MANSFIELD — The following is a list of Decembers’s property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


1211 Middle Bellville Road; Estate of Krista Weikel to Holly Hutyera and Theodore A. Hahn; $100,000

79 E. Linden Court; Evlynuvonne Alexander to Beth Teschan Ferguson; $223,000

83 Ausdale Ave.; Victor Morales to Aaron A. Gladney and Darcy G. Gladney; $107,400

Lot 93 (Mansfield City 21153) – Agate Ave.; The Jackson Group, Inc. to Dora G. Hamilton; $4,000

445 Beethoven St.; Rhonda Fuller to Chester Jeffries; $116,000

380 Buffalo St.; Colten Guy Foote to Patrick Esquivel; $18,000

1160 Woodland Road; Bryan Truax to Brian S. Dorsey and Elizabeth A. Dorsey; $134,000

59 Micah Place.; Nathasha Boales to Latishia Garner; $0

600 North Home Road; Timothy M. Offmiss and Toni J. Offmiss to SALJ Holding Company, LLC; $210,000

181 South Trimble Road; Wallace Investment Properties of Ohio, LLC to Maurice L. Hines, Jr.; $125,000

41 Western Ave.; Eugene Chambers to RCHB 3, LLC; $18,000

217 Gerke Ave.; Butternut Property Group, LLC to Jason J. Allen; $7,500

486 West Fourth St.; 198 South Main St, LLC to Jason J. Allen; $7,500

253 South Diamond St.; Erica Boor fka Erica Blevins to Impala Renters, LLC; $95,000

615 Burns St.; Jerry C. Carnes to Jeffrey S. Duda and Chelsea N. Duda; $54,500

609 Sequoia Lane; The Wiehm Keystone Inheritance Trust to Bryce Yeager and Soncerae Yeager; $200,000

309 Grace St.; Walter E. Meyer to Leah Patricia Agler; $83,200

397 Grace St.; Elizabeth A. Killinger to Beverly Stout; $83,000

485 Crescent Road; Susan M. Taylor to Guilherme Camargo Rodrigues Alves and Andrea J. Lankester; $182,500

1133 Springbrook Drive; Bonnie J. Scherer to Susan M. Taylor; $310,000

536 Dyas Drive; Caitlyn L. Poth to Collin Fox and Paige Carper; $125,000

168 West Blanche St.; Brandon Wolf Properties, LLC to Fred Jay Allen Beare; $7,000

444 Hedeen Drive; Micah J. Leeth to Anthony Howard Brown; $140,000

415 Park Avenue West; Great Land Real Estate Investments, LLC to BMIB, LLC; $230,000

417 McPherson St.; MCLP Asset Company, Inc. to Quasar Life Group, LLC; $41,000

60 Eleanor Ave.; Paul E. Webb and Sandra L. Webb to Myung In, LLC; $138,900

35 West Blanche St.; Randy F. Kemp and Sharon O. Kemp to Shawn Nolder and Tonya Nolder; $20,000

169 Sturges Ave.; Anthony W. Greer and Kerry D. Greer to Blue Door Developmment Group, LLC; $45,000

0 Sturges Ave.; Anthony W. Greer and Kerry D. Greer to Blue Door Development Group, LLC; $5,000

432 Clearview Road; Eva Gerstheimer, Under the Living Trust to Jean A. Theaker and Paul R. Theaker; $220,000

385 Dale Ave.; Oasis Home Buyers, LLC to Cherryfield Properties, LLC; $53,000

116 Betzstone Drive; Kathleen L. Davis to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; $116,666

38 Mansfield Ave.; William S. Sites and Diann K. Sites to Matney Property Development, LLC; $23,500

