Quarantine workout #2

Ready to move a little? We've got you covered with a 25-minute, Tabata-style workout.

What you'll need:

  • Water
  • A mat
  • Dumbbells, Kettlebells or a household item
  • A chair or step

Open the YouTube video below to follow along, or see the written instructions below. Have fun and do this proudly! Your body deserves it. 

Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine and always work at your own pace, hydrating and taking breaks as need.

Warm-Up: 5 minutes (March or Jog in Place, High Knees, Hamstring Curls, Hip Circles, Shoulder Rolls, Arm Circles, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope).

The goal of a Tabata is to work as hard as you safely can for 20 seconds, then rest and hydrate for 10 seconds and get ready to go again.

Tabata 1 (alternate exercises for a total of 4 minutes, performing each exercise 4 times):

Burpees - Start from a standing position and then bend forward and put hands on chair, step, or floor. Then step or hop feet behind you and back in and stand all the way back up (add a calf raise and/or arm reaches overhead for more intensity).

Squats - With feet hip width apart, sink hips back and down as far as comfortable and then press through legs to come back to standing position. Use weights for added challenge.

Rest for 1 minute.

Tabata 2 (alternate exercises for a total of 4 minutes, performing each exercise 4 times):

Alternating Forward Lunges with Biceps Curls - Step forward with elbows tucked at sides. Bend back knee as you lower toward floor and curl weights up toward shoulders. Press through front foot to come back to starting position as you lower arms and then repeat with other leg forward.

Crunches or Sit-Ups - Contract the abdominal muscles while maintaining a neutral neck. Can be done in a chair, on a stability ball, or on the floor.

Rest for 1 minute

Tabata 3:

Side Planks - Position your hand or elbow under the shoulder leaning sideways against a wall, chair, or against the floor. Maintain a straight line through the body by contracting the abdominal muscles. If you are performing side planks on the floor you can bend the knees to modify or balance on the outside of your foot with straight legs to make it harder.  

Squats with a Calf Raise or Squat Jumps - Sink back into a squat and then press up onto the toes or press up and jump landing with soft knees.  

Rest for 1 minute

Cool-Down: 5 minutes of marching in place or walking around the house to let your heart rate decrease and catch your breath. Finish with some gentle stretching.


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