Dorothy E. Karst to Daniel W. Congdon; $77,500

900 Red Oak Trail; Daniel Fusco, trustee, to E. Bliss Baker and Barbara J. Baker; $249,900

380 Townview Circle North; Anthony S. Pingitore and Molly B. Pingitore to Max Hartings and Leslie Hartings; $235,000

1611 Thistle Court; Darrell J. Miller to Stephanie J. Whitaker; $62,000

474 W. 3rd St; Five West Properties Ltd. to ADM Ownership LLC; $52,000

625 Highland Ave; Benjamin Krull to Gary Fink and Peggy Fink; $169,900

117 Grasmere Ave; Michael C. Hazlett, successor trustee, to Cheri Herold and Danny Herold; $125,000

462 Hammond Ave; Ruthie R. Fisher to A & M Properties of Mansfield; $20,000

1010 W. 4th St; Jayson Van Pelt to Spratt Properties LLC; $80,000

248 Saxton Ave; Renovate 1st LLC to Modern Property Management; $70,000

947 Red Oak Trail; Joseph L. Jerger, guardian of the person and estate of Barbara A. Weir, to Kimberly R. Getz; $200,000

269 7th Ave; James W. Kurtz and Marilyn S. Kurtz, trustees, to Michael Urschitz; $59,000


111 Parkwood Drive; Richard F. Hughes to Billy D. Gibson and Mary L. Gibson; $199,999

20 Riverview Drive; Ronald E. Scheid to Nancy R. Nealis; $230,200

178 W. Park Drive; Carl E. Schroeder to Taylor Rall and Nickolas Baxter; $118,000

65 E. Smiley Ave; Matney Property Development LLC to Julie A. Patrick; $64,000

16 Jennings Court; Clark O. Downing Estate to Brittany Kassim; $82,500

38 Flint St; Jason Hoak and Matthew Hoak to Cherie L. McLaughlin-Shirk; $1,000

99 Mansfield Ave; Robert C. Stover and Sue Ann Stover to Jessica Piurowski and Isaac Nothacker; $150,000

83 Renfrew Drive; Marcia A. Smythe, Dianna L. Cooper, John D. Metzger, et al. to Jerry K. Tackett and Sharon K. Tackett; $330,000

Samantha Drive; K & B Landholdings to Molly Jo McKean, Pamela Kay McKean and Michelle Marie McKean; $36,500

68 Shelby Ave; Jack E. Yates to Dustin E. Knipp and Rebecca Knipp; $150,000

23 Riverview Drive; Joan M. Field, trustee, to William F. Anspach and Toni A. Anspach; $180,000

147 Mansfield Ave; Laurel Shelby LLC to Timycha Shelby Holdings LLC; $500,000

84 Broadway St; Debbie R. Wren, Mark Wren and Vicky L. Phipps to Vickie L. Duncan and Robert W. Henry; $30,000

46 Simeon Ave; Charles D. Miller and Nicolette Miller to Collin Richard Majoras and Kayla Majoras; $124,000


1364 N. Lexington-Springmill Road; Gerald L. Saeger and Doris A. Saeger to ODW Properties Ontario LLC; $350,000

3473 Oakstone Drive; Kris E. Porter and Lori L. Porter to Joseph Gray and Kristin Gray; $410,000

Mabee Road; JDPHARMS LLC to Mansfield Fuel Food LLC; $203,200

1610 Park Ave. West; Maraz and Baloy Capital LLC to Elizabeth A. Nester; $163,000

3740 E. Shangri-La Ave; Joseph D. Gray and Kristin E. Gray to Monica Elizabeth Von Stein and Caleb Avery Von Stein; $360,000

1621 Friday Lane; the estate of Cheryl D. McMahon to Melissa L. Burrows and Michael Burrows; $115,000

Vivian Drive; Mark Gibson to Eddie D. Patrick and Laura L. Patrick; $6,000

2035 W. 4th St; the Joseph E. Feeney Living Trust to CJ USA Property Investment LLC; $280,000


21 First Ave; The Boreman Keystone Inheritance Trust to John E. Ebright and Emily L. Ebright, co-trustees of The Ebright Family Living Trust; $156,600

