Strive to thrive blog #6

Editor's Note: This article was submitted by Nick Fetter, Exercise Physiologist at OhioHealth and Strive to Thrive personal trainer.

How can you reach your goals faster, with a higher success rate, and with less detours? Find a workout partner.

Having someone hold you accountable could be a critical factor in your success. Fitness-related studies show that those who have an accountability partner only have an 8-percent drop-out rate. Conversely, those that do not have someone to hold them accountable have, roughly, a 50-percent drop-out rate. 

Other than holding you accountable, workout partners can also:

  • Be source of motivation 

  • Help you set goals 

  • Make workouts more fun

Your accountability partner can be someone you check-in with on a daily or weekly basis, or it can be someone who goes to the gym with you. 

So, who are you going to pick?

  • A friend

  • A family member

  • Your spouse / significant other

  • Your neighbor

  • Your dog (Seriously. They need to take a walk and get some exercise too!)

If you have someone in mind, great! But if you still aren’t sure where to start, OhioHealth can help. Consider scheduling an appointment with an exercise physiologist for group personal training. All you have to do is bring your workout partner and a trainer will have a workout prepared for you. Interested? Contact the OhioHealth Ontario Health and Fitness Center at (419) 526-8900 or the OhioHealth Wellness and Prevention Center at (567) 241-7200.


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