A line of townhomes is seen with red brick in the center and tan siding surrounding the buildings.
Apple Lake LLC purchased Glenview Estates properties in Ontario for $8 million in the month of August. Credit: Richland County Auditor

MANSFIELD — August’s property transfers included the sale of Glenview Estates townhomes in Ontario. 

Apple Lake LLC, managed by Trident Group Partners in Missouri, bought two parcels for $8 million.

The townhomes community includes 10 buildings and 70 units. Glenview Estates Ltd. had owned the land since 2006, according to the Richland County Auditor’s Office. Apple Lake LLC now owns the land and buildings.

The buildings included in the sale were 99–263 Glenview Drive.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


597 Brae Burn Road; Vincent A. Malaska and Susan A. Malaska to Beverlee J. Bronson and Gary L. Bronson; $270,000

437 Shepard Road; Tamara Gray to Bulldog Capital LLC; $115,500

22 Lexington Ave; Stephen M. Shoup, Kingkarn Shoup and Kenneth Haring to Zhong and Yan LLC; $87,000

2130 Whippoorwill Lane; Joseph T. Dingess, trustee of The Dingess Preservation Trust, to Phillip A. Immesoete; $189,900

19 Hoffman Ave; LAJI Properties of Mansfield to Sharon Keiser; $47,900

133 Vennum Ave; Jeffrey Salser and Lauren Smith to Nicholas Chase; $5,000

393 Grandridge Ave; AKP Properties of Ohio to Dakota L. Johnson and Serenity P. Johnson; $145,000

1211 W. Cook Road; Lisa L. Kegley to Sabrina Simms and Michael Dean Simms; $255,000

211 Crestline Ave; Jessica Marie Ohl to Taylor D. Groscost; $10,000

1582 Bridgewater Way South; J. Todd Sipe and Becky A. Sipe to Billie Jo Mahek; $360,000

391 Fourth Ave; Matthew R. Belcher and Chelse R. Belcher to Bradley W. Hursey; $500

20 Dunbilt Court; Matthew A. Thayer and Kelly J. Thayer to Paul McLaughlin; $18,000

387 Second Ave; Carol L. Shrewsberry to Richland Home Buyers; $42,000

93 Glenwood Blvd; Joshua R. Werner to Katelyn E. Freels and Todd R. Miller; $142,000

247 Ohio St; Adam L. Galley to JNS Group LLC; $53,000

83 Mendota St; Denise Powell to Robin and Bryon Slayton; $15,000

306 Dale Ave; James Henry Windham Jr. to Cherryfield Properties LLC; $46,000

117 W. Temple Ct; Roxie Gordon to RCHB 4 LLC; $21,000

620 & 622 Russell Road; Angela Schaad and David Schaad to Jonah David Albert; $176,000

