MANSFIELD — Mansfield has a mind-blowing live music scene. We’ve been saying it for months.

Richland Source believes in it so much, we’ve made our very own mixtape of the best of local artists. You can purchase it starting today for $7. And you should.

In May, Richland Source made a commitment to promoting live entertainment that we called RichlandLIVE. As part of that initiative, we hosted seven concerts in its editorial department. Each show featured local, original artists playing their instruments tightly packed amidst the reporters’ desks. Cables were strung everywhere, amps were piled on desks, and the place was packed. It was awesome.

We also recorded every set and featured one song from each show in a video which went viral on our social media platforms. Like this one:

The live aspect of these shows, which we dubbed Newsroom After Hours, was nothing short of … impressive. It was like having a house party every third Thursday.

Anyway, as the series wound down we thought it needed something to put a cap on it. An artifact. Something physical.

So we made an album called “Newsroom After Hours.” The limited edition album is a homegrown, raw — and accurate — glimpse into Mansfield’s music scene. It’s available in local stores for purchase starting Saturday, Nov. 26. It’ll also be available online at the Made in the 419 online shop and on Bandcamp.

But before you stop reading because you read “for purchase,” let us tell you exactly what it is that you’re buying.

Each album, a compilation that includes 18 songs from eight local artists, comes with a download code for each artist’s entire live After Hours show. The collection is also available as a digital download. Regardless, you’re spending $7 for 37 songs. That’s $0.19 per song. That’s a deal.

In case you’re wondering, each artist has been given a batch of the finished albums to sell on their own. They also retain ownership of each song recorded in these After Hours shows, which means they can release their own live EPs if they want.

Richland Source Presents ...

Finally – the most important aspect to this purchase. By reaching into your wallet and exchanging your money for this album, you’re supporting the local arts renaissance that continues to flourish.

Everything Richland Source makes from the sale of these albums goes right back into our RichlandLIVE initiative.

This area is bursting at the seams with artistic talent and grit. Join the movement by purchasing a copy today.

“Newsroom After Hours” is available for purchase at Pursesnickety, Poppy Boutique, Main Street Books, Made in the 419, the Richland Source office, and Relax it’s Just Coffee. The Newsroom After Hours series was sponsored in part by Doc’s Deli, Relax it’s Just Coffee, and Martini’s on Main.

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