Quarantine workout

Stuck at home these days? Most likely. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a guided 30-minute circuit workout. 

What you'll need:

  • Dumbbells (or a household item, like a soup can or a laundry detergent bottle with a good handle)
  • A mat

Open the YouTube video below to follow along, or see the written instructions below. Have fun and do this proudly! Your body deserves it. 

Always make sure to check with you doctor before beginning an exercise routine and warmup for 5 minutes with gentle movements (marching in place, shoulder rolls, arm swings, hip circles, etc.).

Perform each Exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break (hydrate as needed)

March or Jog in Place

Squats - with or without weights, sink your hips back and down while contracting your abs.

Push-Ups - with hands on wall in front of shoulders, with knees on floor, or with toes on floor (maintain a straight line through the body no matter which version you choose).

Crunches or Sit-Ups - contract abs to lift chin towards ceiling with neutral neck.

Jumping Jacks - hop both legs out or alternate stepping one leg out at a time as you bring arms overhead.

Lunges - alternate stepping forward with one leg as you bend the back knee towards the floor, press through front foot to return to center and repeat on other leg (for added challenge hold weights).

Row/Kickback - place one hand on your thigh and hinge forward from the hips. Hold a weight in the other hand and bring the elbow up past your rib cage (like starting a lawnmower) then extend the elbow so arm is parallel to the floor. Slowly bend the elbow and lower the arm, continue until you are halfway through the time then switch arms and repeat.

Oblique Crunches - contract abs to lift shoulder blade off floor and aim armpit towards opposite knee, continue motion while alternating sides.

Skaters - reach right leg back and across behind left leg as you bend left knee into a slight lunge position then repeat on the other side swinging arms to add intensity.

Calf Raises - press up onto the toes as you lift heels off the floor and slowly lower.

Curl/Press - holding weights with elbows tucked to your sides, slowly curl hands up towards shoulders, then turn palms forward and press arms overhead.

Superman - lying on stomach lift opposite arm and leg a few inches off the floor and slowly lower, alternate with other arm and opposite leg (for more challenge, lift both arms and legs at the same time).

Jump Rope - can use imaginary rope (keep toes on floor and bounce heels if you need lower impact).

Side Lunge - step out to one side bending that knee as you shift your hips back and down, press up and back to the center and repeat on the other leg (hold weights for more challenge; try standing or lying on your side with a straight leg lift for something a bit easier).

Front/Side Raise - holding weights in both hands, lift straight arms forward and lower slowly, then lift straight arms out to the sides (arms should finish about parallel to the floor but no higher than shoulder height).

Plank - place forearms on wall with elbows in front of shoulders and lean in with a straight line from head to heels or perform on floor with bent knees or straight legs.

Make sure to spend 5 minutes cooling down and a few minutes stretching at the end.


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