MANSFIELD – The October property transfers included 81 Knight Parkway. The property was sold by Valicor Environmental Services, LLC for $2,010,000 to STORE Master Funding XXXII, LLC.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


833 Manchester Road; Sally A. Lewis and Cynthia D. Samaritoni to Jody Lynn Cooper; $53,334

591 Barnard Ave.; Cress Properties Management, LLC to Golibez, LLC; $175,000

112 South Linden Road; Daniel J. Smith to Jill A. Neighbors and Donald R. Neighbors; $139,000

1156 Laurelwood Road; Jenelle A. Foss to Asher 1, LLC; $200,000

841 Forest Drive; Jessica L. Ebeling to Travis Groscost; $103,500

1001 Yorkwood Road; Karen Oswalt, William Robertson, and Joanne Wilkins to Eric C. Oswalt and Karen S. Oswalt; $100,000

440 Sturges Ave.; Steven Jewett and Brittany Jewett to Jonathan Streich and Lindsey Streich; $149,900

761 Carol Lane; The Estate of Lee Bertha Brown to Travis Groscost; $105,000

138 Sherbrook Road; The Estate of Shirley J. Hallenbeck to Mark A. Strong; $0

115 Gibson Ave.; Rick A. Kigar, a Private Selling Officer to James E. Fonner; $75,000

530 Sequoia Lane; Corrine M. Appel to Melaney Ann New; $222,000

1862 Evline Drive.; Jenna Wendling nka Jenna Slauterbeck to Michael J. Fleming and Krista E. Fleming; $325,000

921 Evans Ave.; Angela J. Mathys to Harry James Standridge, Jr. and Bonnie Bogart Standridge; $149,900

415 Newman St.; Beverly A. Cline to Robert Austin Neely and Angela M. Neely; $79,900

60 Ridgewood Blvd.; Ryan Sowards to Daniel C. Eaton, II and Amy Eaton; $112,500

912 King St.; Valerie J. Harris to Lashey Howard; $140,000

61 Stewart Ave.; LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Healing Hearts Properties, LLC; $99,900

655 Woodhill Road; Cecilia R. Lewis, Trustee to Glenn Maglott, Jr.; $0

197 Penn Ave; Timothy D. Berry and Susanna R. Berry to Frank Fabian and Kimberly Fabian; $30,000

183 East First St.; Busy B Restorations, LLC to Kosht Realty Holding, LLC; $6,000

370 Grandridge Ave.; Carol Carpenter to Bel Kay Holdings, LLC; $109,250

597 West Cook Road; Anthony Kirk to Matthew Kauffman; $146,000

24 Stewart Avenue S.; Glenn Bond and Patricia A. Bond to Andrew Paul Harris and Anna Marcene Harris; $134,500

588 W. 4th St; OP RDMM Residential, LLC to Jada Brown and Jovan Brown; $98,000

160 Chilton Ave.; Haines and Hannewald Rentals to Travis Groscost; $114,900

1043 Lexington Ave.; Hudson Properties & Rentals, Ltd. to Zachery D. Moffett and Dayna E. Menard; $177,000

1834 Pin Oak Trail; Robert E. Boyd and Christie L. Boyd to Adam D. Bittinger and Mallory L. Bittinger; $610,000

524 Fifth Ave.; Esther Grace Schmidt to Robert Neil Paxton and Luckie NadeanaLeona Paxton; $70,500

134 Lind Ave.; Merrill E. Wittmer to Kevin J. Rannigan and April L. Rannigan; $17,000

1172 Dillon Road; Lynda Knipp to Carolyn Carver; $169,900

1405 Auer Blvd.; Mary Lou Federici to Lauren Starkey; $185,000

362-364 West 6th St.; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Merged Holdings, LLC; $45,000

