The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra has been mesmerizing audiences for over nine decades with its captivating melodies that have left an indelible mark on the region’s cultural landscape. The orchestra is deeply committed to serving the community by creating a space where people can come together and create new experiences.

President and CEO of the Renaissance Theatre, Chelsie Thompson sheds light on the orchestra’s profound connection with the community, the transformative power of symphonic performances and its unwavering commitment to accessibility.

“The music tells a story, and seeing the musicians onstage is the culmination of a lifetime of their work as professional artists,” Thompson said. “The whole performance feels like experiencing something much bigger than just ourselves.”

The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra and the Renaissance Theatre share a long history in the region and eventually converged paths in 1997, leading to a new era of artistic collaboration.

Members of the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra enjoy playing many different genres of music.

Music Director and Conductor of the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra Octavio Más-Arocas, who has been with the symphony for seven years, emphasizes that it is a place for unity.

“The orchestra is a way for the community to come together and experience something beautiful,” he said.

Más-Arocas knew from a young age he always wanted to be surrounded by music. When he was in high school, he conducted for the first time and knew right away it was what he was meant to do.

“It was one of those moments where you never really realize they are going to change your life until you look back at it,” he said.

While the orchestra’s performances in concert halls are captivating, it is the impact it has beyond these spaces that sets it apart.

“The orchestra dispatches smaller ensembles to community gatherings, from OhioHealth to the Mansfield Art Center, bringing the symphonic experience to diverse settings. Additionally, the orchestra’s musicians perform popular tunes on classical instruments at local venues, forging a seamless synergy between genres,” Thompson said.

View the symphony’s website to see the featured repertoire for the free concert on Sept. 16.

Diversity is at the heart of the orchestra’s mission, both in audience and artistry. The orchestra’s unwavering commitment to accessibility and inclusion speaks to their commitment to engaging with a broad cross-section of the community. In keeping with this endeavor, the orchestra is planning a free concert slated for Sept. 16 as part of the OhioHealth Symphony Series, made possible by the Gorman Donor-Advised fund at the Richland County Foundation.

Beyond community events, the transformative power of symphonic performances is the driving force behind the orchestra’s mission. There is an intimate connection that is created between musicians, conductors and audiences that weaves a narrative unique to each performance.

The goal of the orchestra is to keep people connected with music they already love while also introducing them to new kinds of music. A new adventure awaits those in the Mansfield area who are ready to experience something unique and moving.

“This is an orchestra for the community. We want to serve the people and touch their hearts with great music,” Más-Arocas said.

For more information about the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra or to look at the concert schedule, visit their website or call 419-522-2726.

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