1508 Brookpark Drive; Joy A. Bowman to Adam R. Hill-Warren and Renee M. Warren; $295,000

76 Leppo Lane; Robin A. Goff to Melvin McKenna, Jr.; $0

134 W. Second St.; Joshua C. Arneson to Piper’s Rental Properties, LLC; $75,000

1915 Red Oak Drive; Jennifer N. Tokash and Stacy J. Hamilton to Dana Walters; $150,000

164 West Dickson Ave.; Tien F. Chang and Mary Chang to Simpson Homes, LLC; $50,000

324 First Ave.; Devin Arnett to Daren T. Nezrick and Patricia R. Nezrick; $125,000

449 Van Buren Ave.; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Nathan Daniel Story; $17,000

541 Cline Ave.; Mechanics Bank by Nicholas Gesouras, SVP, Executor of the Estate to Jeremy Wilson Bantz; $85,000

82 Home Ave.; Randy F. Kemp to James P. Devore; $12,000

630 Acker Drive; William A. Cole to Kellie N. Steward; $120,000

328 Fair St.; Elizabeth Fissel to Marilyn A. Fisher; $55,000

47 E. Raleigh Ave.; Anthony J. Flick to Michael Thomas Montry, Jr.; $83,582

383 Overlook Road; Shirley Oyster to Deborah Marble; $25,000

823 ½ Red Oak Trail; Jeffery G. Dahlhausen to Colin Dickson; $95,000

211 Rowland Ave.; Home Cash Offer Pros, LLC to Jaron Allen; $50,000

744 Armstrong St.; AJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Carrie A. Sheriff; $59,900

283-285 & 287-289 Third Avenue; Vasilios Kyrou to C&J Reality; $200,000

1740 Rippling Brook Drive; Gloria L. Harkins to Sharon S. Herlihy; $242,000

1913 Red Oak Drive; The Sharon S. Herlihy Living Trust to Huynh Le and Thinh T. Kim Vo; $239,000

Airplane Hangar #512 at Mans. Lahm Airport, Harrington Memorial Road; Bradley Pocock and Carolyn Pocock to NISS Aviation, FBO LLC; $100,000

538 Sloane Ave.; Carol J. Brown to Brenda J. Smith; $95,000

509 Rembrandt St.; Emily P. Salser nka Emily P. Santoriella and Nick Santoriella to Sierra Woolf; $132,000

96 Mendota St.; Lori Jarvis to U.S Bank National Association; $20,000

1200 Rosedale Drive; The Hiltrude A. Kleshinski Living Trust to Scott N. Shaffer and Rachel E. Carleton; $249,000

649 Springmill St.; Roger D. Erwin to Crystal N. Wright and Eric J. Wright; $39,000

211 Mulberry St.; Steven C. Howell and Linda M. Martz to Christian Shetler; $20,000

595 Scholl Road; James A. Elkins and Melisa S. Elkins to Scott Michael Hamilton; $154,000

1024 Barrington Place; Hunsinger Builders, LLC to Richard A. Miu and Debra K. Miu, Co-Trustees; $278,900

621 Highland Ave.; Mid-Ohio Legacy Rentals, LLC to Travis Groscost; $115,000

1505 Brookpark Drive; Chauncey L. Holt and Mallory R. Holt to Charles Ganes and Jamie Ganes; $269,999

124 Arthur St.; Denisesha Draper to Shawn Grooms; $0

496 Woodward Ave.; Larry K. Kaufman and Joan J. Kaufman to Kayela Cooper; $36,100

401 Howard St.; Lisa M. Baker to MooreHomes, LLC; $65,000

581 South Main St.; Phillips Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Eric Phillips and Ashley Phillips; $60,000

