MANSFIELD – The June property transfers included 41 Cairns Road. It was sold for $11,475,000 to NAS Cairns Investments, LLC from Republic Mansfield LP, LLC.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


527 Fairoaks Blvd.; David C. Friend, Trustee of the Friend Family Trust to Gwendalyn Boyer and Ryan Boyer; $135,000

513 Oakenwaldt Ave.; Kevin Zickefoose to Sabo Rentals, LLC; $55,000

755 Bowman St.; Christole Sharee Harris to Nathan R. Sherer; $105,000

403 4th Ave.; Jamario R. Fuller to Jason Miller; $113,450

294 Auburn St.; Earl L. Hess and Robert H. Hess to Rosa Children Investment Group, Inc.; $45,000

914 W. Fourth St.; Allied Builders Properties, LLC to Jeffrey L. Salser, Jr.; $20,000

387 Pearl Ave.; Margie R. Morris to Lisa E. France and Dennis L. France; $123,000

27 Greenwood Ave.; Blue Door Real Estate Limited to Chaz A. Hairston; $15,000

195 Rambleside Drive; Gavin R. Anable to Danielle Howard and Sara Rodriguez; $133,000

56 Hoffman Ave.; Matthew Moyer and Maryann E. Moyer to Kevin Rodriguez and Joanna Rodriguez; $180,000

274 Main St.; Vivian K. Vacco and Hal J. Vacco to John P. Rohrer and Leora L. Rohrer; $55,000

400 Davis Road; Diana L. Hammer to Mid Ohio Investments, LLC; $109,900

775 Courtwright Blvd; Dennis R. Walls and Clara J. Walls to Kelly Keller; $301,000

344 Ruth Ave.; Samantha L. Nutter, by PSO to Emerald Estate, LLC; $96,556

349 Charles St.; Wallace Thompson and Deborah Thompson to Eric Boardman; $16,667

1037 Barrington Place; Hunsinger Builders, LLC to Michael J. Swiderski and Frances L. Swiderski; $369,900

466 Lexington Ave.; Sandra A. Kimani Mithi aka Sandra A. Kimani-Mithi to April Calme and Rebecca Calame; $206,000

490 South Main St.; DSV SPV1, LLC to Loretta H. Oliver; $27,812

631 Bailey Drive; Ergys Tane to Roberto Perez-Vargas; $34,000

100 East First St.; Rick Kigar, a private selling officer to GSM Investment Properties, LLC; $16,700

1978 Richwood Drive; Jean C. Otcasek to Misael Alejandro Avalos Juarez; $235,000

580 Clifton Blvd.; Rick Kigar, Private Selling Officer to U.S Bank National Association; $92,621

845 Logan Road; Louis Michael Mampieri to Max D. Sinden; $186,000

1618 Cape Cod Drive; Christopher L. Olson to Laura L. Mileti; $265,000

196 Walter Ave.; Stephanie L. Peckham to Scott R. Frank; $118,000

88 Hillcrest St.; The Wilson Family Revocable Living Trust to Caleb J. Naugle and Lauren D. Naugle; $220,000

88 Hillcrest St.; The Wilson Family Revocable Living Trust to Caleb J. Naugle and Lauren D. Naugle; $220,000

104 North Brookwood Way; Spike Holdings, LLC to Daniel Johnson and Brittany Johnson; $205,000

V/L, Carl Rd.; Judy Bentley fka Judy Crum to Lloyd T. Abrams and Loretta J. Abrams (Surv); $600