395 Park Avenue West; Mark S. Abood, Receiver to 297 Properties, LLC; $137,500

678 Andover Road; Estate of George B. O’Neill, Deceased to Rob Clements and Laurie Elwood; $218,900

209 Bennett St.; Pfeiffer Properties, LLC to Lester Vnasdale and Ruth Vnasdale; $0

500 Connor Drive; Richard K. Forsythe to Douglas A. Newsome; $15,000

344 Spayer Lane; Marty Smith to BLB Residential Properties, LLC; $17,400

1940 Whippoorwill Lane; Krista A. Moore to Whitey A. Gutal; $240,000

616 Cline Ave.; William R. Freytag to Charlene J. Barnhart; $118,900

790 Sautter Drive; Jessie Avalene Barrick to Jacob Hergatt; $273,745

137 West Dickson Ave.; Renaissance Performing Arts Association, Inc. to Carrousel Properties, LLC; $1.00

269 W. Sixth St.; Beth A. Shambaugh to Michael D. Andrews; $28,454

758 W. 4th St.; Christopher M. Ballard to Ignacio Gaytan Solis; $11,000

785 Andover Road; Jim Cheney and Deborah A. Cheney to Donald P. Wilson and Renee E. Wilson; $334,900

442 Chevy Chase Road; Thomas J. Boyd and Anne K. Boyd, Trustee of the Boyd Family Trust to Michael R. Bekeleski and Erin B. Bekeleski; $110,000

76 Bartley Ave.; Michael A. Baker to Jackson T. Mullins and Samuel J. Mullins; $100,000

744 Millsboro Road; Faith Barnett HTTA Faith Nigh to Mitchell Owen; $127,400

94 Redwood Road; Timothy D. Cook, Trustee to Yvonne Marie Smith, Trustee; $267,000

238 Cline Ave.; Valerie S. Aubel to Amanda Crowley; $105,500

1585 Cape Cod Drive; Roger L. Betz, Trustee to Margaret A. Robnolte; $300,000

479 Boals Ave.; Jacob A. Mitchell to Ella I. Graber and Henry J. Graber; $124,900

47 Western Ave.; June M. Danison aka June Marlene Danison to Janet Miller and Larry Miller; $0

1825, 1827 Partridge Court; Jeffrey T. McKinley and Tami G. McKinley to Baljit Singh; $198,000

156-158 Buckingham Ave.; Five West Properties, LTD to Lara Group, LLC; $5,000

1563 Brookpark Drive; Deborah S. Iams, Trustee of the Deborah S. Iams Trust to Kayla S. Gronsky and James A. Gronsky; $389,000

1360 South Trimble Road; REA3 Asset, LLC to Losa, LLC; $650,000

188 Atcheson Ave.; Canty E. Gaddy and Lisa G. Gaddy to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $6,800

280 Vennum Ave.; Estate of Linda P. Dillon aka Linda Dillon to Patrick J. Bonace; $52,000

404 Grace St.; Christopher Kunesh to Carl Boor; $0

316 Altamont Ave.; Rick Kigar, a private selling officer to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $27,000

715 Highland Ave.; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Shelli Marie Jackson and Garrett Jackson; $115,000

650 Edgewood Road; Nathaniel Masters to Julie Duvall; $250,000

739 Wildwood Drive; Estate of Lula Mae Williams aka Lulu Williams to Krull Properties, LLC; $112,000

487 King St.; Ignacio Gaytan to Get It Done Hauling & Property Management, LLC; $2,000

506 Topaz Ave.; Dianne L. Finley to Kaleb K. Gibson and Moriah Montgomery; $154,000

506 Topaz Ave.; Dianne L. Finley to Kaleb K. Gibson and Moriah Montgomery; $154,000

233 Marion Ave.; Muskbuck Properties Inc. htta Musk Buck Properties, Inc. to JAD, LLC; $200,000

638 West 4th St.; Myrtle Carter to Dragos, LLC; $45,000

237 Buckeye Ave.; Partin Rentals, LLC to Tiffany L. Baker; $149,900

512 Townsview Circle W.; John R. White and Jonelle Johnson nka Jonelle White to Zachary DeLong; $202,500

480 Collins Drive; Rashad Reed to Thompson F. Skinner, Sr. Betty Hite, and Kenneth Drzik; $60,000

32 Winwood Drive; Cherryfield Properties, LLC to Tanner Elliott and Martiique Dixon; $140,000

1146 Laurelwood Road; Robert Davis and Katherine J. Davis to Ryan J. Pigman and Katherie J. Davis; $246,500

491 Glessner Ave.; Adam Hoelscher and Alexa Hoelscher to Kevin S. Frontz; $133,797

966 Linwood Place; Charles Court Endeavors, LLC to Victor F. Reale; $154,000

519 Heidi Lane; Elizabeth A. Boggs and James W. Reed to Christopher Alan Bates and Allison R. Bates; $329,900

57-59 Helen Ave.; Christopher D. McNichols to Cory Marvi and Jordan Marvin; $175,000