1295 South Trimble Road; Tod C. Tuttle to Blue Door Real Estate Limited; $541,900

887 Arlington Ave.; Richard F. Miles to Logan Granson; $119,000

Crall Road; Hunsinger Park, Inc. to Ashland Railway, Inc.; $0

815 Hollywood Lane; Jackie E. Lawhorn and Alison Lawhorn to Dana Hefner and Cheryl Hefner; $179,000

411 Chevy Chase; Siraj Siddiqui to Sandra Hammer and Beverly Keller; $0

456 Lida St.; Nina Williams to Billy Russell Lloyd and Brenda L. Champagne; $37,500

27 Grasmere Ave.; AJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Brian Humphrey; $49,000

75 Elmridge Road; Susan A. Tatara and Thomas E. Tatara to Joshua Whatman and Hali Whatman; $270,000

1310 Whippoorwill Lane; Gerald M. Cooper and Lorraine J. Cooper to Jonelle J. White; $198,000

1651 Wilmington Point; Richard L. Ruth to Thomas E. Tatara and Susan A. Tatara; $252,400

606 Weller Ave.; Estate of Bernice C. Baker aka Bernice S. Baker to Amy J. Bombarger and Matthew L. Bombarger; $203,000

129 South Diamond St.; Sheila Goff, Trustee of The John J. Schengili Living Trust U/D/T to Thomas L. Fackler; $7,180


704 Scott Drive; The Young Preservation Trust to Richard L. Allen and Brenda F. Allen; $180,000

3660 Zimmerman Lane; Shope Investments, LLC to Alee Camden and Dylan Camden; $375,000

118 Sloboda Ave.; Michael Frost and Kristy Michelle Frost to Michael Gallik and Monica Gallik; $355,000

95 Harding Heights; Norman Anton and Marlene Anton to Amanda Trumpower; $0

688 Scott Drive; Eric Krantz, Principal Trustee under The Krantz Income Access to William L. Wright and Peggy A. Wright; $152,900

661 Scott Drive; Chester B. Kean, Sr. and Freda A. Kean to Lila P. Munsey; $199,000

3625 Zimmerman Lane; JEMV Properties, LLP to Shakuntalabahen Patel; $400,000

428 Rosewood Court; David L. Keinath to Alley Jenkins and Ryan Jenkins; $0

33 N. Main St.; John S. Williams to Dream Huge Realty, LLC; $355,000

V/L, Lewis Road; Acraland Properties, LLC to Tracy Fleming and Patty Fleming; $21,000

3246 Beverly Lane; Rose Hartung to Derek Hill; $182,000

676 Villa Drive; Deborah L. Wilcox to Rhonda Swank; $140,000

1034 State Route 314 North; Big Red Properties, LLC to Mayes International, LLC; $255,000


95 Linwood Court; Joseph T. Wechter and Lynn M. Wechter to Diana L. Wendling; $375,000

19 Steele Ave.; Virginia L. Argo and Harold D. Ward to Raymond L. Ward and Rebecca J. Ward; $80,808

53 Edgewood Drive.; Dwight L. Gregory and Brandy Gregory to Joshua M. Nutter and Haley M. Rinehart-Nutter; $204,900

109 Broadview St.; Sherwood A. Johnson and Linda R. Johnson to Ian Matthew Winchester; $135,000

Knoll View Circle; Edward Whited Construction, Inc. to Betty Sue Bennett and Kevin L. Bennett; $27,500

