Trai'Shaun and Shawn

(Left to right) Co-CEO's Shawn Sydnor and Trai'Shaun Beard opened Formation Dance Studios (named after Grammy award winning singer Beyoncé's hit song "Formation") to provide fun and new activities to do in the City of Mansfield. 

MANSFIELD — Business owner Trai'Shaun Beard made plans to open her new dance studio Formation in February, but when COVID-19 hit Ohio, it threw a wrench into her plans. 

Despite the setback, the one positive thing Beard could take out of this entire situation was the fact that it gave more time to think about safety and precaution.

“It just gave us a lot of time to consider everything and really make sure we had everything with those nice, beautiful finishing touches,” Beard said. 

Beard, who also owns Akua Hair Clinic & Salon that sits right next door to Formation Dance Studios, originally wanted to transform the studio into a hair store but soon realized she wouldn’t be able to afford it. When her (now) business partner Shawn Syndor came to her with the idea for a dance fitness studio, she jumped at the chance. 

“Dancing is good for your soul, it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your brain, it’s good for everything,” Beard stated back in February. “And to combine dancing and fitness, I feel like it is the best way to help the people of Mansfield be happier, be healthier and be more involved with their community.” 

Several classes will be offered at the studio, including zumba, all female/male classes, meditation, yoga, aerial, pole dancing, self defense and more. Members will also be able to learn about nutritional health.

The studio may also be booked for ladies nights and other private events that must have at least five people in attendance. The cost is $25 per person. 

Taking COVID-19 and safety into consideration, there will now be an installed alarm where members will have to be buzzed in first before coming in, and space will be limited for now. Those looking to book a session will be able to sign up using the Vagaro app once the studio officially opens.

Memberships will start at $40 a month (shareable memberships also available) and the studio will be open Monday-Saturday. In their first year of opening, Beard hopes to reach 300 members. 

“It’ll be something that you need to be able to commit a (few) months to truly see results,” Beard said. “So in that time you’re going to learn whole routines, you’re going to learn a lot and really advance as a dancer, and also your physical health and your beauty on the inside and out.” 

Formation Dance Studios opens early July and is located at 522 Park Avenue West. Visit the organization’s Facebook page for more details.


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