264 Valley Hi Drive; Chad R. Hale and Susan J. Hale to Courtney A. Cline; $275,000

44 Norfolk Drive; Suzanne Lush and Mohammad Nasir to Jayde E. Festge and Edward Brier Stanley; $264,000

167 Holiday Hill Street; Adrienne D. Cogburn and William C. St. Myer to Brandon Scott Beecham and Katherine Beecham; $205,000

271 Otterbein Drive; the estate of James P. Hannewald by David P. Hannewald to Michael W. Adams and Pamela Springer; $211,000


90 Betty Drive; Shrock Premier Custom Constructions to Edward L. McKinley, Beverly A. McKinley and Tanya R. McKinley; $569,219

161 Kelly Ave; Mary M. Sheriff to Susan M. Skafec and Joseph M Skafec; $70,000

89 Markey St; Brandon M. Baumgardner to Kaitlyn P. Randall and Jonathan L. Sallee; $220,000

55 Church St; Timothy W. Thrush and Kelley J. Thrush to Nathan H. Gailey and Natalie J. Gailey; $165,000

125 Durbin St; Romota B. Ridenour to Douglas K. Shirk and Rosemary K. Shirk; $135,000


53 W. Main St; Troy D. Shepherd and Linda M. Shepherd to Luke D. Thornsberry; $35,000

4548 Theresa Drive; Robin L. Adams to Dodge Collins; $204,000


8 Mill St; Steve Bolen to Jeanine Clark; $140,000


190 Reeder Drive; Alexis K. Wade to Garrett A. Viars; $159,000

11 Traxler St; Christian Haas to Charles L. Smith; $100,000

132 Cleveland Street; Nathan H. Gailey and Natalie J. Gailey to Ethan Pfleiderer; $92,000

Third Street; Rodney Meeks, et al. to Robert Paul Marsh; $12,000


1628 Plum Place; Randal K. Boyd to Sherrie Woodruff; $175,000

1085 Oakdale Drive; Gene L. Brady to Eric C.Leming and Nicole L. Leming; $180,000

1077 Benedict Ave; Towd Point Mortgage Trust to Devin Arnett; $13,501

707 Pulver List Road; Best Bet Housing LLC to John K. Yost and Jessica L. Yost; $140,000

1070 Fifth Ave; Henry Dale Reedy and Lana Marlene Reedy to Natalie Doll; $114,000

1449-1451 Bellview Drive; Trevor F. Kirsch to Kristen A. Pheils and Lyle G. Pheils III; $178,000

1188-1190 Crestwood Drive; Trevor F. Kirsch to Kristen A. Pheils and Lyle G. Pheils III; $120,000

Averill Avenue; Timothy W. Shepherd to Lin Tad LLC; $2,000

2132 Leppo Road; the estate of Samuel D. Bessemer to Melvin Z. Burkholder and Wilma R. Burkholder, trustees; $2,000,617

121 Franklin St; the estate of Betty Hamler, aka Betty F. Bosko Hamle,r to Nikolas M. Young and Brittany L. Young; $192,000

411 Lee Lane; Carly Rentals LLC to Erica M. Cates; $100,000

872 Hull Road; Richard Stewart to Ricky J. Caudill and Shannon Caudill; $220,000

1233 N. Trimble Road; John Hansford Massey III, Douglas Allen Massey and Gary Michael Massey to Michelle Renee Smith; $99,000