283 Dale Ave.; Ronard R. Schmitt to Cherryfield Properties, LLC; $70,000

387 Second Ave.; Richland County Home Buyers, LLC to Pamela Durand-Smith; $60,000

1450 Auer Blvd.; Gino J. Colace to Nathaniel Colace and Susan Colace; $168,300

118 Parkwood Blvd.; Robert S. Molsona ka Robert Sandsberry Mason to Southside NSP 2018-1 REO, LLC; $102,100

237 Gerke Ave.; Carlos J. Anderson to FIELD9:Development, LTD; $11,900

327 Crystal Spring St.; J. Steve Sheldon, Sheriff of Richland County, Ohio to Mechanics Bank; $55,000

1001 Briarwood Road; Kristine L. Bechtel, wtta Kristine L. Pinka to Roxanne S. Phillips and Clifford E. Phillips, Jr.; $228,500

587 Heineman Blvd.; Bambi K. Leach to Haley Workman; $72,380


3656 Mary Lou Lane North; Lori Lynn Cole, Successor Trustee of The Jellison Family Revocable Trust to Toni R. Brooks and Carlos M. Smith; $238,900

128-130 South Lexington Springmill Road; Michael B. Ward to 128 Lexington, LLC; $210,000

331 North Ireland Blvd.; Edna M. Miller to Christopher P. Radebaugh and Ashely B. Radebaugh; $168,000

V/L, Scenic Ridge; Todd D. Sloboda and Barbara J. Sloboda to Dwayne L. Washer and Marie A. Washer; $30,000

2270 Ferguson Road; Maple Ridge Villas, Ltd. to Glenn Bond and Patricia A. Bond; $219,000

838 Willowwood Drive; David J. Sequeira and Min Li to Lilith Fischer; $135,000

1144 Cobblefield Drive; Russell Sparks to Angela Sue Hunter; $227,500

2005 August Drive; Steak N Shake, Inc. to 2005 August Drive Owner, LLC; $360,000

1114 Bogey Drive; John N. Spangler to Gary A. Cole; $233,000

101 South Ireland Blvd.; Marni Hoffmann to Rocket Mortgage, LLC; $40,000

1115 Bogey Drive; Mary Christa Craig to The E. Steven and Phyllis I. Rhodes Revocable Trust; $222,871


Kim A. Randall to Dinsmore Property, LLC; $0

16 Woodland Road; Jared Lee Baker and Iris E. Baker to Dylon Massey and Rachael Massey; $161,000

27 West Smiley Ave.; Suzanne Peiffer, Executor of the Estate of Shirley Cornell to Samuel R. Worcester and Sierra B. Worcester; $88,000

37 Shelby Ave.; Michael A. Workman and Lynette Long Workman to Linda Jane Turner; $129,900

45 Oak St.; Benjamin I. Hawk and Nathaniel A. Hawk to Sentec Properties, LLC; $0

3995 Spectacle Drive; Benjamin I. Hawk and Nathaniel A. Hawk to Sentec Properties, LLC; $0

140 Mansfield Avenue; Glecca Realty Inc. to Joseph Dzugan and Grethcen Dzugan; $450,000

56 Pearl Drive; James E. Boor to Matt Rowlett; $259,000

56 East Whitney; Nathaniel A. Hawk and Benjamin I. Hawk to Carl Schroeder Properties, LLC; $0

70 East Whitney; Nathaniel A. Hawk and Benjamin I. Hawk to Carl Schroeder Properties, LLC; $0

14 N. Wilson Ave.; Beverlee Bronson and Gary Bronson to Benjamin J. Chambers; $100,000

31 3rd St.; Nathaniel A. Hawk and Benjamin I. Hawk to Premier RE Properies, LLC; $0