802 Yake Drive; Raymond W. Keller and Trudi H. Keller to Ryan D. Aker and Erin L. Wolford; $249,900

642 Newman St; Andy Troyer to Get It Done Hauling and Property Management; $4,500

325 Taylor Road; Victoria Vanburen to Kennedi McClain and Dakotah McClain; $136,000

1627 Cape Cod Drive; Hunsinger Builders LLC to Gary D. Crawford and Pamela J. Crawford; $286,690

231 E. Longview Ave; Kyle A. Lewis to Veronica R. Hall and Travis A. Hall; $48,598

487 King St; Richland Home Buyers to Ignacio Gaytan; $11,000

523 S. Main St; Charles H. Rice to VBF Property Management; $70,000

675 Hillgrove Ave; David George Cress to Henricias Crusoe and Cheryl L. Crusoe; $135,096

907 E. Linden Circle; Sell It Your Way to Cirilo Martinez and Maria De Los Angeles Hernandez; $230,000

102 S. Main St; Michael L. Woogerd to Summit Laserwash LLC; $130,000

461 Agale Ave; Haydn A. Keck and Kinsey Keck to Anthony Carmel and Jennifer Carmel; $145,000

332 Hanna Road; Terry Brown to Evan S. Benedict; $15,000

444 Dale Ave; JRM Properties of Mansfield to Steve Hobart; $110,000

192 Luther Place; John A. Voelp and Nancy A. Voelp to Joshua Tuttle; $20,000

87 Leppo Lane; Tyler Ruge to Ryan Gerace; $139,900

355 Altamont Ave; Charles Henry Davis and Paulina Del Rocio Tello to Justin M. Emery; $134,900

1141 Lexington Ave; Mark R. Stallsmith and Karen S. Stallsmith to Richland Home Buyers; $50,000

1087 W. Cook Road; George Bryan Mullins, executor of the estate of Rosanne Forrest, to Calvin T. Lavigne and Robin G. Lavigne; $155,000

1522 Cape Cod Drive; Betty Korol to Kristine L. Bechtel; $274,900

70 Greenwood Ave; WIP Properties to Matney Property Development; $41,000

309 E. 2nd St; Mansfield Homes to D & D Emulsions Inc; $60,000

956 Paxford Place; William M. Mumea and Abigail K. Mumea to Megan R. Spangler; $140,000

370 Wood St; Mary Anne DiAlesandro to Ronja Jenkins; $90,000

292 Stadium St; AJI Properties of Mansfield to Alexus B. Amick; $31,000

68 Grasmere Ave; Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB7 to Thomas Mathews and Roxanne Mathews; $48,100

156 Halcyon Drive; Jonah David Albert to Jennifer S. Bond Ramos; $229,000

580 Park Ave. East; Kent E. Morrison and Joseph G. Morrison to Hector Cruz Diaz; $45,000

406 Brenda Drive; Robert H. Milum Jr. and Sondra L. Milum to RXPlus Renovate LLC; $96,998

715 and 723 N. Trimble Road; Donald L. Walter to Vandan 1 LLC; $74,900

230 Whippoorwill Lane; William A. Rathburn to Sylvia M. Rathburn; $130,000

1218 and 1230 Caldwell Ave; Rickie Dwayne Miller to MTHR Limited; $45,000

365 Dale Ave; Jacob M.J. Walker to Cherryfield Properties; $90,000

28 Cameron Ave; Lisa L. Jordan to C & J Realty; $4,000

470 N. Mulberry St; Vowana Butler to RCHB 4 LLC; $32,500

73 and 75 N. Adams St; the estate of Mary Minor to Joseph Anthony Smith and Shane Smith; $5,000

216 Gerke Ave; Michael Walker to Jesse Rebel; $800

344 Ruth Ave; Emerald Estate LLC to Lori Klug; $130,000

398 Taylor Road; Mark A. Fanello and Deana K. Fanello to Evangelia N. Gesouras; $126,000

414 Spayer Lane; RCHB4 LLC to Merged Holdings LLC; $36,000

244-248 Hedges St and 217 S. Franklin St; Sigr Inc. to Active Properties LLC; $91,540

460 Woodward Ave; Woodward Way Investments to Key Property LLC; $580,000

248 Diamond St; Mansfield Apartments to Michael D. Regan; $18,000

1047 Briarwood Road; the estate of Jerry L. Shasky to Aaron M. Baker and Ashley C. Cooke; $199,000

339 Wayne St; Dina M. Ward nka Dina M. Taylor and Scott Taylor to Juan Perez and Rosario Perez; $94,000

5491 Township Road 14; First York Financial to First Ohio Properties; $27,000

Concord Avenue; Carmen Fraser, Susanna M. Ulery, Linda Swisher and Anita Mason to Timbers Landing LLC; $1,000

784 Dickson Parkway; Jeff Varner and Myra Varner to Russell Sparks and Michael Sparks; $285,500

600 Connor Drive; Kirk D. Bechtel to Lisa K. Tolley; $145,000

405 Sherwood Drive; Lea Saltz, executor of the estate of Jeannette E. Caldwell, to Kenneth Z. Spencer and Nicole A. Spencer; $190,000