73 Shelby Ave.; Andrew J. Ensman and Sierra Ensman to Kimberly S. Teeple and Jeffrey C. Teeple; $164,900

146 East Main St.; Joseph Bellmer and James C. Bellmer to Judson L. Prosser, Jr.; $13,000

89 Sirosky Drive; Joshua Francis to Crain Industries, LLC; $120,000

105 McKinley Place; Cassandra N. Campbell fka Cassandra N. Kilgore to Ian Cole; $194,000

57 Marvin Ave.; Daniel O. Wagner and Joy L. Wagner to Danielle Doeing and Mason Groves; $198,000

48 East Whitney Ave.; Destiny Heinberger to Jill E. Miller and Jacob T. Miller; $120,000

13 Dale Ave.; Just Biz, Inc. to Joshua C. Ray and Sara M. Ray; $80,000

046-08-048-11-000; Laura R. Burk et al to Bonecutter Properties, LLC; $7,500

27 Williams Court; Jason M. Roth to Austin Wayne Ashley; $129,900

66 Renfrew Drive; Hayden Vent and Natalie Hornbeck to Lisa D. Brown and Charlene Zaebst; $235,000

45 Walnut St.; 72 Second St.; 118 Mansfield Ave.; Margaret Howard to James E. Howard; $50,000


Betty Drive; Urban Meadows, LLC to Shrock Premier Custom Construction; $16,500

117 Flowers Road; Diana L. Wendling (wtta Diana L. Perry) to Patrick A. Howard and Jessica Ross; $0

202 Markey St.; Olivia R. Liberti and Brendan J. Liberti to Mary Ellen Temple; $205,000

315 West Durbin Circle; Elizabeth A. Taylor to Timothy J. Ryan and Jennifer L. Ryan; $200,000

196 Bell St.; Andrew M. Granatir to Aaron W. Ford and Aimee D. Ford; $137,500


214 College St.; Wilma P. Shipley to Jeremiah Kurtz and Catherine M. Kurtz; $0

96 College St.; Estate of Joyce M. Gleason to Tyler A. Aungst and Samantha N. Aungst; $135,000

176 Elm St.; Rhonda Swank to Mary Waugh; $137,900


478 West Main St.; Forrest R. Williams to Christopher J. Wagner and Patricia L. Wagner; $0

18 Mohican Trail; AJAX 2020-A REO Corp., a Delaware Corporation to Emjay Ventures, LLC; $112,000

28 Cambridge Court; Crystal Lynn Stacklin to James M. Seidner; $197,000

103 Essex Circle; John McCollister and Hillary McCollister to Austin Sprague and Keely Sprague; $195,000

227 Breton Drive; John P. Hoffman and Ruth A. Hoffman to Caroline J. Maxey; $530,000

322 Fox Road; Timothy A. Klase and Ashley N. Klase to Shannon E. West and Eli VanNuck; $280,000

324 Fenway Blvd.; Angela D. Hilderbrand to Jeffrey R. Butcher and Sherisa N. Butcher; $200,000

1370 Orchard Park Road; Mark A. Sand and Jennifer Sand to Steven Mayo, II and Barbara Mayo; $159,900

24 Short St.; Susan M. Abraham to Taicoon Postal Group, LLC; $212,000


186 West Main St.; Timothy French and Amber French to Katelyn E. Stacy; $124,185


26 Plymouth St.; Richard A. Dannemiller II and Tamaria S. Dannemiller to Timothy Herner; $12,000

100 Plymouth St.; Lorie Stacy to Travis L. Clark and Desiree N. Kilgore; $95,000


6990 Granges Five Points Road; Marcus N. Burkholder and Rebekah E. Burkholder to Marcus N. Burkholder, Rebekah E. Burkholder, Joshua M. and Dorcas M.; $1,300,000


3259 Myers Road; Linda Marie Pifer, Gloria Jean McCready, Dennis Carl Miller, and Karen Sue Donnenwirth to John Garman and Annamary Garman; $91,000

5105 Plymouth Springmill Road; Jeffrey S. Marx to Shane Allen Patrick and Angela Patrick; $0

4976 Plymouth Springmill Road; Jerry Lee Clark, III and Dennesa L. Baker to Kandace Sexton and Nathan Conley; $175,000

1849 Myers Drive; Todd A. Lester to James M. Wilson and James Ray Wilson; $295,000


1445 Darlington East Road; Andrew B. Soliday and Shanna L. Soliday to Matthew B. Corwin and Alissa Fulk; $230,000

7240 Garber Road; James O. Wilson, Trustee to Amanda A. Wilson; $0

Bollinger Road; Ronald E. Brokaw and Regina K. Brokaw to Jonathan L. Puckett and Angela E. Puckett; $63,000

4668 O’Possum Run Road; Kevin Patrick Carmen to Brendan J. Liberti and Olivia Rae Liberti; $380,000

854 Gatton Rocks Road; Michael D. Gatton, Jeffrey L. Gatton, Heidi J. Baker, and Daniel E. Gatton to Todd Patrick O’Brien and Dorothy Lynn O’Brien; $220,000

7.909 acres, vacant land, Wagner Road.; Wade Hilltop Properties, LLC to Thomas A. Wade and Robyn D. Wade; $94,908


