Scavenger hunt

The Strive to Thrive personal trainers led the contestants around the OhioHealth Fitness Center for a scavenger hunt. 

MANSFIELD - The Strive to Thrive competition has officially begun, giving the contestants a more detailed framework of what’s to come.

The first event on Jan. 13 invited the nine contestants to meet each other for the first time, learn more about nutrition and participate in their first team competitions. 

Carol Mabry, exercise physiologist at OhioHealth and Strive to Thrive personal trainer, started the event by introducing the contestants to the program. 

“When we think about wellness, we want to think about maybe creating a wellness vision that encompasses more than just the physical,” she said. “For each of us it’s going to be something different. There’s no right or wrong. It’s just whatever that is for you individually.” 

Scavenger hunt 2

(From left to right) Personal trainer AJ Beddow leads contestants Eddie Gallow and Kara Franco on their quest to find the next clue for the scavenger hunt. 

Most of the contestants have already met with their trainers and started their training sessions. 

Kara Franco, Strive to Thrive contestant, has started her journey to weight loss by attending group classes, which she’s found very enjoyable. 

“I’m not a ‘let’s get on a treadmill for 30 minutes’ kind of person. I need different stuff, so that’s why I really like the group classes,” Franco said. 

The weight loss competition inspired by NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” will consist of weekly personal training sessions, nutritional education and group competitions. One major difference, however, will be that no one will be eliminated. 

All contestants will receive complimentary personal training sessions, a FitBit and a free membership to OhioHealth training facilities from Jan. 6 to April 12. An overall winner will be named based on his/her body composition analysis using OhioHealth's InBody 230. 

The winner will receive a year-long membership to OhioHealth training facilities.

Although there will only be one winner in the end, the contestants will be able to work with each other on team competitions. For their first competition, they participated in a scavenger hunt, where clues were placed around the gym for contestants to find. 

Strive to Thrive contestant Rachel Barr felt confident in her team after getting through the scavenger hunt in a breeze. Now that the competition has started, she’s figured out what she needs to do in order to be successful. 

Learning about nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at OhioHealth Baylee Leonhardt gave a seminar to Strive to Thrive contestants and community members in attendance about creating a healthy plate and sustaining weight loss.

“I’ve got to work on setting my little goals—breaking down my big goals into little goals,” she said. 

After the meet and greet, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at OhioHealth Baylee Leonhardt also gave a seminar to Strive to Thrive contestants and community members in attendance about creating a healthy plate and sustaining weight loss.

“We don’t want to lose all the weight and gain it back in a week. So we really want to try to learn these new lifestyle changes that we’re trying to incorporate into our life and carry those through for the rest of our life,” she spoke.  

Personal Trainer AJ Beddow said this competition will give the contestants accountability.

“I think it’s a great learning opportunity,” he said. “That’s more important than anything. They’ve all worked out before for various reasons; maybe it hasn’t gone as well as it could have. I think a lot of information that we’ll present to them, especially on a diet, will go a long way for them.”


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