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Black Iron Fitness expanded its facility by adding a new building to host the 95 classes they offer.

LEXINGTON – After opening back in June, Black Iron Fitness has expanded its facility. 

Wes Jones, owner, was granted access to the 4,000 sq ft building behind the Black Iron Fitness building, which originally served as a storage facility. 

While the first building features traditional gym equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and free weights, the additional building hosts all 95 classes that gym members have access to.

“I brought on a personal trainer who had a bunch of instructors that taught multiple classes, so we had another building specifically for classes and other services as well,” Jones said. 

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Black Iron Fitness now offers massage therapy.

Jones, a passionate health and fitness enthusiast for the past 30 years, said this addition will give the gym even more of an advantage in serving the Lexington community as a local fitness option. 

Black Iron Fitness is located on 124A Plymouth Street and open 24 hours a day. Since opening in June, Jones has seen steady growth in membership. His original goal of having a grand total of 100 members by the end of the year was shattered in five months and the gym currently has 115 members. 

On top of continuing to add more classes, Jones has brought on two massage therapists and added a massage room to the newly purchased building. 

Along with his wife Melissa Jones, a certified health coach, and his daughter Victoria Jones, C.O.O of Black Iron Fitness, the Christian family wants to help improve the health and wellness of Richland County.

“My goal is not to be like anybody else,” Jones said. “I want to be different. We're really looking to help people in their health journey and not just come in and lose a little bit of weight and then stop coming to the gym. We want to make it to where they don't want to quit. They're being motivated, they're being encouraged and it's more like a family atmosphere.”

Jen Greene, head trainer and instructor, worked as a personal trainer for years before finding her home as a staff member at Black Iron Fitness. She currently teaches kickboxing and bootcamp classes. Adding the new building and receiving so much enthusiasm from community members in terms of signing up for classes has been an amazing and mind-blowing experience for her. 

Jen Greene

Jen Greene, head trainer and instructor for Black Iron Fitness. 

“I can't even believe how fast this is all happening and how fast it's growing,” Greene said. “The classes are filling out so quickly, and people are so excited. And what we are doing, what we have to offer, is just so different in this community, so it's all just very exciting.” 

After meeting Jones and hearing his and his family’s mission to help many communities in Richland County, Greene was excited to become a part of Jones’s mission. 

“It was just really exciting to hear someone else be that excited about (fitness and health) and have these huge lofty goals, and so it's been really awesome getting to do this with them," Greene said.  

The 24-hour gym offers four memberships: Basic, family, discount and couples. To find out more about their memberships and services, visit the Black Iron Fitness website or their Facebook

“It's amazing to watch people do these amazing things with their bodies and lose the weight, get healthier and feel so good about themselves,” Greene said. 


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