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Editor’s Note: “Live Well Richland” is a 6-part series brought to you by Richland Public Health, highlighting the programs they offer and the lives they impact.

The Annual Report is a valuable asset to educate the community about health and wellness in their county. It tells the story of how Richland Public Health served the community. Residents and visitors have easy access to this tool that offers a look at everything from vital statistics to programs and services that promote health and wellness in Richland County.

“We do the annual report each year for the Richland County community so that our community partners know what we’ve got going on, as well as our community members, so that they know all about the different programs and services we offered throughout the past year, but every year, all year long,” said Dr. Julie Chaya, Director of Community Health & Prevention Sciences.

Renda Cline, Health Education and Communications Specialist, describes the Annual Report as a “high level bird’s eye view of what Richland Public Health offers the community.”

“Oftentimes the community is not aware of all of the different programs that are offered to help them stay healthy and prevent illness and injury,” Cline said.

More Information

Read Richland Public Health’s 2021 Annual Report here. 

The health department provides inspections, routine immunizations, dental health programs, drug prevention programs, as well as a number of other services. The 2021 report’s focus was primarily COVID-19, and navigating through the “new-normal.” 

“Folks being willing to receive COVID vaccines this past year as well as a booster, that’s really helped to get life a little back more to normal here in Richland County, so the health department has been able to pivot and shift within the blink of eye depending on which way the pandemic has progressed,” Chaya said.

Soon, Richland Public Health will have a Community Health Assessment. They will perform different anonymous surveys and host focus groups with community leaders and members to check on the quality of life of the people of Richland County.

“We really need folks to participate because that data is what helps the health department fund and support a number of the programs and services that people really need in this community,” Chaya said.

Throughout the spring and summer, many opportunities for participation will be coming up that are important for data collection.

“We are data driven. Data helps us understand who lives here and what the people who live here need in order to be healthy and productive in their own lives,” Cline said.

Yearly and monthly annual reports are available on Richland Public Health’s website with featured highlights of what was accomplished in the past year. 

“I think it makes a huge impact on the community just for awareness alone, so that people can see what we’ve offered,” Cline said, “Hopefully it will spark interest in looking at the website to see where they can improve their health, in their environment and in their own personal spaces.”

Call 419-774-4761 to request a hard copy and learn how Richland Public Health continues to make an impact in our community and how you can learn more about the many resources they offer.

More Information

Read Richland Public Health’s 2021 Annual Report here. 

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