369 Tremont St; Hairston Homes & Management LLC to Alexis Rhodes; $69,900

585 Illinois Ave. North; Tammy K. Thomas to SBKR LLC; $58,000

39 E. Raleigh Ave; Nella E. Gallagher to Ryan Davis; $140,000

848-856 McPherson St; Jason A. Goth to Scott McEndree and Leaha Kay McEndree; $150,500

503 and 523 Logan Road; estate of Rosanne Forest to Bethel Equity Holdings; $330,000

388 Wood St; Carlos A. Smale to Scott E. Zeides; $129,900

2211 Taurus Court; Craig E. Foust and Annett I. Foust to Kyle Rhodes and Brittany Foust; $334,000

482 Agate Ave; Gary K. Wilson to Anthony C. Lane; $123,000

250 Sheridan Ave; Busy B Restorations LLC to Michael Micucci; $7,500

736 Dickson Parkway; Daniel E. Young and David F. Kunkleman to James Reed and Elizabeth Boggs; $320,000

469 Stark St; the estate of Ida V. Boeman by Roberty D. Holderbaum to Lorrie Board; $47,500

339 Wayne St; Sean Ringer and Nikole Ringer to Edward Hurrell Jr; $125,000

700 Barnard Ave; Dolores M. Smith by Sharon Russell to Tamra L. Barnett; $168,000

1846 Cunning Drive; William D. Cunning to Scott E. Montgomery and Corisa L. Welch; $183,000

1975 Red Oak Drive; Garrett B. Stough and Danielle Y. Stough to Lindsey Pyers and Jonah Rush; $235,000

1616 Lexington Ave; Lakewood Farms Inc. to William F. Hurdle and Kathleen C. Hurdle; $270,000

221 E. Longview Ave; Travis Blust to Brian K. Bargo and Victoria A. Bargo; $90,000

321, 323, 327 and 335 Newman St; Joseph L. Jerger, administrator WWA for the estate of Deanna Carol Tillman, to Jason Webber and Thomas James Plaster; $15,000


