COLUMBUS – In a first-of-its-kind effort to reach inactive and abandoned voter registrations, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has implemented a new initiative -- the Registration Reset List.

Both state and federal law require Ohio to maintain accurate voter records.

The Registration Reset list consists of registrations identified by county boards of elections as registrations that have been inactive for six years, or at least 12 elections.

While each registration will receive a communication from their county board of elections regarding the process for maintaining their registrations’ active status, this new initiative partners with community organizations across Ohio to find and assist individuals that wish to continue their active registration status.

More than 20 partners, including the League of Women Voters, NAACP, multiple church organizations, and the Ohio Republican Party have partnered with LaRose in this effort.

“I want every eligible Ohioan who wants to vote to have that opportunity. That’s my mission. The Registration Reset initiative is an unprecedented effort to partner with community organizations and give individuals who have been inactive voters for at least 12 elections an opportunity to re-engage,” said LaRose.

The Secretary of State’s office has also posted the list online so individuals can search to see if their registration has been inactive:

Individuals can continue their active status in several ways:

-- Respond to the postcard mailed by their county board of elections.

-- Update their registration information on

-- Mail in a voter registration form that can be found at their local board of elections, public library, BMV or elsewhere.

Mailings from the county boards of elections went out to these registrations on or before July 29.

In order to prevent registration cancellation, action must be taken by the individual by Sept. 6. However, if the registration is cancelled, an individual may still re-register to vote up to 30 days prior to an upcoming election to vote in that election.

The voter registration deadline for the Nov. 5 election is Oct. 7.

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