Finding a place to call home has become more difficult the past few years with slim options and inflation. More than ever, adults are looking for a pleasant place to live that is affordable, easy to manage and accommodating. Willow Run aims to provide all of this and more with their dedication to make adults forever homes a reality.

Located at 763 County Line Rd. in Crestline, the adult living community has a multitude of features that the 55+ community can take advantage of like snow removal, lawn care and an event center.

Peggie Ragle, Quality Control Specialist and resident of Willow Run, gets the best of both worlds by having her home and job in the same area. “This is the best job I have ever had in my life. I love what I’m doing,” she said. 

Willow Run living

Originally from Texas, Ragle made the move to Ohio to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. Her daughter had been looking for homes for Ragle to move into and just happened to come across Willow Run. Ragle immediately fell in love with the community.

Ragle has been a resident and employee of Willow Run for almost a year and although Ragle is retired, she enjoys her 10-15 hour a week job where she is able to help out in any way possible from office work to running to the post office. 

Ragle’s job at Willow Run still allows her a lot of flexibility and social time with her daughter and friends.

She especially enjoys the peace and quiet, safety and friendliness the community has to offer.

“That is why I moved here. And I am glad I did. We are all one big happy family here,” she said. 

Willow Run kitchen

Although the adult community reminds Ragle of her old Texas neighborhood, she finds her new home to be much more suitable to her needs. 

Willow Run is in a central location between Shelby, Mansfield and Ontario, convenient for residents so they do not have to travel far for their shopping or dining. 

The connection made between neighbors is another highlight for Ragle within the community. 

“It’s a very welcoming community,” Ragle said. “I love it because we are all close to the same age, we have the same interests, it’s very quiet and everyone looks out for everyone else.”

About Willow Run

Madelon Holar, another resident of Willow Run and neighbor of Ragle, decided to move into the neighborhood 6 months ago because of the accessibility of the homes due to a broken knee cap she endured months before. 

“I think most people would find it enjoyable living here. Neighbors are very helpful. Everyone looks out for each other,” she said. Holar also finds the staff at Willow Run to be very helpful and knows she can count on them when needed.   

“The staff is very cordial. If they can’t answer your question, they will find someone who can,” she said. 

Holar is also looking forward to the new community room to enjoy events with her neighbors as well as a walking/dog trail so she can take her small pup on walks. 

For more information about Willow Run or to schedule a visit, call 419-419-5040 or visit their website.

“If you’re happy where you’re living, you enjoy the world much better,” Ragle said. “Come take a look. You haven’t lived life if you haven’t lived with us. We love everybody and we help everybody we can.”

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