260 Michigan Ave; Leo W. Kiley and Cathy E. Kiley to Daniel J. Ellis; $110,000

57 Martha Ave; Sharon K. Hawk to Brenda Ferguson; $52,000

813 Unity Drive; Barbara A. Tucker to Quintin D. Neff and Makayka D. Brown; $150,000

1628 Park Ave. East; Hayley R. Roth and Mitchell G. Roth to Michael A. Bessemer; $389,000

1021 Springmill Street; Samantha A. Peden and Shane Miller to Troy Carver; $101,000

1552 Beal Road; John A. Gibson and Laura M. Gibson to John Allen Gibson; $30,000

739 Pennsylvania Ave; Christopher J. Studer and Lynn M. Studer to Ryan Benedict and Lydia Freeze; $182,000

1449 Chew Road, Mansfield; Keith Sansom to Raymond R. Reedy IV and Bailee M. Applegate; $175,000

339 Melody Lane; Michael K. Balser, successor trustee of the Balser Family Trust, to Gabriel W. Dolce; $65,500

524 Michigan Ave; Stanley Reed Rogers to Charles S. Canankamp; $100,000

875 Forest Drive; David Becherer to Richland Home Buyers; $40,000


3995 Dinninger Road; Fusion Home Solution LLC to Joshua L. Bailey and Alicia M. Dean; $300,000

4652 London West Road; Mary E. Niedermier and Allan J. Niedermier to Jacob R. Hoover and Susan R. Hoover; $575,000

7785 Fenner Road; E. Baker Family LLC to Jared L. Baker and Iris E. baker; $280,000

5326 Preston Road; Lestor E. Sexton, April M. Sexton and Rick A. Kigar to Nelson Z. Horst and Twila R. Horst; $185,000


7841 Bowman St; Jared C. Funk to Tomas R. Paez Jr; $100,000

8455 Willet Road; Susan Caudill to Kevin Caudill; $71,000

8455 Willet Road; Kevin Caudill to the Leon S. Zimmerman and Elizabeth B. Zimmerman Revocable Living Trust; $297,000


4879 State Route 61; Michael A. Cole and Edweena C. Hartman to Everett L. W. Harris Sr. and Amanda M. Harris; $269,900

4926 State Route 61 South; Owen M. Niese and Katlyn Niese to Haydn A. Keck and Kinsey L. Keck; $219,000


2641 Myers Road; Wayne R. Copeland to Carter J. Copeland and Mallory J. Moore; $110,000


464 State Route 96 East; Michael J. Welch and Misty A. Welch to Derek A. Bond and Molly S. Ardis; $215,000

464 State Route 96 East; Michael J. Welch and Misty A. Welch, et al. to Jacob L. Landis, Matthew S. Welch, Amanda J. Welch, Frank A. Ardis and Melissa Ardis; $80,000

4811 State Route 13 North; David Allen Bond fna David Allen Wirsch to Randy Sauder and Pamela Sauder; $170,000


400 Maple Lane; David L. Mackey and Rebecca A. Mackey to Matthew J. Snyder and Kimberly Snyder; $165,000

236 S. Home Road; Brittany Rhodes htta Brittany McClish and Kyle Rhodes to Allison Danielle Lindsay; $210,000

19 Park Circle Drive; Joy Miley to Jon T. Wood and Debra K. Wood; $130,000

1675 Huntington Drive; Kurt Stimens, trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust, to Katherine Remy and Kyle McZCombs; $174,900

2526 Alta West Road; E. Bliss Baker and Barbara J. Baker to Gary L. Frankhouse Jr. and Steven W. Frankhouse, trustees; $469,000

310 State Route 314 South; Brytani Uldrich to Sasha Gregovich; $219,000


1391 N. Horning Road; Eric M. Volk, executor of the estate of Dieter Volk, to Aldrich Lee Sphaler; $150,000

1160 Crestview Drive; Charles M. Kurtz and Marsha D. Bailey-Kurtz to Carla M. Reuer; $180,000


1550 Galaxy Court; Rick Kigar to Allied First Bank SB, dba Servbank; $182,199

2171 Cloverdale Drive; Donald O. Dailey and Joyce A. Dailey to Richard S. Wheeler and Margarita L. Wheeler; $281,000

Anderson Road; Eric Sizemore, administrator of the estate of Patricia A. Sizemore, to Richard A. Duffey and Theresa A. Duffey; $25,000

Anderson Road; Michael Brock to Richard A. Duffey and Theresa A. Duffey; $25,000

Hanley Road; Steven D. Guthrie to Yvette Dawn Saunders; $65,000

699 Sequoia Lane; Julia Campbell to Rebecca Olmstead; $180,000

253 Vanderbilt Road; Landmark Property Group of Mansfield to Tyler J. Gabor and Hadley E. Gabor; $245,000

45 King Road; Dawn Kelly and Jaimie Brown to Garrett L. Crowner; $179,000

428 Garver Road; Ann E. Wadman to Justin T. Washington and Kaitlin Washington; $138,000

2436 State Route 42; Clifford E. Phillips and Roxanne S. Phillips to J & W Investments; $125,000


1959 Woodmont Road; Robert A. Harris to Clifton Williams and Cynthia Williams; $144,000

Pugh Road; Terry A. Fraker, Elbert W. Northrup II and Marilyn K. Northrup to Michele Spognardi Gorman, trustee of The Michele Spognardi Gorman Trust; $32,000

