Changing baby diaper

A full diaper is hard to ignore. That's why Richland Public Health is partnering with Pampers to install free diaper changing stations in men's restrooms across Richland County.  

MANSFIELD -- Stinky diapers can’t wait. That’s why Richland Public Health is partnering with Pampers to bring baby changing stations to men's restrooms throughout Richland County.

Businesses, nonprofits, government entities and other organizations can have a diaper changing station installed in their men’s restroom for free by contacting the health department. 

Pampers will cover the cost of the changing station. Richland Public Health will provide complimentary hand sanitizer and disposable changing pads.

The partnership with Richland Public Health is part of Pampers’ “Love the Change” campaign. Pampers has committed to provide 5,000 changing tables for men’s restrooms across North America by 2021.

The campaign began after Donte Palmer, a father in Florida, tweeted a photo of himself squatting in a stall and changing his son’s diaper on his legs.

This tweet went viral and Palmer founded #SquatForChange – an organization committed to arming dads with the proper changing tables to be hands in with their children. 

“There's been a lot of single fathers, parents who are sharing custody, custodial grandparents who are raising these kids and they go into the restroom to change the diaper and there's no sanitary changing station,” said Julie Chaya, RPH director of health education.

“A lot of times these men are resorting to changing their child on the floor, backseat of their car, or even a booth in a restaurant,

Chaya said Richland Public Health has access to an “unlimited amount” of changing stations through the initiative. To request a changing table, click here to fill out a request form.


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