MANSFIELD — You know the maxim, “If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life?” Alissa Muntain can resonate with that saying.

As the owner of Yoga 419, Muntain said it doesn’t even feel like she’s running a business, but doing something she loves with people she loves.

“I love teaching kind of even more than I love doing yoga, which is funny. And I just love people,” the 2002 Lexington graduate said.

Yoga 419 opened last September at 2680 Lexington Avenue, next to an auto body shop. 

Muntain and her husband own the building the studio's in, and it's been in her husband's family for about 25 years. The building has housed a number of different businesses over the years, originally serving as the home of a diamond-cutting business.

When space inside the building became available, Muntain’s husband gave her the nudge to turn it into a yoga studio.

“He knows I love yoga and kept saying I should turn it into a yoga studio,” said Muntain, who’s been a yoga instructor for about five years.

Yoga 419 initially included two spaces, each about 500 square feet — a windowless front room used for kettlebell classes and a back room with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook scenic landscape.

yoga 4199.JPG

A picturesque view can be seen from this studio space. 

Just last month, the studio nearly doubled in size by expanding into an adjacent front room with windows and a rear deck. Classes were held in the new space beginning Father’s Day weekend.

Muntain said work is still being done on the deck, and she hopes to add a garage door to the front wall to be able to have inside/outside classes.

“We had a wait list before, so that was the biggest reason (for the expansion),” Muntain said.

As the name implies, Yoga 419 offers various yoga classes, from yoga basics and hot yoga, to strength yoga and muscle recovery yoga. There are also fitness classes, like core and kettlebell.

yoga 41916.JPG

 Yoga 419 is located at 2680 Lexington Avenue in Mansfield. 

In addition to Muntain, the instructors include fellow Lexington graduates, Amy Evans (Muntain’s sister), Karina Gledhill, Erika Hopkins and Paige Mack. Rebekah Subit recently joined the team as a family flow instructor.

“We just wanted a space for yoga and it exceeded our expectations,” Evans said.

Yoga 419

Find and sign up for classes via the MINDBODY app.

Muntain said they’ve been fortunate to have such awesome clients.

“Everybody who walks through the door has been awesome,” Muntain said.

“It becomes a family,” Mack added. “When you get to get on a mat beside them and take a class, not just teach, it’s awesome.”

Some of their clients are fellow yoga instructors in the area. Muntain said they have several male clients in addition to female, and they welcome all ages.

Muntain said she’s happy to offer a healthy outlet in the community that encourages and promotes fitness, as well as mental stress relief.

“It keeps you in a good mental state of mind,” she said.

Find and sign up for classes via the MINDBODY app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Classes cost $8, except for a donation-based community class that’s offered on Sundays.

Find Yoga 419 on Facebook and Instagram.


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