People mosh during a hardcore music show

The Renaissance Theatre has been known for high end off-broadway productions and musicals. But with the addition of the “black box” venue, Theatre 166, mid-Ohio’s source for “live and engaging arts” will be hitting underserved genres of music as well. 

Saturday July 15, Theatre 166 hosted a hardcore music show, referring to a type of rock n roll, that as the name implied, was a fast and heavy variation of punk.   

“Part of our mission at the Renaissance is to provide engaging experiences for everyone in order to create belonging and celebrate our shared humanity.  As a member of the Renaissance Staff and the local music scene, putting on this show presented an opportunity to do just that,” Renaissance Marketing Manager Jillian Henry said.

“I hope that the future of the Ren continues to include events like this that are able to reach outside our typical audiences and celebrate all kinds of art and artists.”

The lineup on Saturday was a midwest/rust belt/AFC North of sorts collab, featuring: 

The Touch (Punk from Mansfield, OH)

Crime Light (Hardcore Punk from Columbus, OH)

Razorblade (Thrash/Crossover from Pittsburgh, PA)

Frenzy (Hardcore from Cleveland, OH)

Waydown (Hardcore from Cincinnati, OH)

Divebomb (Hardcore from Mansfield, OH)

Just down the road, 75,000 people were streaming in and out of Inkcarceration Tattoo & Musical Festival, but the heart of hardcore and rock was being played at Theatre 166.

The night’s amazing sound was orchestrated by the Ren’s Technical Director Aaron Nicolas

Henry Screen Printing worked with The Ren to make the show a reality. 

“We decided to start putting on shows in an effort to create spaces for young people to come experience top-tier music of all genres from all over and be inspired to start bands of their own. We always aim to include artists from Mansfield on our bills to create opportunities for our bands to make connections and play in other cities, too,” Jake Henry of Henry Screen Printing said. 

For those seeking a similar experience, the next local music show produced by Henry is at 19 N. Park St., Thursday July 27, doors at 7 p.m., $10 to get in.

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