507 Cline Ave.; H&H Construction/Builders, LLC to Megan A. Fields; $130,000

628 Bennington Drive; Brian W. Schmidt and Krista K. Schmidt to Krystal Reynolds and Ian Harter; $255,000

384 Beethoven St.; James Willis and Renae Willis to Tracy Erwin; $32,000

359 Park Ave. West; James R. Oberlin, Hannah Oberlin and Elizabeth P. Oberlin to Springmill 349, LLC; $140,000

561 Reed St.; Alex B. Garver and Casey L. Garver to Michal Bartko; $40,000

865 Greenfield Drive; Jerrod A. Walp to Carol M. Paulo Leaf; $215,000

577 W. Fourth St.; U.S Bank Trust NA, as Trustee of the Treehouse Series to Tim Bartosic; $45,000

120 Poplar St.; Pamy Jo Bailey and Terry N. Bailey to Travis Groscost; $117,500

720 Clifton Blvd.; Carlos A. Brianceschi Living Trust to Sabrina K. Smith and Tyler R. Smith; $179,900

V/L, Pomerene Rd.; Patton Leonard Grant and Becky D. Patton to Sandra J. Patton; $0

392 Grace St.; Cheryl Anne Pete to Evgeny Makarev; $46,100

V/L, Middle Bellville Road; Kurt Stimens, Trustee of the Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust to Margaret L. Labraney; $500

555 North Mulberry St.; Martha Mosley to James E. Fonner; $19,781

The Zeides Keystone Preservation Trust to Frank Scarmato and Malia Scarmato; $290,000

1629 Cape Cod Drive; Hunsinger Builders, LLC to Fredrick D. Shaffer and Lona Shaffer; $406,235.83

236 Buckeye Ave.; Merrill Gene Wittmer to Jennifer L. Robertson and Susan J. Robertson; $54,000

640 Weller Ave.; Jeffrey W. Dowlatt, Jan M. Tyler, Stacy M. Dowiatt, and Craig J. Dowiatt to Vincent Malaska and Susan Malaska; $220,000

1091 Laurelwood Road; Eric Krantz, Principal Trustee to Sylvia M. Prats and Joseph R. Prats; $149,000

82 Brookwood Way South; Mechanics Bank, an Ohio Corporation to David Ward; $85,250

10 West Newlon Place; Robert Goldberger to Thom Collier; $50,000

1440 Royal Oak Drive; Thomas F. Adams and Donna A. Adams to Katelynn M. Eagleston and Jarrett M. Eagleston; $300,000

402 Fairlawn Ave.; Allison M. Tedeschi, fka Allison M. Douglas to Steven H. Davison; $150,000

535 Midland Drive; John M. Smollen to Freedom Mortgage Corporation; $99,179

610 Dean Road; Warren Lambert to Richard D. Fischer and Josette Fischer; $21,125.74

824 Maple St.; Cheryl E. Blair and Hugh Lee Blair to William E. Brown; $60,718

152 Vale Ave.; James Burton to Ragina M. Easley-Simpson; $0

53 Eleanor Ave.; Lindale Holdings, LLC to Karl A. Schuster and Kaitlynn K. Schuster; $130,000

37 Glenwood Blvd.; Susan Parkison to Stephanie L. Driscoll; $116,000

305 Reed St.; Susanne G. Gerhart to Ivan Mohamed Ramadan; $45,000

Brushwood Drive; Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust U/A to 40 North, LLC; $15,000

Brushwood Drive; Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust U/A to Clearview Investments, LLC; $15,000

Woodville Road; Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust U/A to Blue Door Development Group, LLC; $1