51 Shelby Ave; Timothy A. Bertke to Vincent A. Flinders; $65,000

68 Broadway St; GV Holdings LLC to Carl E. Schroeder; $43,000

166 Broadway St; Malina Smith to Arden and Teresa Stannard; $7,000

71 Shelby Ave; the estate of Dana J. Rogers to Austin Gray; $119,000

16 Riverview Drive; Eloise Mae Harding to Robert C. Stover and Sue A. Stover; $155,000

13 Seltzer Ave; Tanner I. Zaebst and Ellen A. Zaebst to Justin D. Kilgore and Brooke Vanderpool; $150,000

13 Franklin Ave; Della D. Burks htta Della D. Heydinger to Chelsea Ison; $85,900

Cleveland St; Jody R. Lykins to Harold Stiefel and Lori Stiefel; $10,000

32 S Gamble St; John E. Moore to Carl E. Schroeder; $45,000

9 Ray Road; Benjamin Charles Hopkins and Amanda J. Hopkins to Cameron J. Robertson and Alexa M. Robertson; $185,000

53 Roberts Road; Kelsey L. Lykins and David B. Lykins to Charles Pedigo; $155,000

69 Samantha Drive; K & B Landholdings to James A. Hart; $36,500

84 Auburn Ave; estate of Charles Kovach to Robert Wolfgang and Cathy Wolfgang; $117,000

161 N. Gamble St; Horace Cook Estate to Linda Stephens; $75,000

52 E. Smiley Ave; estate of Benjamin F. Knapp to 52 Shelby LLC; $91,100

Mickey Road; Stoney Mullins to Joseph Burkhalter; $70,000

503 Fairoaks Blvd; Laurence E. Keifer and Carol B. Knapp to Richard Ries and Sharon Ries; $201,000

28 Sunset Drive; Rick A. Kigar to Allied First Bank; $100,000


668 Scott Drive; MAC Enterprises of Ohio to Marleen Anne Sooy; $199,900

2014 Willowood Drive South; Brenda K. Reichardt to Rui Shi; $94,000

726 Scott Drivel Sandra Lou Klopfenstein and Veronica Klopfenstein to Susan Copsey; $204,000

85 Hilltop Road; Keith E. Green and Bonnie J. Green to James A. Staiger and Kimberly O. Staiger; $200,000

2335 Forest Hill Circle; Walter Bodjanac and Jordanka Bodjanac to Timothy J. Tausch and Dorothy S. Tausch; $550,000

1932 Rosewood Drive; Matthew B. Deel to Amy Weaver; $269,900

680 Scott Drive; Jacqueline Quarry to Larry Kiefer and Carol Kiefer; $175,000

120 S. Lexington-Springmill Road; Julie Fellure to Rachel Irish and Jeff Irish; $179,900

58 Woodbine Drive; Lindsey E. Payne to Viktor Qose and Luljeta Qose; $192,000

3704 Alexander Drive; Luke A. Covert to Bruce Berdanier and Melinda Berdanier; $375,000

1047 Crestfield St; Linden Abigail Karas to Adria M. Jacobs; $220,000

1776 W. 4th St; 4th Street Property LLC to SKH Properties; $25,000

2264 W. 4th St; DKE Webb LLC to RIBX 1 LLC; $850,000

2270 Ferguson Road unit 112 building 4; Maple Ridge Villas to Stephen L. Gates and Terry L. Gates; $219,900

1131 Cobblefield Drive; the Delong Family Revocable Living Trust to Virgil J. Varner and Myra J. Varner; $220,000

2011 Willowood Court; Autumn D. Conley nka Autumn D. Conley-Clark and Adam Clark to Tanner Curley; $175,000

985 Fulwell Drive; Lana M. Garberich to Barbara J. Ackerman and Byron R. Ackerman; $235,000

2270 Ferguson Road unit 115 building 2; Maple Ridge Villas to Yush Chandat; $239,900

2270 Ferguson Road unit 129 building 7; Maple Ridge Villas to Marsha Wakeley and Robert Wakeley; $217,900

1741 Scarlett’s Way; Red Maple Farms Community Homes to Shope Investments; $40,000


316 Hampton Road; Larry E. Lieb to Douglas A. Dickerson; $195,000

113 Mayfair Road; Douglas A. Dickerson to William A. Estep and Karen Estep; $264,900

241 Cedarwood Drive; Heather M. Spencer htta Heather M. McPeek to Scott G. Coulombe; $224,900

593 Weller Ave; Drew K. Squires to Donna E. Reynolds; $260,000

Fox Road; Jonas L. Clawson to Tyler R. Getz and Katie M. Getz; $50,000

279 Hampton Road; Mary J. Ford, trustee of the Ford Family Living Trust to Steve Lawhorn and Devon Lawhorn; $206,000

41 Kimberwick Road; Ruben Quintero and Maria L. Quintero to Gary N. Bias and Amanda Bias; $300,000

231 Oxford Road; Kylie Pritchard to Derrick Beers; $205,000

12 Mayfair Road; Zachary J. Hufford and Hannah L. Hufford, fka Hannah L. Shepherd, to Jessica F. Bailey; $264,000


74 E. Durbin Ave; Michael J. Davies to Chase Bailey; $200,000

Betty Drive; Urban Meadows LLC to Shrock Premier Custom Construction LLC; $220,000

293 Main St; Joseph W. Worner, Ralph V. Worner, Carol J. Bechtel and Patricia L. Fry to Bradley C. Smith and Karen Smith; $60,000