24 East Whitney Ave.; Sinha Properties, LLC to Avita Health System; $575,000

28 Sunset Drive; Allied First Bank, SB Servbank to Kaitlynn Winters and Caden Payne; $149,900

64 Louise Drive; Jerry W. Wechter and Melissa J. Fogle aka Wechter to Charles Richter; $230,000

96 East Smiley Ave.; Jamie Jamison to Hunter Bishop; $132,000

163 Broadway St.; Stephen L. Gibson to Halle DeTray and Jacob Miller; $185,000

104 Shelby Ave.; Ryan Wilfer to Levi Dalton Green; $122,500

V/L, W. Main St.; Anne E. Turley to Jaon M. Hotz and Samantha M. Hotz; $0

16 Earl Ave.; J Robert L. Hereford, Sr. and Tammy D. Hereford to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A; $46,000

70 Broadway St.; Patrick S. Martin, AKA Patrick Martin to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC; $40,000


65 Betty Drive; Shrock Premier Custom Construction, LLC to Melissa L. Shaffer and Andrew M. Steele; $560,350

23 Hamilton Drive; Brandon Crouch to Lauren Atkins and Benjamin Atkins; $450,000

161 Myers Road; Patricia K. Fletcher and Ronald J. Berger to Denzil G. Hart and Nancy L. Hart; $175,000

371 West Durbin Circle; Yvonne Smith, trustee to Donald A. Whitehouse and Cheryl J. Whitehouse, Co-Trustees; $0


6161 Franklin Church Road; Estate of Patrick A. McQuillen to Jason N. Sauder; $80,000

182 Main St.; Paige L. Long and Matthew W. Long to Rachel K. Bieri and Don Wesley Bieri; $0

90 College St.; Rachel K. Bieri and Don Wesley Bieri to William Johnston Finnell III; $172,500


289 Steam Corners Road; Louis R. Diamond to Keim Home Improvements, LLC; $90,500

717 Hanley Road W.; Frank Maynard and Stephanie Maynard to Phillip D. Garcia and Brianna G. Cassidy; $535,000

167 Foxcroft Road; Brent Riley to Jenna M. Slauterbeck and Nicholas Trevor Slauterbeck; $419,000

309 Fox Road; Micheal G. Sloan and GeNell Sloan to Anthony Kirk and Emily Kirk; $288,500

296 Hampton Road; Christopher A. Bates and Allison R. Bates to Ethan C. Grogg; $220,000

300 Hampton Road; Tengfei Lin to Marco R. Albuja; $200,000

295 Hampton Road; The Griffiths Family Revocable Living Trust to Wendy Sue Russell; $216,900

313 Sherwood Drive; Thomas Polk and Shantana Polk to William E. Wheeler; $210,000

112 W. Main St.; Ian M. Humphrey to Bailey Dretzka; $163,000


121 Franklin St.; The Estate of Jamie S. Montry aka Jamie Sue Montry to Jason C. Dick; $85,000


3216 London West Road; Earl N. Hoover and Elva W. Hoover to Samantha Williams and Travis Rinehart; $190,000


4408 Rome South Road; Donald E. Frontz and Donna S. Frontz to Clay D. Frontz and Mikayla A. Millard; $197,000

4253 State Route 13 N.; Dustin A. Smith and Brooke Smith to Steven Jewett, Jr. and Brittany Jewett; $307,000

1497 Amoy West Road; Samuel Vidovich and Hannah Vidovich to Mark A. Collins and Marlene E. Collins; $360,000

V/L, Amoy East Road Rear; Chad Heil and Bridget Heil to Joshua B. Glover and Danielle B. Glover; $3,000


2079 Myers Road; June E. Heuberger, Executor of the Estate of Frances E. Haverfield to Wilmer H. Martin and Wilma B. Martin; $224,400

3422 State Route 39; Zachary J. Tuttle and Mindy Tuttle to Garrett A. Caudill and Kennadie Goth; $170,000

3551 State Route 39; Vance C. Weiss, Diana M. Weiss, and Buddy Barton to Richard R. Garman; $78,0000

1668 Amoy West Road; Allene Cooper to George Mason and Melanie Mason; $314,000


Renie Road; Jevin D. Williamson and Ashley Dawn Williamson to Bethany Whatman; $134,500