47 Clifton Ave.; Gary Brustoski and Lorre L. Brustoski to Jasmine L. Henderson; $118,000

223 Walter Ave.; Sandra Lee Spertzel to Zachary Ian Kempton; $138,000

1060 Devonwood Road; Bradley C. Bond and Gregory D. Bond, Co-Trustee to Phillip M. Judy and Katheryn J. Judy; $170,000

27 Greenwood Ave.; Chaz A. Hairston to Taylor Rhodes; $0

263 Home Ave.; NWB Properties aka NWB Properties, LLC to Ivan Napayonak and Barbara J. Napayonak; $99,000

192 Marlow Road; Sandra J. Pratt to Starleen C. Schwan; $150,000

186 Ford St.; Randall Jay Branch to ZBS, LLC; $60,000

1161 Thistle Court; Stephanie J. Nelder nka Whitaker to Darrell J. Miller; $53,700

75 Brinkerhoff Ave.; G. Patrick Leahy wtta Patrick Leahy to Sean M. Jones and Chelsey M. Jones; $298,537

384 Taylor Road; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Eva Marie Mack and Deanah Joyce Mack; $125,000

41 Parkwood Blvd.; John C. Young to Phyllis J. Ross; $170,000

1507 Cape Cod Drive, Unit 2; Steven K. Brown and Linda S. Brown to Gerald J. Applegate; $247,000

379 Edgewood Road; Olena P. Bays, Trustee under the Olena P. Bays Living Trust to Ashley Nicole Wilson and Devon James Wilson; $233,000

225 Blymyer Ave.; John A. Strine to Skyline R&S, LLC; $38,970

219 Hedges St.; John A. Strine to Skyline R&S, LLC; $2,500

580 Kirkwood Drive; Fay D. Debo to Alex C. Bechstein and Megan L. Bechstein; $185,000

147 Carpenter Road; Thomas Pickworth to Ryan C. Oates; $85,000

660 Scholl Road; Ryan M. Knell to Mahaylie Bachelder, John Neil Bachelder, and Victoria Bachelder; $141,000

1614 Hidden Oak Trail; Robert D. Leclair to Jeffrey Steven Tarbert and Kellie Jean Martinez; $439,245

1181 West Cook Road; Eric S. Hatfield and Richard J. Fournier to Charles S. Forbes and Patricia Ann Forbes; $275,000

33 Glenwood Blvd.; TDB Properties, LLC to Travis Groscost; $113,000

1692 Riva Ridge Drive; The Estate of Eunice Blanche Vance aka Eunice B. Vance to Roger E. Keen and Britteny L. Keen; $79,208

1703 Hidden Oak Trail; Brian L. Thompson and Andrea M. Thompson to Robert W. Albright and Joyce L. Albright; $439,000

385 Sherwood Drive; Kimberly S. Aaron to Casey L. Britton and James M. Britton; $160,000

414 Spayer Lane, 199 West Fifth St., 326 Oak Hill Place; Dennis J. Minard and Pameliz Minard aka Pamaliz Minard to Richard Home Buyers, LLC; $88,000

1117 Pond Road; Dora Gearhart to Denin Miletto and Jennifer Miletto; $84,000


2986 Park Avenue West.; Patricia J. Bemiller to Repp Real Estate, LLC; $190,000

175 Maple Lane; Michael L. Markus and Kristy L. Hergatt to Jeffrey Fellure; $180,000

3821 Horizon Drive; Frank J. Scarnato and Malia K. Scarnato to Anthony Satterwhite and Kimberly Satterwhite; $541,000

89 Maple Lane; Rebecca G. Hicks to Allyson Kipp and Zachary Portner; $125,000

160 Lynn Dr.; Kathleen S. Swineford to Cody Sanders; $130,000

3665 Zimmerman Lane; Stephen R. Currier to Jason Bilyj and Elizabeth Bilyj; $435,000

244 Sloboda Ave.; Regina Carol Pacek, Trustee of The Pacek Keystone Preservation Trust to Huang Yao and Rul Yang; $380,000

1794-1796 Walker Lake Road; Rocco F. Capra to Kevin C. Stevens and Jessica R. Stevens; $0

