Lex Senior meals (copy)

The Lexington Senior Civic Center will resume serving "to go" meals with car-side delivery on Feb. 2.

LEXINGTON -- After nearly four months on hiatus, the Lexington Senior Center will resume grab-and-go meals starting Feb. 2.

Homemade meals will be available for curbside pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m for $7. Center director Brenda Wilson said she chose the most popular, well-loved meals for the upcoming menu.

“I’m looking forward to getting things back to normal. We're tiptoeing still, but I'm going to try," Wilson said. “I want to see their faces again.”

The senior center had offered to-go meals last spring and summer, but stopped around October when COVID-19 cases spiked among local seniors. 

With cases dropping and vaccine roll-outs beginning, Wilson said she feels comfortable restarting the program and plans to reopen the center fully on April 5. Indoor dining and some programming will resume at that time.

Wilson hopes seniors will feel more comfortable returning for in-person activities in the spring.

“They need it. There’s several seniors who live alone. They follow the rules, they stay home and they’re very lonely," she said. “Some of it's taking a toll on their mental health, you can see it.”

The carry-out lunch menu is listed below.


2nd – Meatloaf/Macaroni & Cheese

4th – Garlic Baked Chicken/Garlic Potato Cubes

9th – Stuffed Peppers/Mashed Potatoes

11th – Ham Loaf/Cheesy Potatoes

16th – Corned Beef/Cabbage/Herbed Potato Halves

18th – Lasagna/Garlic Bread/Garlic Vegetables

23rd – Beef tips/Noodles

25th – Salisbury Steak/Mashed potatoes


2nd – Pork Chops/Hash Brown Casserole

4th – Meatloaf/ Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

9th – Cabbage Rolls/Mashed Potatoes

11th – Ham Loaf/Herbed Noodles

16th – Pot Roast/Scalloped Potatoes

18th – Chicken/Bacon/Alfredo/Garlic Bread

23rd – Beef Stroganoff/Noodles

25th – Swiss Steak/Mashed Potatoes/Garlic Vegetables

30th - Open Face Turkey/Mashed Potatoes/Gravy


1st – Easter Ham/Sweet Potatoes


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