58 Hamilton Drive; Logan M. Doup and Allison R. Doup to Brandon Baumgardner and Ashley Clinedinst; $350,000

230 Main St; SACA Investments to A.R.S.A. LLC; $130,000

75 Fitting St; Mary Beth Wade to Diaan Campbell and Julia Campbell; $215,000

197 Main St; Sanjeev Chadha to Maya S. Staton; $180,000

Betty Drive; Urban Meadows LLC to Shrock Premier Custom Construction; $55,000


79 W. Broadway St; Blake Hale and Kalia Hale to Dakota Foster; $20,500

42 Plymouth St; Richard Cook to Leah Goodpasture; $5,000

99 Mulberry St; Christopher M. Dannemiller to Richard A. Dannemiller II and Paula F. Dannemiller; $78,000


27 High St; Jessica Martin, Angela Tittle and Michelle Wilson to Arthur Dean and Patricia E. Dean; $97,000


One parcel on Traxler Street; Keith D. Brokaw and Melissa K. Brokaw to Jonathan T. Brokaw and Michelle Garnsey; $45,000


15 Park Circle Drive; Wendy S. Thrall to Michael C. Flick; $102,500


593 Kentucky Ave; Steve Beatty Sr. and Joan Beatty to Jermey Reitler and Cassandra Reitler; $95,000

412 Lee Lane; Angel Fliger to Robert Hipfl; $125,201

661 Brace Ave; Simpson Homes LLC to Cheyann Teeters and April Madayag; $79,000

737 Hickory Lane; Gayland J. Reed to Eric Myers; $105,000

1264 Grace St; Diane R. Smith to Harold Kenneth Lahmon; $165,000

804 Mayflower Ave; Kenneth J. Purdy to William Wayne Huff and Lois Huff; $160,500

740 Park Ave. East; J. Steve Sheldon, sheriff of Richland County, to Holly Curry; $700

709 Park Ave. East; Creative Property Options LLC to Edward Polkinghorn; $30,000

1484 Beal Road; Edwin D. Crowl to Tyler M. Maldinger and Brianna L. Maldinger; $235,000

611 Bonair Ave; Collonade LLC to Brandon Atwell; $122,500

N. Stewart Road; John M. Ebeling II to Cory A. Guderjahn and Melissa A. Guderjahn; $30,000

Fairfax Ave; Dennis S. Skovranek to Eugene O. Miller and Penny S. Miller; $9,000

399 Pennsylvania Ave; Richland County Home Buyers to Brian Mabry; $39,900

466 Detroit Ave; the estate of John Benedict Hunter to Lynsey Nichols; $127,000

432 Melody Lane; Mitchel Beer to Jack W. Hooks; $195,000

502 Agate Ave; Joshua Fincher and Jesse Roush to Joshua Fincher; $0

1097-1099 Delwood Road; Jenny G. Lee nka Jenny Funk to Matthew J. Bulfinch and Cynthia E. Bulfinch; $210,000

1182 Manner Drive; The Davis Keystone Inheritance Trust to James O. Rogers; $196,900

1349 Park Ave. East; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Aaron M. Amstutz; $93,000

1076 Lenox Ave; Charles W. Gollihue, Jr. and Kelli S. Gollihue to Justine Gollihue and Ashley Gollihue; $125,000

935 and 937 Ashland Road; Lincoln Inn Properties to Robert A. Coulson Management; $225,000