0 W. Fourth St.; The Estate of Robert Jones to Jett Investments; $160,000

217 Sloboda Ave.; Heather Deel to Gregory R. Faith and Melanie Faith; $348,000

1686 Lindaire Lane; Scott M. Jacobs and Adria M. Jacobs to Logan Z. Beal and Haleigh M. Jacobs; $158,000

150 Homewood Road; Christian J. Harris and Katherine J. Harris to Daniel M. Conlon and Meisha Suzanne Conlon; $260,000

56 Bechtel Lane; Brittanie Spears htta Brittanie R. Kragt, etc. to Patricia Ann Rhodes and Roger Howard Rhodes; $185,000

2824 Mabee Road; Lambpro, LTD to Fosdinovo, LLC; $111,000


89 Second St.; BawldGuy Note Investment Group 1, LLC to Richard Decius and Kimberly Decius; $37,500

204 North Gamble St.; Watt Development, LLC to Shelby Car Wash, LLC; $376,750

47 Raymond St.; Charles B. Hockenberry, Jr. to Remy Rhodes; $96,000

29 North Gamble St.; The First National Bank of Ashland, by PNC Bank, National Association to 419 Enterprises, LLC; $138,000

108 Second St.; Devin A. Brown to Sarah M. Webb; $0

85 Renfrew Drive; Julie A. Frankl and Jennifer L. Brown to William S. McLendon and Susan R. McLendon; $300,000

49 Elm St.; Ruth Detillion, Richard Yosick, and Diana Haley to Andrew A. Crabtree; $93,000

20 River Bend Drive; The Cooper Family Irrevocable Trust to Linda Moore; $177,500

186 W. Main St.; Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO David Bishop to Susan D. Sumpter and Roger L. Sumpter; $152,500

24 Myers Ave.; Joyce A. Barnes to Randy J. Sweet and Tamara S. Sweet; $80,000

54 Third St.; Cory Ebersole and Sarah Ebersole to Simpson Homes, LLC; $50,000

247 West Main St.; Devyn J. Monn and Mikatlyn S. Meister to Dennis W. Laferty, Jr. and Lisa M. Laferty; $141,500

20 Madison Ave.; Amy L. Bonecutter to Keith Witzky and Tracy Witzky; $169,000

0 Parkwood Drive Lot 4125; K & B Landholdings, LLC to Nathan W. Sautter and Jennifer L. Sautter; $40,000

49 Raymond Ave.; Remy Rhodes to Tyler Jacob Vanichek and Ryleigh Faith Vanichek; $126,000

0 Samantha Drive; K&B Landholdings, LLC to Lorna J. Albert; $77,000


85 Betty Drive; Shrock Premier Custom Constructions, LLC to William M. Shafer and Kathryne L. Shafer; $0

Edmonton Road and Huron St.; Darwyn, LLC to Jessica C. Beller; $33,000

V/L, Edmonton Road; Darwyn, LLC to Jack L. Reiner and Thelma Elaine Reiner; $14,000


Blue Bird Drive; Ranshaw Enterprises, Inc. to Timothy J. Beougher and Susan A. Beougher; $30,000


2811 Summerview Court; Kimberley S. Berger to Evan M. Kardasz and Karley W. Kardasz; $300,000

212 W. Main St.; Joan B. Kochis to Micheal Dylan Rivera; $167,000

75 Mayfair Road; Kathryn T. Russell, Patricia M. Sulesky, Teresa Thomas, and Frederick K. Thomas to Brandon Salimbene; $260,000

131 Breton Drive; John P. Hoffman and Ruth A. Hoffman to Jessica N. Berry and Justin M. Berry; $700,000

342 Chapman Way; Jana L. Rhoad, Executor of the Estate of Betty J. Kuske to Linda L. Wood; $180,000

174 Essex Road; Harold S. Bechtler to Brandi L. Miller; $81,900

265 Hampton Road; Rosann Broaddus to Darrel E. Walters and Imogene D. Walters; $245,000

92 Essex Road; Hazel M. Ute to Charles Daniel Fraley and Amanda Marie Fraley; $130,000

200 Essex Road; Amanda J. Klaehn to Dominick J. Snavely and Grayce E. Snavely; $190,000

20 ½ First Ave.; John David Goettel to Mark R. Bentley and Claudia J. Bentley; $30,000

