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This year Scott Sharrock, State Farm Insurance Agent, donated bags filled with Kleenex, post-it notes, glue sticks and highlighters to Lexington Central Elementary. 

LEXINGTON – Lexington Central Elementary started its year off with gratitude after one man made a large donation of supplies to staff members. 

Scott Sharrock, State Farm Insurance Agent, partnered with independent director Kim Riggenback at Thirty-One Gifts for the fourth year to donate to elementary schools. This year, he donated bags filled with Kleenex, post-it notes, glue sticks and highlighters.

“Both of my sisters are school teachers and I don't think either one of them was overpaid, so I do what I can to put something back into the community,” Sharrock said. “As part of the community, I live here, I work here, I go to church here, so I want to do something for the area.” 

Sharrock’s donated not only to elementary schools but libraries as well. He also takes time out of his day to bring food to police stations and fire departments. Recently he bought pizza for an entire graduating senior class. 

Sharrock has partnered with Riggenback for eight years, but in the past four they came up with a system where Sharrock picks a school to give back to. For 2020 he purchased 34 bags from Thirty-One, and Riggenback used the money she would make from the commission to fill them.

“The Central Elementary staff was so appreciative and overwhelmed because of (Sharrock's) generosity with the goodie bags he provided,” said Kathy Weidig, Lexington Central Elementary principal. “The little bag was stuffed with school goodies that will be helpful as we start the new school year.”

Part of why Riggenback loves her job is being able to participate in agendas like Sharrock has presented her with. Rather than caring about any recognition, she just wants to see more people like Sharrock willing to support their community in a large, benevolent way. 

“I'm willing to do this with any school,” Riggenback said. “As long as I would get somebody that would want to support like how (Sharrock) does, I would use my commission's to work for any school. I just love to give back and Thirty-One allows me to do that.” 

There are many reasons someone would choose to donate. For Sharrock, he has one simple reason: his faith. 

“If I didn't have Christ in my life then I wouldn't have an attitude of gratitude as what I call it. I'm thankful for every day. And I know when your gratitude exceeds your expectations, then you’ve had a good day.”


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