Garber Road; David M. Radomski and Denise K. Radomski to Phillip G. Wharton Et Al 4; $100,000


1134 Dresden Drive; John Adrian Buchholz and June Kathryn Popa to IBREB Properties, LLC; $100,000

1029 Springmill St.; Fife and Wife, Inc. to Top Flight Real Estate, LLC; $125,000

466 Pennsylvania Ave.; The Stover Family Trust to Kody A. Tanner and Montana R. Powell; $162,500

837 Lenox Ave.; Steve Easterling and Barbara E. Easterling; $95,000

1552 Beal Road; John A. Gibson to Kyle R. Penhorwood and Helen Penhorwood; $177,000

940 Piper Road; Richland County Home Buyers, LLC to Chandler Shepherd and Allyson T. Shepherd; $240,000

454 and 456 Detroit Ave.; Jill K. Wise, Trustee of the Desterhaft Family Preservation Trust to Lee Allen Hull and Deborah Kay Hull; $155,000

1190 Hull Road; Estate of Bernard Michael Brannon to Jamie L. Brannon; $80,000

1052 Benedict Ave.; Jerry A. Rose and Vickie L. Rose, H&W to Zachary C. Literal; $30,000

959 Country Club Drive; Jody Miller, fka Jody Shelton to Andrea Lynn Pival; $105,000

1136 N. Trimble Road; Johnny D. Knipp to Mary Benedict; $15,000

1049 City View Drive; Joey D. Riley and Kelly J. Hedrick-Riley to Matney Property Development, LLC; $55,000

547 Mansfield Lucas Road; Lisa Renee Harding to Caitlin M. Perkins; $0

875 Forest Drive; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Happily Home, LLC; $72,500

1301 Mariner Drive; Jamie Kulka to Rachel Mae Bishop; $179,900

601 Morgan Ave.; Michael W. Beal aka Michael Beal to Edmund P. Hagopian; $160,000

1057 Crestwood Drive; Richard A. Bergman, Successor Trustee to Kimberly L. Spence; $90,000


1742 Windsor Road; Ruth Stephenson and Shannon Keegan to Danielle Lynn James and Joseph Alan James; $190,000

2225 Kentwood Drive; The Shambre Keystone Inheritance Trust to Rene Clark; $199,900

2355 Lakewood Road; Noel Bays to Kenneth L. Kimes and Vicki L. Kimes; $7,600

3540 Shad Drive East; Michael Thomas and Kimberly Thomas to David B. Criss and Karrie K. Falcone; $360,000

2513 Bryonaire Drive; Joseph Daniels, Laura Kay Black, Allen Black, Maria Daniels, and Michelle Daniels; $113,500

1839 Richard Drive; Home Opportunity, LLC to Silver Hammer Investments, LLC; $18,000

1839 Richard Drive; Silver Hammer Investments, LLC to Titan Impact Group, LLC; $19,700

635 Woodcrest Drive; Michael J. Christy, Jr. to Elijah G. Bishop; $0

649 Laver Road; Joseph Moleno to Justin McClure, Heidi McClure, and Paul Goard; $204,000

2367 Peterson Road; Terry L. Roose to Lindsey N. Hedrickson and Dustin R. Hendrickson; $55,000

880 Laver Road; Moonlight, LLC to James Owens and Diana Owens; $61,000

235 Colonial Drive; Hannah Rose Finley to Grace Caroline Husk; $217,632.99

3540 Sylvan Drive; Edward J. May to Aesha Rabee; $160,000

3330 Crimson Road; AJM Properties of Mansfield to Miranda E. Rhodes; $79,900

2242 Kentwood Drive; Ronald J. Constance, Trustee of the Ronald J. Constance Trust to James W. Hill, II and Starr Lynn HIll; $250,000