1011 Duke Ave; Jacqueline S. Elgart to Gavin Elgart; $61,000

1434 Bellview Drive; Judith Simon to Jose Alfredo Maradiaga Zambrano; $157,500

1136 N. Trimble Road; Sean E. Mosier and Melissa S. Mosier to Johnny D. Knipp; $12,000

1214 Bechtel Ave; Richland Home Buyers to Bradley Fisher; $17,000

1520 Twin Lakes Drive; Charles M. Schoonover to Beau B. Twining; $186,000

977 Burger Ave; LAJI Properties of Mansfield to Dana E. Will and Dillon R. Will; $75,000

1511 Timber Road; Estate of Lois J. Ewing to Bel Kay Holdings LLC; $90,000

816 N. Trimble Road; Estate of Violet Jean Brown to Russell Cole Coffman; $60,000

1137 Keller Drive; Timothy A. Shade to EZ Made LLC; $107,183

1143 River Drive; John Hilson and Brenda K. Brooks to Jeffrey Campbell and Jessica Campbell; $138,000

475 Kentucky Ave; Matthew A. Kisor and Anna R. Kisor to Timothy Michael Peterson and Jacinda Dawn Peterson; $115,000

359 N. Illinois Ave; Jennifer M. Taylor to Apple Hill Properties; $105,000

1209-1229 Ashland Road; Stone Meadow Enterprises to Pony Properties Mansfield; $2,325,000

85 Martha Ave; Kevin E. Howell and Lou Anne Howell to Joseph E. Brewster; $90,000

1538 Timber Road; Chad A. Williams and Lori Williams to Devin M. Guardiola; $85,000

1186 Mayfair Drive; Michael A. Hamm and Amanda D. Hamm to Casey Slack and Jessica Slack; $250,000

967 Expressivew Drive; Dixie L. Wilcox to Derick E. Johnson; $153,500

674 N. McElroy Road; George H. Gutchall to Kirk D. Bechtel; $155,000

1462 Troy Drive; Zachary T. Donley and Caitlin Joy Jordan to Yvonne Dixon and William Dixon; $270,000

513 Mansfield-Lucas Road; Richland Home Buyers to Brayden Petty and Bridigt Waterman; $120,650


Opdyke Road; David L. Bishop and Tonya S. Bishop to John Garman; $135,000

6192 State Route 61 North; John Garman and Anna Mary Garman to Stephen A. MacDonald and Cynthia J. MacDonald; $255,000


254 Garver Road; James M. Zirkle and Erika L. Zirkle to Zane T. Sturts and Alexandra F. Sturts; $260,000

3888 Anderson Road; LLuke Freeman and Melissa Freeman to Scott M. Harmon and Julia Harmon; $350,000

1747 S. Main St; Matthew D. Lenhart and Miriam S. Lenhart to William Randall Harvey and Sherrie Lynn Harvey; $214,500

2381 Mansfield-Washington Road; Kathy M. Satterfield to Sadie Cunningham and Morgan Bailey; $235,000

631 Orchard Drive; Eric Shultz and Reid Peterson to Ruth Pilo; $227,900

Trease Road; Cameron M. Snow and Aubrey R. Snow to James Moyer and Ashley Moyer; $30,000

2270 Grandview Terrace; Robert D. Kudrak and Denise Kudrak to Sharon A. Fair; $249,900

2210 Pulver Road; Tonya Constance to James E. Fonner; $210,000

1201 State Route 97; Cathleen R. Thompson nka Cathleen R. Jamison to Morgan C. Hall and Timothy A. Jr. Hall; $289,900

1805 Yorktown Drive; Roger Howell and Nancy K. Howell to Bradley Pettit and Ashley Pettit; $190,000

2180 Haywood Drive; Kerry N. Hall and Carol A. Hall to David B. Lykins and Kelsey L. Lykins; $189,900

2244 Mansfield-Lucas Road; Jayson Browning and Misty Browning to Richland Home Buyers; $120,000

2244 Mansfield-Lucas Road; Richland Home Buyers to Christopher J. Studer and Lynn M. Studer; $210,000

3030 S. Washington Road; Star Rentals LLC to Katelyn A. Ethel; $200,000

653 Fuhrer Ave; the estate of Monty C. McCurdy to Jesse A. Carithers; $165,000

1125 Lexwood Road; Scott W. Stephenson and Courtney M. Stephenson to Jared M. Friebel and Nguyet Hang Thi Friebel; $275,000

1260 Pleasant Valley Road; Steven R. Finley and Kelly A.Ingles to Joshua W. Lehman and Bethany M. Lehman; $452,500

1554 S. Bridgewater Way; Ricardo Carmona and Rita de Cassia Paim Bauer to Ernesto R. Cespedes and Laura Y. Cespedes; $255,000

