Christmas presents sent to Lexington Court Care Center

These presents were sent to residents at Lexington Court Care Center.

LEXINGTON -- Western Elementary Kindergarten teacher Trisha Kist saw a a social media post recently and it sparked an idea.

The post, by Julie Taylor and Cindy McCoy, was a request to adopt residents of Lexington Court Care Center. The idea was to help bring them holiday cheer.

Kist presented the idea to principal Genelle Eggerton and the staff at Western. Students and parents jumped on the project with great enthusiasm and were once again generous in supporting the community.

With the school community mobilized, bags were quickly filled with items the residents requested, including pop, candy, socks, blankets, jewelry and much more.

Many of the classrooms at Western adopted a resident, some adopted two. There was a surplus for some residents that was going to go to any others in need.

The hope is all the residents will be blessed during these difficult times.

The bags were being delivered over the weekend and then, to be safe amid COVID-19 concerns, would sit a couple of days until deemed safe.


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