Dr. Melissa McRae, Glō Facial Bar cofounder, receives an enlighten luxury facial with eyebrow tint add-on by esthetician Madi Moro. 

ONTARIO — The body’s largest organ doesn’t always get the care it deserves, but the founders of Glō Facial Bar believe the skin deserves the best.

That’s why Kristin Kipp, Dr. Melissa McRae and Sheree Young have teamed up to offer facials and skincare treatments at their new open-concept facial bar at the Richland Mall.

Glō Facial Bar was founded on the belief that facials are a necessity, not a luxury.


Glō Facial Bar is located inside the Oui Integrated Wellness and Yoga Cooperative at the Richland Mall. 

“I think about the fact that people routinely go to hair salons, nail salons, they get extensions, acrylics and all these things, but skin care is not something everybody routinely does, surprisingly,” Young said. “But it's the thing that people see first on your face. It really shows how well you are, how healthy you feel, your mood, your age.”

The Glō founders are not new to skin care; they all belong to the team at Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa, a medical facility in downtown Mansfield that offers medical grade aesthetic treatments to help improve skin texture and tone, as well as reverse signs of aging.

“We’re passionate about skin care,” Young said.

Located inside the Oui Integrated Wellness and Yoga Cooperative (formerly Hollister), Glō Facial Bar offers two main facial types: luxury and luxury with dermaplane, each of which is performed by a licensed esthetician.

Luxury facials help cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin, Young said.

By adding dermaplane, clients can receive mechanical exfoliation.

“A tool is used to scrape the skin,” Young said. “It removes vellus hair and it removes the top layer of dead skin, so skincare products will be able to penetrate better and your skin feels baby smooth.”

Equipped with two treatment chairs, Glō offers a variety of treatments for different skin problems, from acne and dark spots, to fine lines and wrinkles. The estheticians can help determine which treatment best suits your skincare needs.

“There’s also add-on’s like arm and hand massage, brow tinting and shaping,” Young added.

Included in Glō’s list of services is a treatment specifically designed for men called “Bespoke,” which includes massage and beard therapy — a treatment that nourishes the beard and the skin beneath it with beard oil formulated with shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax.

Clients can choose to pay it forward by adding on a $35 “Pay It Forward Facial,” which allows a local deserving children services caseworker or foster parent the opportunity to receive a free facial. Learn more about Glō’s commitment to children in foster care by visiting Together We Rise.

Glō also has its own skincare line.


Skincare line 

On top of providing quality skincare treatment, Glō believes in educating its clients on proper skin care.

“There are things (the estheticians) can tell about your skin while doing your facial that are surprising to know,” Young said. “When they're scraping off those dead skin cells, I've heard them say things like, ‘Are you using a product with some wax?’ So it really helps people, I think, choose the right products to get the results that they want and then a referral out if it's beyond routine care.”

Since opening in early November, the response from the community has been great, Young said.

“It’s going really well,” she said.

Glō is holding a fashion exchange on Dec. 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., with all of the proceeds benefiting Together We Rise, an organization dedicated to caring for local children in foster care. Click here for event details. 


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