2239 Woodville Road; Ricky Lee Ackerman and Lori Ann Ackerman to Paige E. Kelly and Mitchell D. Kelly; $338,000

670 Fuhrer Ave; Chad D. Anable to Aaron A. Miller and Irene R. Miller; $188,000


3152 Lost Run Road; David E. Grau and Ruby Grau to Erin Wylie and Daniel Wylie; $427,000

3021 Lost Run Road; James L. Robinson and Judith M. Robinson to Lost Run Farm LRF LLC; $717,600

6336 Bollinger Road; Zachariah W. Yard and Ayla D. Yard to Solomon C. Echelberger and Sophia R. Echelberger; $130,000


3754 Mount Zion Road; Geraldine L. Hoff to Chris Zimmerman; $259,900

1976 Lucas N. Road; Jacob Hergatt to Sean Ringer and Nikole Ringer; $285,000


Township Highway 212/ George Hawk Road; WSK Land Company LLC to Ronald Roberts and Suzanne Roberts; $10,000

2743 E. Smiley Road; Garnis R. Hall and Sally R. Hall to John Harvey and Melissa Harvey; $219,000

3120 Plymouth Springmill Road; John A. Guisinger III and John A. Guisinger IV to Andrew C. Donelson and Kayla S. Donelson; $349,000

2822 State Route 39; Russell L. Cole to Nest Flippers LLC; $53,333

3721 Plymouth-Springmill Road; Tanner D. Hanuscin to Jeremy Jay Arnold and Jacquelynn K. Arnold; $172,500

2104 E. State Route 96; Ilya Gorodetskov to Samuel R. Burkholder and Joann Z. Burkholder; $86,000


2136 Kings Corner Road East; the estate of Mark D. Willeke to Charles R. Ramey and Barbara J. Ramey; $335,000

4016 State Route 546; James D. Dehart and Amanda L. Dehart to Mya Gonsalves and Jacob Newman; $220,000

3520 E. Whitetail Drive; Jason MacDonald and Michelle MacDonald to Nicholas J. Gildenmeister and Lorelie Gildenmeister; $477,500