1542 Fleming Falls Road; Robert E. Young and Johnna Young to Dwight Gregory and Brandi Gregory; $217,500

853 Grace St.; Jonathan M. Cress to Hill Crest Rentals, LLC; $45,200

1113 Keller Drive; E. Louise Rhoads to Luke J. Phillips and Nicole Phillips; $108,500

1238 Mayfair Drive; Matthew D. Rickert to Candace B. Carroll and Walker E. Kisling; $0

1544 Stewart Road; The Estate of Jean B. McCullough to L.E Niebel; $0

1120-1122 Delwood Road; BKS II, LLC to Tim Gough, Randy Gough, Kassie Jacobus, and Dalton Deel; $150,000

1838 Beal Road; Jacob T. Hairston to Tessa Blust; $133,000

873 Duke Ave.; Kimberly Whidden to Kerry Henry; $65,000

390 Lee Lane; Laurie K. Thomas to Elizabeth Shannon and Joseph Shannon; $130,000

1240 Melrose Drive; Adrienne E. Nusbaum to Cody Cottrell; $224,000

323 Cairns Road; Brenda E. Talbot to Terri L. Ward; $0

920 City View Drive; Kristopher M. Batten to Logan J. Morrison; $26,000

1175 Bechtel Ave.; Randy Kemp to Spencer Andrel; $35,000

947 Ashland Road; Steve Beatty, Sr. and Joan Beatty to Big Dog Equipment Services, Inc.; $60,000

114 North Ridge Road; Michelle D. McBride and Melissa K. Collum, Co-Trustees to Patricia A. Laws and Clinnie M. Laws; $169,900

1077 Delwood Road; Terry Shaw and Lori Shaw to Andrew Dyke; $136,900

698 Hoover Road; Ryan A. Zellner to Nevada Alan Heintz; $294,900

026-11-068-15-000 and 026-11-068-16-000; Joseph W. Shears to Amber Nelson; $13,000

1116 Fir Drive; Brenda A. Williams, Donna T. Thompson, Annette M. Ward etal to Dusty M. Ramirez; $75,000

958 Beal Road; Curtis Donley to Mid Ohio Investments, LLC; $66,500

367 Vernon Road; Rhonda L. Cole to The Park National Bank; $0

1545 Victory St.; Joel T. Harris aka Joel Todd Harris to Nancy Prosser and Timothy Prosser; $158,000

590 Parry Ave.; Brian H. McPeek and Kimberly M. McPeek to Englefield Family, LLC; $140,000


2050 Satinwood Drive; Robert J. Kurtz and Lisa M. Kurtz to Matthew D. Ricket and Laura Rickert; $0

2607 Emma Lane; Ronald R. Strine, Trustee to Holly E. Curry; $150,000

2383 Park Avenue East; Tien F. Chang and Yun I. Chang to Time to Move Home, LLC; $280,000

2295 Kentwood Drive; Synergy Property Solutions, Inc. to Kaye A. Hughes and Jeffrey D. Hughes; $210,000

69 Ford Road S.; Colton Ullman to Eric Lee; $150,000

1860 Miller Loop South; The Hughes Preservation Trust dated August 25th, 2021 to Joshua A. Massie and Rebecca A. Massie; $249,900