240 Silvercrest Drive; Larry D. Banks and Nancy L. Banks to Linn A. Driscoll; $201,000

160 Holiday Hill; Katelynn M. Spore nka Katelynn Eagleston to Katelynn Mansfield and Trevor Mansfield; $204,000

216 Holiday Hill; Kenneth E. Blake, Jr. and Janelle N. Blake to Johnathan L. Sawyer and Jeanette E. Sawyer; $250,000


5693 Hazel Brush Road; Horst Fames, LLC to Sylvan B. Zimmerman and Mary A. Zimmerman; $1,500,000


5473 Ganges Five Points Road; Adrian R. Swanigan to Patrick W. Begnaud; $79,900


V/L, Miller Road; Christopher Pugh to Ryan Pugh and Nathalie Yachoub-Pugh; $34,000


2908 and 2940 North Main St.; Deloris Bond aka Dolores Bond aka Delores Bond to Harvey W. Burkholder and Rachel H. Burkholder, Trustees; $569,500

4548 Theresa Drive North; Susan Taylor Estate to Robin L. Adams; $90,000

4670 Rome Road South; Cindy L. Hause, Trustee of the Charles L. Bisel Revocable Living Trust to Amos Zimmerman and Karen Zimmerman; $1,123,750

960 East Amoy Road; Nicholas R. Klupp and Jessica L. Klupp to Ryan Gerhart and Candice Gerhart; $299,900


2044 Taylortown Road; Flip Flops, LLC to Brison Duane Wollard; $120,000

3582 State Route 39; U.S Bank Trust N.A, as Trustee of the Cabana Series V Trust to Kathryn L. Winters; $90,000

2838 Plymouth Springmill Road; Layne C. Armstrong & Alisha A. Walker nka Alisha A. Armstrong to Edward H. Wiseman and Debra J. Wiseman; $214,000


Garber Road; Knox County Woodland LTD to Jamie Ianson; $70,000

365 Rhinehart Road; Chase J. Hess to Randy Lee Ross and Melanie A. Ross; $170,000

276 Main St.; Warner K. Manning and Wilma R. Manning to David W. Jones and Judith D. Jones, Trustees of The Jones Family Trust; $0

33 Betty Drive; Shrock Premier Custom Construction, LLC to Kenneth Blank and Janelle Blake; $0

0 Wagner Road (12.56 acres); Rayna C. Eyster to Steven C. Mull and Krystil Mull; $140,000

292 Mishey Road; Teresa Catino to Kimberly Knapp and Donnie Flynn; $100,000


Lakefront Drive; David Eugene Johnson to Christina L. Quicksall and Steven A. Quicksall; $0