2276 Kentwood Drive; Jessica L. Konczak and Frank R. Konczak to James D. Price and Melissa R. Pricel $259,000

1010 Reed Road; Cathl A. Kelley, Kerri L. Golden, and Robert C. Shenberge to Ronald Constance; $179,900

621 Laver Road; Elizabeth J. Eddleblute to Jarod Copeland and Michelle Copeland; $354,000

1813 Richare Drive; Cindy Graham to Sarah Mikayla Paige Leicy and Thomas A. Carpenter; $150,000


2795 Tucker Road; Gloria F. Wilson to Jenelle A. Foss; $265,000

3238 State Route 603; Helen M. Yarnell to Misty M. Bilger; $0


5236 Algire Road; Eli M. Fisher and Mattie J. Fisher to K.C Real Estate Rental, LLC; $375,000


159 Nichols St.; Darrell R. Wilson and Debrah WIlson to Larry Barnthouse; $27,000

8122 State Route 98; The Roger B. Carnahan and Carolyn A. Carnahan Revocable Trust; $155,000


5341 Lime Road; ISANJO Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Josh E. Perman and Evelyn L. Perman; $215,000

5150 Millsboro West Road; Ceilann M. Hoffer to Haley Amert and Derek Amert, Jr.; $177,000

815 South Horning Road; Thewville Properties, LLC to Angela J. Mathys and Benjamin L. Mathys; $240,000


1211 Walcrest Drive.; Leslie E. Kanis to Derrick Martin and Codi Martin; $100,000

240 Rudy Road; Robert L. Lepkojus to Josiah Malan and Joanee Malan; $173,000

3396 Millsboro Road East; Kelly G. Rose to Virgil L. Stephens and Victoria L. Stephens; $449,900

673-675 South Lexington Springmill Road; Dennis J. Northover to Raymond M. Miller, II and Laurie A. Miller; $170,000

400 Sugar Maple Lane; George E. Vidonish and Melissa A. Branch to Richard Cole and Stephanie Cole; $429,900

V/L, State Route 314; Christopher Ashbaugh and Michelle Ashbaugh; $250,000

298 South State Route 314; John D. Leyerle to Hunter Wilging; $229,000

16.284 acres of vacant land; Gladys Leah Gottfried, Trustee to Derek S. Gottfried; $40,000

251 Creston Road; Cindy K. Conti, Pamela S. Johnson, and Mark D. Tadder to Kathryn W. Einselen; $214,000

Flowers Road; Aaron J. Kegley and Jessica L. Kegley to Matthew Davis; $185,000

4000 Beam Road; John C. Young to Douglas L. Kress and Karen P. Kress; $253,000

609 Karlson Drive; Renee M. Wooster nka Renee M. Petruzzi to Kalden Thomas and Alexis Galco; $240,000

290 Rudy Road; M Zhang, LLC to John J. Shuty and Erica L. Shuty; $380,000


2.56 acres US 42; Bradley N. Hoffman to Christopher Allen Miller; $0

3810 Mill Run Road; Midwest Gold Medal Farm, LLC to Matthew T. Crowley and Megan A. Crowley; $0

3810 Mill Run Road; Micah S. Crouse and Danielle K. Crouse to Matthew T. Crowley and Megan A. Crowley; $0

State Route 314; Gregory L. Davis and Sherre J. Davis to Jacqueline Stine and Aaron Stine; $130,000

2731 State Route 97; The Estate of Tim A. Brandt aka Timothy Brandt to James Darrell Adams and Laura L. Adams; $337,000

.89 acres and 2.53 acres Kings Corners; Debra L. Hill to David Kruse; $0


3514 German Church Road; Kevin A. Hessey and Rebecca L. Hessey to Robert Dean Davis and Katherine J. Davis; $0

2108 Pulver Road; Gusta M. Poffenbaugh to Thomas D. Taylor, Jr. and Tracy L. Taylor; $0

1840 Blue Cedar Drive; Clifton L. Bobo, by PSO to Brian Humphrey and Maria Humphrey; $60,000

1256 Chew Road; Kyle L. Kent and Jessica G. Kent to Alexander J. Mayer and Tiffani L. Hornikel; $145,000

1166 Hathaway Road; The Estate of Janet L. Steele to Thomas W. Marlow and Brittnee M. Marlow; $389,900

305 Alexander Road; Iona M. Flores to Kimberly L. Grogg and Samantha R. Grogg; $0

1779 South Main St.; Jack Goettl to Phillip J. Wenzel; $229,900


1900 Pavonia Road W.; Kamenik Real Estate, LLC to Lester D. Garber and Katie L. Garber; $160,000

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