3368 Lindsey Road; Joseph A. Debo to Dream Huge Realty; $160,000

1474 Graham Road; Paul R. Theaker & Jean A. Theaker to Colton Williams-McCleese and Brittany Williams McCleese; $210,000


3113 Millsboro Road East; Mark R. Delaney and Elizabeth A. Delaney to Brayson W. Ramirez; $320,000

4653 State Route 181; Mary Ann Marshalek to Donald Stalin and Joyce Starlin; $215,000

1970 N. Rock Road; Ronald K. Stamper, Carla Stamper, Keith A. Stamper and Kelly Stamper to Mark K. Mowery; $179,900

2024 Tulipwood Drive; Mark A. Studer and Tonia N. Studer to Autumn D. Conley-Clark and Adam L. Clark; $359,000

954 Lexington-Ontario Road; Cheryl D. Lightner and Heidi Pehrson to Jonathan D. Smith and Kaylee A. Biglin; $165,000

8 Park Circle; David Waleri and Pamela Waleri to Michael DeWait and Gale DeWait; $10,000

2263 Alta West Road; the Harlan A. Burns trust to Walker L. Wilging; $285,000


5070 State Route 39; Steven W. Miller and Stacy L. Miller to David Reed and Phyllis Reed; $360,000


3500 Shad Drive East; Zimmerman Land Co. to Matthew Lenhart and Miriam Lenhart; $242,000

2182 N. Ashland Road; Ahab A. Cates II to ELG Properties; $84,900

587 Biscayne Circle; Charles R. McKenzie II and Susan E. McKenzie to Corey J. Marett and Kaitlyn M. King; $205,000

2913 Park Ave. East; Donald E. Debo Jr. and JuanitaL. Debo to Brinnley Properties; $55,000

2334 Galaxie Drive; Arthur R. Werner, Maria C. Klinck and Adeleida M. Werner to John W. Henderson; $165,000

2126 Pavonia Road; Janet R. Bauer to Chad Anable and Crystal D. Dickerson; $300,000

2169 Windsor Road; Mary Jo Culbertson nka Mary Jo McGuire to Hannah Hildebrand and Aaron Charles; $150,000

763 Winterberry Place; Deana Spurling to Dale Sponseller; $90,000


7429 Divelbliss Road; Lynn E. Ousley to Christopher G. Sanson and Irina M. Sanson; $460,000

3784 Pleasant Hill Road; Michael P. Barr and Loretta J. Barr to Jeffrey A. Morris; $62,000

State Route 97; Brent R. Taylor to Joseph E. Hostetler; $708,279

5808 McCurdy Road; Jamison M. Cooper and Shannon R. Cooper to Branden J. Weaver and Jadyne C. Weaver; $170,000


368 Mishey Road; Romatt Myers, Jarrad Bond and Billie Daly to Caleb Peters and Brittney Peters; $174,900

5403 Renie Road; Richard L. Beal to Bryan Beal and Carol Beal; $240,000

697 State Route 97; Ruth E. Pilo to Cade Investments LLC; $455,000

State Route 13; estate of Robert D. McConkie Sr. to Adam J. Roach and Jamie D. Roach; $15,000

1405 Honey Creek Road; Nancy E. Witkowski to Robert A. Ballou and Mickenzie J. Ballou; $400,000

0 Mishey Road; Tamara Smith and Timothy Smith to Stone Ledge Investments; $100,000

4557 N. Bellville Road; Trudi R. Hull to Courtney L. Mackley and Cameron Mackley; $139,000

5941 Ankneytown Road; John S. Dilts, guardian of Cheryl A. Kemp, to Clay Leedy; $289,500

1260 Bangorville Road; Linda C. Songer and Thomas F. Lawson to Sharlene Wiliams; $172,000


1048 County Line Road; Sandra L. Long to Arnett Properties LLC; $30,000

1083 Russellwood Drive; Alan J. Whittaker, trustee of the Whittaker Family Revocable Trust, to David A. Whittaker; $140,000

5231 Bloominggrove Road; Danny C. Brady Jr. and Pamela K. Brady to Hunter K. Parsley; $70,000

1032 Crestview Drive; Robert A. Wakeley and Marsha K. Wakeley to Adam Bible and Sabrina Bible; $214,000

Park Avenue West; Alisha Jasinski and Raymond Jasinski to Alan P. Dinger and Jan R. Dinger; $4,000

4786 Park Ave. West; Alisha Jasinski and Raymond Jasinski to Brie Eyerly and Emily Eyerly; $310,000


30 State Route 603 West; Dale A. Strong and Vicky L. Strong to Aaron Goon and Chanda Hynek-Goon; $44,000

7060 Rome Greenwich Road; Nathan D. Bailey and Barbara Bailey to Ivan Zimmerman and Susan Zimmerman; $225,000


4592 Richland Run Road; S. Davis Roush and Brenda Roush to Lauren G. Browning and Michael G. Browning; $495,000

1146 Myers Road; Victor P. Moser and Virginia K. Moser to Michael A. Lybarger and Michelle L. Lybarger; $259,900


1995 W. Pavonia Road; Ronald E. Batdorf and Thelma M. Batdorf to William E. Bradley Jr. and Michelle L. Bradley; $105,000

3740 Olivesburg Road; Trevor Sexton and Ashley McKenzie to Adam F. Good and Rebecca A. Good; $350,000

1383 State Route 36 East; Anatolij Obrynba and Carlena Obrynba to Richard R. Volkmer and Mary Jane Volkmer; $220,000

4145 Faulk Road; David Kime to Kyle T. Souder and Cori E. Souder; $357,000

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