578 Parry Ave.; Mid State Investments, LLC to Lydia K. Krebs and Jason G. Krebs; $124,900

1004 Hanna Road; 63 Rowland of Mansfield, LLC to Michelle M. Romosier; $133,825

399 Pennsylvania Ave.; Joni L. Williams to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $22,000

1287 Michael Drive; Scott Kemberling to Jacqueline Elgart; $140,000

1080 Wade Drive; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Chelsea N. Duda and Jeffrey S. Duda; $71,000

1006 Benedict Ave.; Alex B. Garver and Casey L. Garver to Marcus Miller; $85,000

1050 Belmont Ave.; Ronald C. Emery to John David Lewis; $42,580

350 Indiana Ave.; Diane L. Clever and Cynthia K. Miller to Haon 350 Limited; $128,000

878 North Trimble Road; Lamont Binion and Donna K. Binion to Daniel W. Boroff and Sharon L. Boroff; $40,000

V/L, Ashland Road; Steve Beatty, Sr. to Kyle D. Fulk; $1,250

62 Bahl Ave.; Jeanette C. Heaton to ALlison Litt and David Litt; $21,100

1569 Suburban Drive; J.W. Churn to H&H Construction/Builders, LLC; $70,000

V/L, Suburban Drive; J.W. Churn to Rachel M. Fulmer; $17,500

967 City View Drive; Carol A. Baughman to Crain Industries, LLC; $67,138

518 Mansfield Lucas Road; C. Rank Properties, LLC to Ameena Realty, LLC; $75,000

1844 North Stewart Road; The Estate of Judie K. Washington to Isaac G. Fulk; $107,500

1052 Marianna Drive; Lynelle G. Rickert to Cal J. Rickert; $48,000

992 Herring Ave.; Michelle E. Shasky to Michael Miller; $0

755 Cairns Road; Jodi Darleen Lantz to Jacob Cruz Wynn and Makenzee Grace Webb; $125,000

1629 Anglewood Drive; Ryan R. Gerhart and Candice M. Gerhart to Makenzie G. Anable and Gavin R. Anable; $260,000

1123 Oakdale Drive; Linda Zook and Richard Markley to Helen Annette Bush; $113,000

1214 Bechtel Ave.; Robin Poland nka Robin Huntington to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $11,250


1563 Lucas Road; Ervin Family Real Estate Trust to Hunter Caltrider; $283,426

1663 Lorkay Drive; Daniel L. Blunk and Alicia M. Blunk to Christopher L. Edwards; $148,400

2276 Crider Road; Mark E. Gowitzka and Barbara J. Gowitzka to Bailey Kiser and Jacob A. Seamans; $199,500

721 Laver Road; Mary Riggenbach, Executor of the Estate of Catherine Riggenbach to Jason Hoak; $80,000

560 Innwood Drive; Pamela A. Jones to Iren R. Haley; $295,000

V/L, McBride Road; Walter W. Hunsinger and Linda K. Hunsinger to Jesslyn Sciacca-Cox and Cayleb Sciacca-Cox; $344,500

2641 State Route 430; The Estate of Charles David Binning to Haley Sheriff and Joshua Sheriff; $425,000

2270 Lakewood Drive; Ross Barton III, Kenneth R. Stitt, and Martha A. Stitt to U.S Bank National Association; $106,666.67

1483 Paradise View Road; Mathew S. Back to Kenneth Caudill; $221,000

205 Colonial Drive; Gregory R. Faith and Melanie Faith to Jordan T. Wright; $221,029

997 Ramsey Drive; Scott Jamison to Paul E. Smith; $177,000


573 Byers Road; Mason B. Galco and Alexis N. Galco to 4573 Byers Rd Perrysville, OH; $0

3627 State Route 39; David Brennstuhl and Ursula Brennstuhl to Matthew Garnsey and Leslie Garnsey; $60,000

2163 Kerr Road; Kathy M. Wigton aka Kathy M. Wilkinson to David E. Houdek; $475,000


5281 State Route 546; Randall W. Parker to Phillip R. Dilts and Brenda S. Dilts; $221,600


203 Nichols Ave.; Willard Rental Properties to OP RDMM Residential, LLC; $25,000

5393 & 5417 Champion Road; Marjorie M. Baird to Baird Farmhouse, LLC; $185,500


4860 State Route 181; Keith Smith to Joseph Scott Eury; $230,000


5660 State Route 61; Richard L. Martin to Travin Ramey and Kathleen Ramey; $108,000

35.17 acres, SR 61; Mark H. Biglin to Sutter Brothers; $369,285


Scenic View Drive; David F. Schmitz and Patricia J. Schmitz to Dakota P. Durbin and Kayla M. Durbin; $80,000

325 Lexington-Ontario Road; Douglas Lindsay, Sr. to Benny Perry; $161,000

3851 Millsboro West Road; Thalia Hoak to Seth Wasilewski; $250,000

261 South Lexington Springmill Road; Joseph Perri and Miriam M. Perri to Brittany Harris and Jeremiah Carroll; $146,000

875 North Marion Avenue Road; The Estate of Robert J. Marble to Matthew P. Moyer and Maryann E. Moyer; $330,000


Lexington Ontario Road; Norval G. Blackwell and Kimberly A. Blackwell to Jonathan Skarle and Emily Exten; $265,000

