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When we asked you to share stories of everyday heroes during these tough times of the COVID-19 outbreak, you delivered beyond our expectations. 

We wanted to know stories of how these heroes are helping all of us stay together socially, mentally and emotionally -- even while remaining physically apart.

Now, we're sharing the news of your "Daily Hero" with everyone in north central Ohio through Richland Source, Ashland Source and Knox Pages.

We'll be updating this list every day with new stories of your heroes. Use the form below to submit a story you'd like to recognize: 

The teachers and staff at McMullen Elementary! Mrs. Gorrell has been doing openings every morning this week. My boy's teachers have been in contact daily with either myself or the boys directly. Mrs. Spenser has sent link after link for supplemental educational tools. Mrs. Thompson CALLED my kindergartener. Feeling so very supported. - Jean Coleman

Linda Turske. The costume designer at the Renaissance Theatre is tirelessly making cloth masks for her friends, family and for medical centers. I think some people are picking them up to drop off to medical facilities. She has worked tirelessly and communication via Facebook for drop offs, pick ups. Yesterday she had 94 orders. Today she typically works on making 40-44. She is saying a little prayer for each one she makes and the person she gives it to. She is the kindest woman I know and a light in my life. (And she makes some pretty amazing costumes for us actors!) - Leah

Jodie Perry, Chamber President. Her regular posts to businesses in Richland County are filled with useful information. But more than that, she offers a hopeful and inspiring vision of how we will get through this shadow and back into the light. - Reed Richmond

My mom, Teresa, for stepping up as a nursing home STNA and working a lot of overtime to make sure her residents are taken care of! I love you and all that you do! - Brittainy Wenrich

Braxton Daniels stepped up and helped build e-mansfield.com in just a few days. With strained communications he's diligently working with local small businesses to help them get the word out and support local companies through this difficult time. He's full of positive energy and enthusiasm even in the face of uncertainty. - Tracy Graziani

Lisa Stone has been working tirelessly sharing, tagging, commenting and helping small business owners and consumers in the e-Mansfield community which has grown to over one thousand members in just a few days. Her constant dedication to being a positive, helpful, and encouraging person, even now in the face of adversity is simply inspiring. - Tracy Graziani

Angie Henke, Jason Kaye, and Jeremy Ward are daily heroes even on an average Tuesday in August when there's not much else going on. They are responsible for keeping the Harker St. Warming House for homeless men and a couple other places through Reaching Out ministries. They do an incredible service for the community with no government funding. I am so impressed with all that they do that makes a difference to so many people, both to those who are receiving the services and for those who are able to donate time/money/items to them. - Anonymous

While most of us are staying safe inside our homes, delivery personnel are still out and about. My dad is battling cancer. He still needs his medicine and care equipment, and we still get it thanks to them. They are my heroes. - Katie Ellington

My fiancé, Frank Velez III, who is a manager of the IGA in West Salem is my daily hero. Since the virus has hit our state, Frank has been putting in his normal 8 hours and then some everyday to insure his community will have the food and paper products needed for his store. After news broke from our governor of the stay at home order, Frank spent hours on his phone during his off hours to find masks for all his employees. Also during his off hours, Frank has been planning and setting the steps in place that his store will need to take during this order to protect not only the workers but the community. Frank never complains during any of this and feels proud to be able to help in this fight against COVID19. He has always been my daily hero but it's truly come to even more light during these times. So please everyone keep those grocery store workers in mind when we want to flock to these stores. Go in when it's needed and remember those workers have loved ones to return to. Thank you! - Alissa

It isn't hard to find heroes during times of crisis; first responders and medical professionals provide inspiring examples every day. But I think that Arthur Ashe's definition of heroism is about perfect when it comes to less visible heroes; there are many quiet, nearly anonymous heroes in our community. I especially admire those who dedicate themselves to the care of those who have no voice during this terrible time. My hero is Linda Chambers, Managing Director of the Humane Society of Richland County. The abandoned and abused animals in our community may not be as much on our minds as we read the headlines — but they are still there, and still in need. Ms. Chambers has committed to the welfare of these poor animals —and remains dedicated to the welfare of HSRC's Shelter employees as well. Through hours of hard work, exhaustive planning and an intense focus on the effective management of the Society, she is quietly assuring that neglected dogs and cats will be fed and cared for — now and in the future. We are truly all in this together. - David Harmon

I am sick and stuck at home with either flu or COVID-19. Katie Macke, a Realtor at Carriage Trade Realty,in Columbus, Ohio is bundling up up in protective gear and bringing homemade soup, clean sheets and grocery, medicine and pharmacy runs for myself and others. I let her push these items thru an open window I had disinfected earlier. - Anonymous

My coworker knows I have an immune issue and so he reached out and asked if he could drop off groceries for me. I got tears in my eyes when I saw the message. He dropped off the items later in the day. Jon is in Allegheny County. Pittsburgh. - Monica LeSage

My wife she works with people on a daily basis she also does a lot for our family she loves the work she does - Mike Schaade

My husband Alan took action when news media suggested displaying Christmas decorations to spread cheer to neighbors and give parents the chance to help children through this hard time. - Mary Castor

My daily heroes are several groups of people. Jobs that are typically looked down upon or seen as dead end or low skill occupations are suddenly front and center with a situation like this. Janitorial services are essential to disinfect and clean an area to assure the safety of others. Truck drivers and warehouse employees are essential parts of the supply infrastructure. Stockers and store employees are working hard to meet the demand of the public. Restaurant employees work to keep people fed. Garbage collection continues to keep us sanitary and the mail continues of course as well. Of course in our times of need like this we typically look to those in the medical field, emergency services, and our leadership. But I feel these folks definitely deserve their own recognition due to their now essential impact or their services allowing us to feel a level of comfort that our society will make it through this and continue forth when the threat has passed. Incidents such as these show that no matter what your job title may be - you have an important piece in the integrity of our nation. We are all a part of that chain. - Ryan Ryder

The baristas at Starbucks in Mt. Vernon. They are always there smiling and it makes the bad days feel a little brighter. They often get over looked but they're keeping some normalcy for our medical professionals, police officers and firefighters during this abnormal time. - Anonymous

Who is my daily hero? My daily heroes are the medical staff I work with who are at work daily and still manage to give our patients the best care possible during this crisis. A lot of us face our own challenges but still put a smile on our faces and work as a team! - Anonymous

On the Nextdoordigest.com site for my Ontario neighborhood I noticed that Jim Smith from Buckeye Village offered to help others. He was reaching out to those in need with a reminder for us to check on the elderly. I was impressed that he offered aid to anyone wanting assistance without prompting. - Anonymous

Vivian Winters runs People Helping People in Downtown Mansfield on Bowman Street. Amid the outbreak, she still continues to provide meals to those in need and is taking precautions to keep everyone safe, healthy, and also fed. She runs this rain or shine, in 100 degrees or -20 degrees. - Ashleigh Karl


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