680 Harlan Road; Edna Naomi Harry, aka Edna N. Harry to Culler Acres, LLC; $830,000

1806 Bowen Road; Ryan H. Reiheld and Kaitlyn E. Reiheld to Dustin J. Rinehart; $165,454

Willow Drive; William Hamman to Carlos Clover, III and DaWanna Johnson; $1,000


1458 Lucas North Road; Mark D. Ruscsak to Timothy L. French and Amber R. French; $170,000

1357 Smart Road; Daniel J. Gates and Karen D. Gates to Brandy Martin; $208,000

2962 Hastings Road East; Mary L. Stotts aka Mary Louise Stotts to Timothy P. Burrell and Miranda N. Burrell; $190,000

4083 Covert Road; Julia A. Strimple to Futures P&E, LLC; $150,000


929 E. Main St.; Justin A. Moyer to George V. Highfield; $35,000


5635 State Route 61; Colette M. Dunn and Todd G. Dunn to Cassandra N. Campbell; $0


1186 S. State Route 314; Fitzpatrick Holdings Group, LLC to Lee Bryant and Molly Bryant; $152,345.58

3059 Noblet Road; Andrew J. Neutzling and Kelsey Neutzling to Paul R. Matson and Brittany N. Skok; $270,000

3980 Beam Road; Danny Joe Williams and Karen Ann Williams to Jeanette L. Jamison and Andrew Jamison; $495,000

4661 Flowers Road; Erin L. Bundeson and Abby M. Merritt to Andrew Meyer and Courtney Meyer; $212,000

4685 Flowers Road; Adam M. Robbins and Julia D. Robbins to Joshua P. Burghard and Codey C. Burghard; $0

320 State Route 314 South; Miller Real Estate II, LTD to Allison L. Hatfield; $229,900


3031 Eckert Road; Michael A. Finley to Paul Yoder and Mattie Yoder; $300,000

3525 Whitetail Drive East; Clifford Ritchie and Tylynn R. Ritchie to The Marcos Javier Gonzalez and Irma Nora Lopez Living Trust; $480,000

2340 Lexington Springmill Road; Matthew David Garber to Jeremiah Huff and Andrea Huff; $165,750

Cockley Road; John L. Garber Material Corp. to Jeremiah Huff and Andrea Huff; $159,250

19.076 acres, State Route 546; Corey R. Shearer aka Corey D. Shearer to Brent E. Humberson and Karen A. Humberson; $66,666.66

19.076 acres, State Route 546; Jeffrey A. Maler to Brent E. Humberson and Karen A. Humberson; $66,666.67

19.076 acres, State Route 546; Christine A. McMahill to Brent E. Humberson and Karen A. Humberson; $66,666.67


1500 Whitnauer Drive; Betty S. Bennett to Jenna Mascazzini; $219,000

487 Walfield Drive; Raul Sanchez to Bryan Truax and Kayla Truax; $270,000

V/L, Lexington Ave.; E. June Bricker to Dritto Holdings, LLC; $250,000

2801 Lakeside Drive; Monique Buchholz aka Monique Wilson to Payton Fletcher and Cole Fletcher; $0

1806 Jamestown Drive; The Estate of Mary M. Nemeth to Louis Nemeth, III; $100,000

3120 Hastings Newville Road; Rebecca Dlesk and Steven Dlesk to Erin Brooke Gorrell; $182,000

130 West Straub Road; Amy Johnston to Gersjan Tane; $200,000

51 Deerfield Road; Anita L. Ryan to Heather L. Johnson; $199,900

1447 Mansfield Washington Road; Timothy P. Burrell and Miranda N. Burrell to Jonah M. Burrell and Demi E. Burrell; $200,000

409 Vanderbilt Road; Carolyn J. Naumann to Spencer L. Carr; $0

721 Straub Road; Helen B. Farnbauch to Hakon C. Espvik; $125,000

592 Cliffside Drive; John H. Mack, Jr. to CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC; $80,100

90 Yoha Drive; Scott Rosendaul and Jessica Rosendail to Mark S. Goodrow; $215,000


2470 State Route 96; Frederick S. McKinney, Jr. and Linda O. Schneeg McKinney to Christopher L. Valentine and Sabrina G. Valentine; $210,000

2375 Cotter Road; Guy G. Owens, Jr. to J.P Morgan Chase Bank, National Association; $169,200


.8392 acres, Bunker Hill Road; John P. Burson to The Restoring House Riverside, LLC; $0

6402 O’Possum Run Road; Polly Michaels and James Michaels to Douglas Duncan and Jenny Duncan; $5,000

2146 Snyder Road; The Hillside House, LLC to Sireesha Kolli; $948,000

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