Charolais Drive; Jackie L. Bond, Jr. to David E. Roseberry and Tommie L. Roseberry; $77,500

1879 Lexington Springmill Road; Onyx & Shadow Equity, LLC to CWS Investments, Inc; $14,000

0 Lexington Ontario Road; Karamjit S. Bhullar and Varinder Kau Bhullar to John David Randall and Ji Hye Kim; $115,000

V/L, Jacob K. Hardin to Joseph B. Parkison; $4,300

1671 State Route 314; Estate of Barbara R. Haefeli to Troy A. Oldaker; $70,000


4149 Norris Road; Theodore Nevins and Kathleen Nevins to Black Label B&B’s, LLC; $0

1850 Mansfield Washington Road; Bridget H. Bradford to Nathan David Henry and Rebecca Jade Diehm; $247,000

1076 Lexwood Road; The Beverly J. Shaffer Keystone Inheritance Trust to Drexel Thomas; $195,000

447 West Hanley Road; Matt R. Morris to Steve McKown and Margaret McKown; $250,000

3475 Hastings Newville Road; David M. Damron and Kristy L. Damron, Co-Trustees to Ian H. Trevathan and Catherine Helen Trevathan; $595,900

194 Oakleaf Drive W.; Gary D. Crawford and Pamela J. Crawford to James E. Derr and Patricia J. Derr; $431,000

1838 South Main St.; Karl E. Goetti, Jr. and Ilea Goetti to Jaret Peterson; $236,000

0 State Route 13 (13.929 acres); The Peoples Baptist Church, and Ohio Corporation to Bradley J. Johnson and Alaina Johnson; $135,000

1739 Sunrise Drive; Ira C. Shelton and Treva L. Shelton Revocable Living Trust to Paul McCauley and Becky Sue McCauley; $106,000

54.9821 acres in Washington Twp; Richard K. Armstrong and Debra M. Armstrong to Scott Armstrong, et all; $75,000

1895 Banyon Lane; Danielle L. James, fka Danielle L. Paskins and Joseph A. James to D&S Hospitality, LLC; $225,000

1759 Sunrise Drive; William D. Powell and Cindie S. Powell to Jeffrey Curtis; $0

4300 Norris Road; Theodore J. Nevins and Kathleen A. Nevins to Benjamin D. Granter and Rebecca J. Granter; $475,000

364 Hanley Road; Albert Roggio and Susan R. Roggio to The Miller Family Trust dated July 7th, 2022; $435,000

1134 West Hanley Road; William Grassick to Jonathan Wiese; $105,000


2254 Pavonia Road E.; Cornelia Beyer-Kline and Tyler Kline to Christopher R. Beck and Sabrina R. Benshoff; $260,000

185 Pavonia Road West; Daun Lehman to Kamenik Real Estate, LLC; $565,000

2525 State Route 96; Randy G. Cains and Anita K. Cains to Joseph A. Hoover; $25,000

3730 Mansfield Adario Road; Barbara Jane Johnston, Richard Allen Wente, et al to Carley Jade Campo; $155,500

1 Richland Shale Road, 0 Erie RR, 0 Amoy West, etc; NNS RS, LLC to Debra Marthey Consulting, LLC; $2,255,000


2066 Cassell Road; Dick A. Miller and Kimberly A. Miller to Joshua Todd Smith and Shannon E. Smith; $360,000

6198 Wilson Road Butler; Daniel L. Goodwin, Trustee of the Daniel L. Goodwin Trust to Ervin M. Beachy; $290,000

4977 Teeter Road; Janet D. White wtta Janet D. Johnson to Delores K. Mountain; $0

2452 Ramsey Road; William Wisenbarger to Gabrielle R. Parkison and Dylan M. Parkison; $177,500

Brokaw Road; Arlon Sparks to Advantage Wildlife Management, LLC; $22,000


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