Pugh Road; Terry A. Fraker to Michele Spognardi Gorman, trustee of the Michele Spognardi Gorman Trust; $18,000

1754 Frontier Trail; Randy Hall to Stanley Chance and April Rhea; $89,600

3490 Shad Drive East; Nathan E. Ernst and Cassey A. Ernst to Mason D. Cobler; $279,900

721 Laver Road; Jason Hoak to Katelyn Wokojance; $185,000

825 Woodcrest Drive; Trudy Hilborn, trustee of the Porter Keystone Inheritance Trust, to Randy R. Higginbotham and Brandy G. Stewart; $235,000

2122 Crider Road; Kayla Baker and Glenn Baker to Donald James Baldwin and Lori Ann Baldwin; $399,900

709 Wallace Road; JDR Land Holding Company to Jeffrey S. Willis and Andrew A. Strassell; $54,000

1962 Satinwood Drive; Joseph W. Schramm to Richard Lee Zickefoose, Christopher Zickefoose and Jenna Hendershott; $630,000


Willow Lane; Nicholas Wong and Shellie Wong to David Fletcher Jr. and Jodie Schumacher; $109,000

2871 Steam Corners Road; Jason Allen to Lynn J. Armbruster and Kristina D. Armbruster; $135,000

1707 Lexington-Ontario Road and one parcel on Bell Road; Ricardo Leon and Dianne Leon to Patrick S. Colosky and Tammie J. Colosky; $490,000

2699 Steam Corners Road; Cheelie LLC to Edward N. Stevens; $172,500

1594 Kings Corners Road East; Brian T. McKee, trustee or his successor(s) as trustees of the McKee Keystone Preservation Trust, to Zachariah W. Yard and Ayla D. Yard; $200,000

2909 Marion Ave. Road; The Karen Redfearn Trust to Melinda L. Schumacher; $637,500

3093 Barr Road; Tarah N. Bostic to Joshua Conrad and Jennifer Conrad; $174,915


Hastings East Road; Gregory S. Kurtz, trustee of The Kurtz Keystone Inheritance Trust, to Mason Galco; $48,500

1771 State Route 39; Nikolas Matthew Young and Brittany Lynn Young to Sonya Marie Paul; $167,250

2865 Lucas Perrysville Road; Mary P. Gassaway to Mid State Investments LLC; $160,000


2079 Darlington Road East; Roy P. Yoder and Rosie F. Yoder to Alvin Miller and Mattie Miller; $440,000

6745 State Route 546; Brian A. Leisure to Jason Walters and Jessica Walters; $265,000

6575 Werner Road; Richard A. McFerren and Carolyn A. McFerren to Matthew W. and Kristy R. McFerren; $109,997


132 Rinehart Road; Steven A. Chamberlain to Billy Jay Blanton and Julie Blanton; $36,900

639 Poorman Road; estate of Larry D. Lewis to Corey Pifer and Tiffanie Foote; $205,000

5111 Renie Road; Lucas A. Todd and Mandy M. Todd to Cameran Lutze and Hannah Erich; $475,000


6860 Olivesburg-Fitchville Road; Harold O. Zimmerman and Esther Z. Zimmerman to Elmer M. Zimmerman and Ellen Z. Zimmerman; $1,500,000

7254 State Route 13; Frances E. Cuppy Estate to Adin Zimmerman and Vera Zimmerman; $50,000


3243 State Route 97; Jessica M. Waits to Matthew A. Yoder; $155,000

7356 Armstrong Road; Jeffrey Jewell and Tiffany Jewell to Brian Johnson, Cheryl Johnson and Barbara Green; $221,250

6054 Wilson Road; Bryan D. Studer to Dakota D. Studer; $49,000

7073 Wheatcraft Road; Richard J. Schuiling and Kristina S. Schuiling to David Wolters and Theresa Wolters; $285,000

Possum Run Road; Arlene A. Carr to William F. Turner and Zoraida M. Turner; $16,000

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